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  • Have successfully ordered some Indian snuff from out of Chicago with no probs. Think he takes Paypal. He has Sugh Rose, Paanch Himalayan, & 1 other in bulk at a decent price. Only site I have ever found to ship from the states. :bz
  • We can all thank the Obama Administration for the PACT Act (Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking), signed into law August 25, 2010, which prevents the internet or mail order purchase of all tobacco products (except cigars) within the United States. Another example of our government telling us what is best for us.

    I am not a fan of the current administration, but something like 98 Senators and 90% of the House voted "Yea" on PACT and the FDA regulation. So there are more guilty parties than just the President.
    The FDA regulating tobacco is more of a reason why more B&M's don't carry European snuffs than PACT. Most manufacturers don't want to deal with the FDA costs or paperwork. Toque being the single exception.
    I've been meaning to start a new thread about an important related topic. I'm not sure how many snus users know the FDA is accepting public comments for the 100,000 plus page Swedish Match application requesting the FDA approve removal of the false cancer warning labels on USA snus cans. If approved it would pave the way for more snus manufacturers to apply for FDA sales approval.

    Swedish Match literally spent millions of dollars on their application with hundreds of man hours spent on scientific research and studies to prove why this would not harm the public as a whole and not only help current smokers among other requirements.

    I believe many companies including BT are waiting to see which way the FDA goes with their application before they also spend millions of dollars to apply to the FDA for sales approval. If Swedish Match doesn't get approval no other snus manufacturer is going to try again in our lifetime.

    Imagine a smoker being told snus is less harmful than smoking. They go to a store to buy snus and they see the oral cancer warning labels on the cans. If it were me I'd say to hell with that and keep right on smoking.

    During the public commenting period on the FDA regulations website all one needs to do is tell their personal snus story or the story of friend, family member, or loved one who switched from smoking to snus. Swedish Match has done all the heavy lifting so all that's needed are a couple paragraphs about why snus is important to them.

    Some time ago the FDA was going to ban menthol in cigarettes but there was such a huge public outcry with over 250,000 comments from the public the FDA scrapped the ban. So, it really does make a difference if people comment.

    Now that e-cigs are a 2.5 billion dollar industry and e-cig sales are expected to overtake cigarettes within a decade, a war is being waged against the e-cig industry, and the spotlight is on "Public Health", local, and state governments, and elected officials who are more concerned about lost "sin" tax revenue, and the millions of dollars every state receives each year from The Tobacco Settlement Act of 1998. Less cigarette sales means less money for the states, made much worse because states have already borrowed heavily against future money they expected to receive from cigarette sales and The Tobacco Settlement Act. Even the public that hates Big Tobacco can't help but notice something isn't right about the anti-tobacco extremists tactics against e-cigs.

    Sorry for the rant. I only want all smokers to have the same options I have. Hell, I didn't even know snuff existed until 6 weeks ago and I smoked for over 30 years!

    Here's the link to the FDA regulations website for posting public comments. (The public isn't allowed to read the comments).!submitComment;D=FDA-2014-N-1051-0001

    Here's more background info about Swedish Matches application and what it means to snus users and all users of alternative tobacco products.

    Also, it is my understanding anyone from around the world can comment on the FDA regulations website. At least that's the way it worked during the most recent commenting period for e-cig and new cigar regulations. (closed now). Also it's fine to write multiple comments as long as they don't say the same thing. The more comments the better!

    Thanks for reading this far. :-P

  • I did it. It is simple to complete. Good luck Swedish Match... :bz
  • @Snuffysmiff, Yay! Do you think the info about the FDA public commenting period for snus is well known by snus users? Or would it be best to post this info elsewhere, too? (shortened version minus my rant). ;-)
  • Have successfully ordered some Indian snuff from out of Chicago with no probs. Think he takes Paypal. He has Sugh Rose, Paanch Himalayan, & 1 other in bulk at a decent price. Only site I have ever found to ship from the states. :bz
    @Snuffysmiff, did you already post this in the list for online snuff stores? "Er, I don't have the thread link now while I'm replying. Hang on let me get it just in case...
    This is the one. Guess I could have first checked to see if it was already listed. :-P Oh well. I've come this far.
  • Silver Dollar, Toque USA in Steamboat Spgs, Colorado @ Smoker Friendly in Central Park Plaza, if anyone likes to ski here.
  • Smoker Friendly in Missoula Montana now carries both Silver Dollar and Toque USA. Total of 13 varieties. Have been waiting a long time...
  • Added the two Smoker Friendly location to my list.
  • @Snuffysmiff, Yay! Do you think the info about the FDA public commenting period for snus is well known by snus users? Or would it be best to post this info elsewhere, too? (shortened version minus my rant). ;-)
    Don't think many snussers know about this. Maybe in Sweden cuz snus is pretty important to them (economically too)...

  • @Snuffysmiff, Yay! Do you think the info about the FDA public commenting period for snus is well known by snus users? Or would it be best to post this info elsewhere, too? (shortened version minus my rant). ;-)
    Don't think many snussers know about this. Maybe in Sweden cuz snus is pretty important to them (economically too)...

    All the snus forums and blogs have been trying to get the word out. Unfortunately, I'm sure many snus users don't read those.

