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nasal polyp

LittleSnuffYLittleSnuffY Member
edited January 2013 in General

I am wondering if anyone in here is consuming snuff and has nasal polyp(s). I think that I have one or more (since I was a kid, not caused by snuff), because I can't breath that good. Removing this little suckers is very complicated, because there is about a 50% chance that they keep coming back and the surgery is quite big and painfully. Is it dangerous to use snuff with nasal polyp(s) or is snuff even killing or decreasing the size of these little bastards?

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  • I would seek the advice of your doc on this one i had some removed from another area and every 5 years i have to go for a check up in case they come back or go nasty
  • Up.
  • what?
  • I would guess that snuff can cause nasal polyps, it's probably not good to take with them. They're benign tumors. Snuff irritates the nose and leads to cell division so I'd think it's not good for them. But I don't really know. One of my roommates had them just from growing up in a polluted city and said they were very painful.
  • ViertelViertel Member
    edited June 2013 PM
    I have been diagnosed today with nasal turbinate hypertrophy. Doctor didn't say directly it could be caused by nasal snuff but warned me, that snuff can irritate them. I got a refferal to laryngologist, because she could not have clearly concluded if there are any polyps too.

    Now I have to register for a visit, but I think I'll have to wait for my turn for a few months or some weeks at least. So, does anybody have or had such a problem like nasal turbinate hypertrophy and could tell me what am I supposed to do unless I visit doctor? I'm using NasoDrill (aerosol) and I'm aware that I ought to drastically reduce amounts of tobbacco I snuff, but what next? Any other ideas? Any stories to share? :P

  • No one?
  • I'd say there's a really good chance snuffing contributed to developing it. Snuff probably doesn't cause cancer but it definitely irritates the nose and leads to structural changes. But how much does the turbinate hypertrophy bother you, I guess? Is it painful? Or does it just make it hard to breathe through your nose alone?
  • JustinJustin Moderator
    The turbinates in your nose are part of the airflow control. If they are removed entirely, or reduced too much then it's actually more difficult to breathe through your nose because you can't sense the passage of the air. All that hypertrophy means is that they are bigger than normal. If this is something that has developed recently then there might be some external cause - like snuff, for example. However, if you have had the symptoms that led to the diagnosis for some time, it could just be that your turbinates are naturally enlarged. Try a few days without snuff and see if it makes any difference. If there is no change then you might as well keep snuffing.

    There are two physical interventions to reduce turbinates that I know of. One is simply to cut them back. There is a danger that the surgeon will be too enthusiastic with the procedure and remove too much tissue, which will leave you with the breathing difficuties above. The second is to cauterise them. The idea behind this is that the scar tissue that results will cause them to contract. It is also done to counteract swelling from allergic reactions. I have had this procedure in the past. Given that it was done at the same time as repairing a deviated septum, I'm not entirely sure how effective it would have been on its own, nor how long the recovery time would have been. What I can say is that it hurt like Hell, and although there was some improvement for a couple of years, some of the congestion has come back - the scarring heals after a while.

    For what it's worth, if I were in your position I would want to get as clear an answer as possible about what had caused the hypertrophy, whether it was increasing and what the effects would be if it was left, before I let anyone stick a soldering iron or a scalpel up my nose again!
    "Reality," sa molesworth 2, "is so unspeakably sordid it make me shudder."
  • edited June 2013 PM
    I wonder is there more potential of problems specifically with certain snuffs i.e. ones that hit the nose harder such as the whites? or some that have a lot of chilli perhaps?

    Conversly are there some snuffs that might even help certain nose conditions.

    I would hate to lose any level of snuffing enjoyment.
  • Thanks for the answers. My turn.

    In fact, I've found this accidentally - I was cleaning up my nose and I was wondering if something left. So I turn on flashlight to see how does my nose look inside. Then I saw something like "airbags" in my nose that left very little place for air. It is not painful and does not make breathing difficult, but I was scared as hell, because I had no idea what could it be.

    I have some kind of cancerophobia, so the primary question for my physical health is - can turbinates hipertrophy change into tumor or cancer? Or is it just a breathe comfort thing?
  • JustinJustin Moderator
    ... can turbinates hipertrophy change into tumor or cancer? Or is it just a breathe comfort thing?
    That's the key thing to ask the specialist when you see him. If the answer is no, then if I were you I would keep snuffing and leave the turbinates alone.

    (By the way - how on earth did you manage to see that far up your own nose...?! :O )

    "Reality," sa molesworth 2, "is so unspeakably sordid it make me shudder."
  • Sorry to be so late to the party.

    Veirtal don't worry, I also had those little white polyps for years before I started snuffing. I used to pop antihistamines like smarties which helped a lot. Keeping the nasal passage trimmed helps and when the trimmer bursts one a little salt or snuff does wonders.

    I now use a Neti-Pot (everyone on here knows I love my Neti-Pot) and the saline solution keeps my mucosa down. Polyps are caused by allergic mucosa, get rid of your allergies and the polyps will go of their own accord. Snuff will help to prevent them coming back and also help with your allergies. Google the medical benefits of snuff and polyps/allergies.
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