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Coffee snuff

Bacchus68Bacchus68 Member
edited January 2013 in Types of Snuff
Ok I started my reviews of the. Coffee snuffs I bought. The Samuel Gawith black coffee I had a problem with when I first tried it. It went right to the back of my throat on first sniff I guess I was used to the strong fruity or burn flavor and completely missed it at first. Now I have grown to enjoy it. Forgive my morning voice on this vid I hope you enjoy the vid and check out a lot of others I don't post links here to on my channel


  • I think your problem is that your snuff is dried out from being in a tap box. Those clumps you are experiencing are from previous moisture. That snuff is supposed to be moist.
  • Very good acknowledgement of using the scent to guide snuffing depth.
  • Bacchus68Bacchus68 Member
    edited January 2013 PM
    @xander Hmm well I most likely from now on will be buying 25 gram tins for future snuff so that problem should not happen maybe I will have to try the black coffee again sometime but there are soo many others to try :). I wonder if the same thing is happening to my Samuel Gawith Apple that clumps a little too but I am buying a 25 gm tin of that
  • @Bacchus68 I never bought any SG Apple, but someone once shared with me some from a bulk buy. It was medium moist.
  • I have found to my cost the tap boxes are totaly different to the 25g tins. Lucky for me @xander pointed this out and the SG Black coffee i bought in the tap box was like an old sock the 25g tin was fantastic
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