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CLOG you up...which SNUFFS?

Sometimes if I do to many varieties in a day I get clogged up for a bit ( mucous membranes swell up ) I have good technique to hit lower nose just right, but still happens..


  • American Peach Great snuff but dries my nose out quick
  • @MattheFox...honey bee does the same thing to me as Garrett peach.... I tend to leave them alone.. Rare occasions
  • used to poschels now it's none.
  • Clog me up which snuffs? Well, clogs me up snuffs menthol, generally.
  • Menthol is the #1 instigator for me. With time the intensity and duration are somewhat lesser but still....menthol it is.
  • JuxtaposerJuxtaposer Member
    edited February 2013 PM
    Menthol and also snuffs with paraffin oil make my sinuses swell more or less. Bergamot gives me a slight allergy type reaction which will have me sneeze once or twice when its time for another pinch.
  • @stogie Menthols aren't my favorite at all.. They will clear me up...for a wee bit..a short wee bit. Like ten minutes.. But than I think membranes are affected from it and swell up anyway, eventually clogging me up...
  • I hardly use menthol snuffs and I haven't had my nose completely clogged in a while, but usually towards the end of the day as I lay down at least one nostril tends to clog. I think it's just the way laying down works on my sinuses or something. It usually just means I have to blow my nose when I wake up to make room for the first pinch of that day.
  • Schmalzlers seem to clog me up, and so does Dholakia Black and Swiss Chocolate. I seem to be able to mitigate the Dholakia clogging by mixing them with Dholakia White, or at least snuffing the White right behind them. Even if they clog me up, if I like them, I'll still use them.
  • Sadly Grand Cairo, which I love, but must use in moderation
  • Schmalzlers and really any bigger grind snuffs clog me up but only for a couple minutes but that is expected with a bigger grind. Besides that there really isn't another snuff that swells up my nasal cavity
  • I've noticed that as I've gotten better at snuffing and don't get snuff too far in that even snuffs that used to clog me up terribly don't anymore. Though often if I over sniff almost any snuff will clog me up somewhat.
  • @TomStrasbourg..funny you should mention laying down ( excuse me for getting off topic ) but if I snuff laying usually with a tin or snuffbox on my chest, it all hits the throat pretty bad.. Start coughing a bit.. Remedy stand or sit when
    Learned a lot from this thread.. Thanks everyone for responding.. Look forward to more members experience with clogging
  • Are there snuffs out there that completely dissolves in your nose? Almost like instant coffee, if not, is it possible to make something like that?
  • Nah that would be cool though, the only downside to snuff is having to blow your nose.
  • Firestarter0Firestarter0 Member
    edited March 2014 PM
    @celsen sugar snuffs tend to, though they are white and non nicotine. i see how this would be useful haha- but actual tobacco wont dissolve. it would need to be something like a sugar snuff that contains the alkaloids of tobacco.
  • SG Black Coffee is a bit of a clogging snuff for me. I don't mind as it means I can make the tin last longer.
  • I have a wicked rebound effect from all medicated snuffs.... I also got really clogged from making a snuff out of Captain Black pipe tobacco but thats just because Im an idiot. 8-}
  • horus92horus92 Member
    edited March 2014 PM
    For me a better question is which snuffs DON'T clog you up, as most do.

    With a few exceptions plain, dry, fine snuffs are the only ones I can use all day every day without stopping up my tubes. Most of the few exceptions are Indian.

    That doesn't stop me from using scented and coarse snuffs pretty regularly but I usually have to rotate them.
  • I too get clogged up with menthols, but not always, and not always from the same menthol. It is very hit and miss for me. I find that bigger pinches of menthols tend to clog me up more often than smaller ones, but I do love the freezer burn so much. Haha. I just roll the dice... and wait and see. [-O<

    Other than that, I have had troubles switching to coarse and moist snuffs, or even a medium grind snuff. It just takes a while for my nose to adjust. Much like @horus92, I can do toasts and scotches (haven't had any fine, dry Indian snuffs... yet) all day with little consequence other than the occasional brown forward drip. In fact, they often clear me up after something coarse and moist.

    The first few times I tried Kailash and Anarkali, I didn't know if I was ever going to regain normal nasal respiration, but now I enjoy them with few issues, if any at all. As I continue my exploration of the wide variety of snuffs, I find what works and what doesn't, and will always come back to something that doesn't work, just to see if my nose will tolerate it after improved technique and becoming accustomed to the different grinds.
  • I'm going to try making a leaf extract on my fresh leafs today, but with tobacco only, I'll let you know what it feels like, last night I made a espresso bean and tobacco leaf extract (leafless snuff it hits hard), me and my brother took it the whole night and we are still alive, I read somewhere that a 100% tobacco extract can kill you instantly, but nevertheless I'm going to try it, I will let you know, if I don't, don't try it at home!!! [-O<
  • Take care.
  • I have a tin of WoS Crumbs of Comfort that I just can't take by itself, as soon as I blow my nose that's the last breath I take through it for at least 20 minutes. I've taken to adding some of it to my Dental Scotch to give that a pleasant spearmint smell and don't get any congestion.
  • Any European Menthols block me up, especially German ones. Im fine with Indian snuffs, in fact my all day snuff is 6P Kailash.
  • Viking Brown is leaving me coughing up phlegm and spitting into the basin for 2-3 minutes after taking it. I find it makes me cough, sneeze, and drip like mad. I do like the flavour though.
  • howdydavehowdydave Member
    edited March 2014 PM
    Technically... any snuff will eventually clog you up!

    Since the snuff in your nose doesn't "go away by magic" it must be evaccuated one way or another.
    Matter can neither be created nor destroyed. --Physics 101

    Some evaccuate automatically by giving you a runny nose or, if you sniff it back too far, post nasal drip.
  • Some menthol and some medicated are to me what kyrptonite is to Superman......example no99 blocks me up terribly as does.......
  • edited April 2014 PM
    @MattheFox...honey bee does the same thing to me as Garrett peach.... I tend to leave them alone.. Rare occasions
    Honeybee doesn't have that effect on me, which is a good thing since there are the occassional times I use this as an all day snuff. I find that Silver Dollar Apricot, while will momentarily clear me up, it will ultimately block the ol' schnoz with extended use.
  • None of the Swishers I've tried has ever clogged my nose up.

    But I've never managed to sniff whole pinch of Andechs - it clogs me immediately.
  • If I use to much menthol or hyper redbull my nose, then I do get clogged up. But my #1 clogger is the limburger tabak. The pepper gets me sneezing and then massive swelling. But I still use it, what does that say about me?
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