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Snuff in The States



  • I dont know if it was mentioned here but L.J. Perettis, a very traditional tobacco seller here in Boston - MA sells some WoS. Very small selection though. Usually 4 or 5 different flavors in medium tins. The price is not bad, $5 for each but I dont know if they ship snuff or not.
  • Originally posted by @Tobe in another thread....

    "If anyone is in the area or knows someone who is, the Food Depot #27 in Marietta, GA has 4.65oz and 1.15oz cans of various American scotches in stock and restock their supply regularly. 4.65oz cans range from $16 to $18 each, and 1.15oz cans are $4 to $5."
  • Since I've been in Atlanta GA, the grocery store at 1257 Moreland Ave SE has snuff. The store name is currently Piggly Wiggly, but used to be Super IGA.  They have an entire 6' x 3' cabinet at the front of the store filled with many different brands of scotch snuffs. Kind of a very different place from Publix, but they do have the snuff. Enjoy.
  • There is a store here in Lexington nc that carries both large and small tins of about 10 different American scotches
  • FischTixFischTix Member
    edited June 2016 PM
    For anyone in South Carolina, Bi-Lo has a decent selection. Off the top of my head I know they have Peach, Tube Rose, Square, Honey Bee, Society, Carhartt, Superior, Bruton, Checkerberry, Navy (both plain and sweet), and Railroad Mills (plain and sweet). Hope this helps.
  • PsickoPsicko Member
    edited June 2016 PM
    I found another place in Flagstaff AZ that sells snuff. Smokers outpost on woodland village it is in the same shopping center as Walmart. They sell silver dollar and WE Garrett snuff.

    The other place in Flagstaff is Mr smokes and they only sell we garrett sweet.

    In Phoenix AZ a place called Ye Olde pipe and tobacco as well as stag tobaccos carry an assortment of silver dollar snuff.
  • Food Lion in Hopinsville, Ky has railroad mills sweet, tube rose, honey bee, society, square, superior, tops, we garrett and bruton. Phew! After a month of shopping around. I've finally found the gold mine!

  • Winston61, you are right about Hard to find variety in Texas. I got a local cigar bar to start carrying WOS for me. Got to where I had to get them to keep a couple in back room with my name on it. Someone else was enjoying my snuff. Anyway, now they aren't getting it anymore and ordering guy is never there to explain why.
  • While browsing the Web, I came across a website for a chain of stores in North and South Carolina called A2Z cash and carry. They looked to have a pretty good selection of scotch snuff. There were a total of 4 pages when you searched for snuff. Not sure if they mail it.
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