  • My B&M (Pipe and Tobacco) in Little Rock, AR carries Sliver Dollar and just received a box of WoS Dr. Rumney (Yes, the stuff that doesn't exist :)) ). I'm trying to get them to carry more but I'm the only snuffer in the place so far.
    Funny enough, I went in there earlier this week, and I got the Wos dr rumney, and some silver dollar. I would love to get some more wos in stock.
  • About snuff in the states I remember a Lucky Luke comic book about the mother of the Dalton brothers. the lady takes a sharp sniff a few times in the album and her sons want to buy her a snuff box.
    these comics are very realistic when it comes to the history of the Wild West, at about 1880, the men seem to chew and spit but the ladies snuffed.
  • King Tobacco in Escondido, CA. I called them this morning after seeing they carry Silver Dollar. They also carry W.E. Garrett Scotch Snuff. I picked up some W.E. Garret for shits and giggles. Owner is really nice and said he'd order some Cola flavor for me. They have about 6 different Silver Dollar flavors.
  • Anybody find any good source for snuff in or around Seattle?? American or others are I SO. Thanks.
  • Im going to shop at The Albatross in Springfield, Mo tomorrow! They are supposed to be home to the largest snuff selection in Missouri. I can't wait to see what they have and try not to buy one of everything;)
  • If ever in my hometown of Statesville NC (45 min north of charlotte) JR Superstore-- most all American Scotches available. Food Lion also carries tons and tons.
    Just outside of salisbury here, howdy almost neighbor! If you ever get up to the mall in Asheville there's a store called pipes ltd. They carry silver dollar and toque usa.
  • @hgrissom your shouting to the deaf:quoting someone does not get their attention ; On top of that general_desaix has not been active for some time.You may want to personal message him and strike his interest to come back to your forum. Tell him that I am still waiting on that book he promised me.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • ditto on the book
  • @basement_shaman sorry about that, technology isn't my forte. So the only way to make sure someone sees it is to use the @ ? Well my point about the store in Asheville stands. What book?
  • @hgrissom it was a child's fairy tale
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • I asked a local head shop that sells cigars and marijuana pipes, bongs, etc. in my Colorado town if he could order snuff and he agreed. He now stocks Silver Dollar, Toque USA, but only Spanish Brandy and Peach. He tells me a few 20-something people buy it, but other than that, just me. Seems strange to me...and the local Kum and Go carries all the General Snus in a General Snus brand reefer-igerator. But they mostly sell Copehagen and other more 'cowboy" types of chew, here in ranch/ski country. One little gas station about 20 miles north of here used to carry Garrett Scotch, but I cleaned them out and now they don't sell it. The western US is NOT snuff country. Thank God for the internet and Mr. Snuff, Toque, Old Mill, and Hookah One( for bulk Indian snuff).
  • Agree!! The west is dry as dust for snuffs. Millions of micro beers, but no snuff to be found as I have been to several pipe and smoke shops and most have not even heard of nasal snuff. All they say is we have Copenhagen snuff.
    Can't even find the American snuff anymore!!
  • Yeah, in Colorado, at least where I live, in the Yampa Valley, the main snuff is dip. As I mentioned, Smoker Friendly carries Silver Dollar and Toque USA, but when I asked the owner about ordering some American snuff, like RR Mills, Garrett, etc, she just said that she didn't want to order something that no one would buy. I said that I'd buy it for sure. She just looked at me like I was being a pain in the ass and walked away to help somebody buying those horrible, generic cigarettes that seem to smell like burning trash. Not to offend anyone here, but I find those things horrible. I don't smoke cigs anymore, maybe thats why the smell bothers me. I dunno. I like the smell of Sherman Havana Ovals( my brother smokes those), and good cigars, and shisha.
  • RainDogRainDog Member
    edited May 2015 PM
    If anyone is interested, L.J Peretti in Boston carries Willson of Sharrow snuff, and their pipe tobacco blends are phenomenal. They ship all over the country as well. I placed an order just the other day for a 1/2 lb of pipe tobacco and a few can's of HD #22. Since they already carry WOS, I wonder if they also have access to F&T? I believer they are made by the same company.

    Aside from that the only snuffs that i've been able to find carried locally have been american scotches, which I like, but not nearly as much as the stuff from over seas.

    Hope this helps.

  • HitsuzenHitsuzen Administrator, Moderator
    @RainDog I just looked through their site and couldn't find any snuff. Do you have a link?
  • In Grand Junction CO. "Rem's Place" pipe and tobacco store has silver dollar, toque USA, three types of dean swift, and six or eight kinds of WoS including dr. Rumney's. The Smoker friendly in Fruita CO has toque, silver dollar and some American scotches, dental sweet and Garret's for sure. The store in Hotchkiss CO (there's only one) is said to stock poschle snuff of some kind for a local cowboy and I think the smoker friendly in Craig,CO has some too, probably toque and or silver dollar. I'm all over western CO for work and I'll post more as I come across it, the basques that came back in the day to herd sheep seemed to like it I've heard, and the Cowboys and coal miners too.
  • Frontier tobacco in Wickenburg Arizona has a few Garrett snuffs in stock.
  • Ohh, man!  I live in Grand Junction.  Unfortunately it's Grand Junction, Michigan, where there is a whole lot of nothing.

  • For local snuff artisans, I highly recommend Old Mill in Tennessee and Gadsden in Michigan. Truly superb snuffs and they're both great guys.
  • I'll have to try that Michigander snuff!
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