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Toque Ginger

SnuffySnuffSnuffySnuff Member
edited January 2013 in Types of Snuff

I'm looking for folks' views on this snuff. When I received a sample, I couldn't make my mind up about it. I think I need to buy a 25g tin and spend more time with it.

This snuff is even more of a love it or hate it snuff than cheese and bacon IMO.


  • yeah I hate it. I loathe it and could see how people would love it.
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    I like it here and there, not an all dayer for me.

  • i am in the "love it" category on Toque's Ginger ... i like the bite and bright scent of it ... then it settles into something more exotic.
  • MattheFoxMattheFox Member
    edited January 2013 PM
    Ginger made me wonder about the scent, I know it is great for an upset stomach or clearing the digestive tract. I took some out of the closet and sniffed a tiny amount. It had a slight burn to it and made my nose wet quick. It also seems to stay with you. Will have to try mixing some with a sweet snuff and some orange like a ginger orange toast :)
  • I'm on the fence with it. To @Roderick 's credit, the scent is exactly what a freshly cut piece of ginger smells like. However, I was looking for a a sweeter, more artificial scent more like gingerbread.
  • You can use it for mixes!
  • I've just ordered a tin and look forward to trying it. I know @Roderick only uses natural ingredients, and I love the taste and smell of fresh ginger. It will be interesting to compare it to Molens' Gingerbread, which is probably more to your taste, @Bizzle.
  • The ginger is nowhere near overpowering, more of a intimation of ginger that lets the tobacco come through nicely. I don't love it but I do like it.
  • funny thing noses. To me that one is like hammer of ginger. In fact if Roderick said to me ha ha I died ginger brown and there is no tobacco I'd say "not too suprising".
  • funny thing noses. To me that one is like hammer of ginger. In fact if Roderick said to me ha ha I died ginger brown and there is no tobacco I'd say "not too suprising".
    LOL, once you've been traumatized by Bohica all else seems mild.

  • @bob I've snuffed pure ginger powder and it burns a hell of a lot more than Toque Ginger. As far as Bohica goes, It isn't the intensity of the burn I can't take, it's the length of it. It is really intense though.
  • @TomStrasbourg I hope you got your money back. Or am I assuming a little much about why you snuffed pure ginger?
  • I fine the toque ginger to be subtle. I will include it with my next toque order, Along with the big bag of almond toast yum
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Don't care for it so much for the Ginger yet. I try it every day, though.
    I guess I'm more of a Maryanne guy.
  • @bob It was in the spice cabinet at my house and I just figured I'd go for it. I do the same thing with hot cocoa powder sometimes. I'm just an oddball that way.
  • @TomStrasbourg I was going to agree but I didn't want you to think I was agreeing to the "Oddball" part
    I do the exact same thing
  • oh he's an oddball. I think most of us are.
  • Being a big fan of Ginger and lemon tea and chocolate gingers I felt compelled to try this as part of my 10 collection and I was not disappointed. Scent is exactly like fresh ginger while allowing the tobacco to still be present. Leaves a wonderful spicy sensation for a good 15 minutes or so. While not a sit in front of the telly and hammer it snuff, it has accompanied me well on my night shift this past week. 8/10 and a snuff I think i'll use for some time. Pure Roderick magic.
  • Micah,

    Why Didn't you enter this in the review competition. A 100% winner! If you look back to Matthe fox in 2013 they said the same thing, but spoilt it by saying they wanted something more artificial??? Anyway thanks for the great and accurate review.                    

  • Toque Ginger has to be one of the most unique scents ever to grace a fine quality snuff. Spicy, but not  to the point of being bothersome or heavy, like Micah says, the. " Scent is exactly like fresh ginger..." Its not an everyday snuff for me, but I find it very pleasant whenever I take it.
  • I really like Toque Ginger and was wondering why I could not find it in a spare bag in Toque website... 
  • yisraeldovyisraeldov Member
    edited August 2017 PM

  • One root I eat frequently. But don't care for it in my nose!
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