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General Swedish Snus



  • do people who use the loose snus still pack it above the top teeth? seems awkward. I se the wintergreen thunderbags or whatever the heck they're called. it's a mighty nicotine ride, to be sure.
  • @Mike_B .... yes, tucked in the upper lip for loose. it will feel awkward at first, but your gums will get use to it. packed in a ball-ish form called a prilla or pris.
  • KpodKpod Member
    @bigmick I dread that day. With luck, our bureaucracy will keep true to its trademark for peak inefficiency!
  • Love this stuff, my first exposure to real Swedish Snus. Haven't had any in a looooooooooooong time. Now I got a hankering for some.
  • @jayson Funny, I did the same thing with my first can bought in Sweden.
    @dvsfaust Have some in the freezer (unopened) about 12 months old and it seems to be just fine. Gen. portion.
  • I loved the 99c promo. I stocked up on 100 cans last jan/feb around tax time. well worth it, lasted me like 8-9 months. I have been happy to see the los on the shelves in the US as well lately. Haven't got any stateside yet, just because I suck at los, always get hella mud mouth lol. maybe I will pick me up a can and bake me a pris for old time sake anyways. :)
  • Loose is my go to snus
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Woo! Found some. Only 2 bucks a can. Bought a bunch to try. Very enjoyable.
  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    General is good, both pouches and loose. Its the most used here in Norway aswell as Sweden and Denmark. You wont find a single long-term snuser here who doesnt have a can of General at all times nearby.

  • Woo! Found some. Only 2 bucks a can. Bought a bunch to try. Very enjoyable.
    2 bucks... that's a bargain. It is double that in my neck of the woods... but at least the prices have gone down as when it first come about in my area is was closer to $6.

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