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Greetings, Bruton vs. Rooster, etc

proboscisproboscis Member
edited May 2012 in Types of Snuff
Salutations fellow snuffers, new member here.

I recently received an order from Mars consisting of a few of the Americans: Society, Honey Bee, Bruton and W. E. Garrett (Scotch) (and Rooster in an earlier order). I'm not new to snuff - I toyed with it when I was a kid back in the early eighties and again in the late ninties. I've recently come back to it again wanting to give the American stuff a good try. I've had a love affair with tobacco which began in the sixth grade (Brown's Mule) and its been consummated in all its forms since - including snuff, chew, cigarettes, cigars and pipes. Currently I abstain from chaw and cigarettes and I'm exclusively a snuff taker and pipe smoker. My Holy Grail is Gawith & Hoggarth pipe tobacco but I find that the Grail religion is a polytheistic one - Black Irish Twist, Dark Flake and Coniston Cut Plug being some of the gods I worship. Perhaps it's needless to say but I like strong tobacco and I think that the American snuffs might fit that bill. But enough about me and on to a bit of a review and a question or two.

Thus far I can discern little difference betwixt the Rooster and the Bruton and I note that they're both from U.S. Smokeless. Comparing the Garrett (Conwood) to the other two, there is something similar to all of them but Garrett seems stronger in some sense of the word (a stronger fire cured element?), and of the three I prefer it so far. This leads me to wonder whether Bruton and Rooster are the same snuff just going under different labels? I'd be interested in other members opinions on this matter. I don't claim to have the most refined or best judgment when it comes to this type of thing.

As for the Honey Bee and the Society, I was delighted by both of these snuffs and the way their flavors linger long after taking them. Though once again they are in some sense similar I can still detect a difference between them. At first I was reluctant to try the Honey Bee after opening the Society, thinking that since they're both Swisher products they'd be very similar if not impossible to tell apart. But I found that that wasn't the case. Both of these I find *very* easy to take and super sweet (I wonder if these aren't going to screw up my low carb diet!?) Chasing the sweet with the scotch is also pretty good. I find that taking the sweet first will tame the scotch following it.

On another topic, what's with Mars Cigars? They're a great place to do business with but I notice that a number of the snuffs that I'd like to try in the next round seem to be persistently out of stock. Have they ever carried Honest Scotch Snuff (this along with the Garrett is one that I tried in my youth)?


  • TroutstrokerTroutstroker Member
    edited March 2008 PM
    Hello proboscis and welcome to the forum. Bruton & Rooster are pretty much the same. Along with CC being very similar with Red Seal. A lot of the American snuff companies sell the same snuff to different regions under different labels. Same as many other non tobacco related companies do. If you want to order Honest, check out Lil Brown Smoke Shack. They are a very good shop and happen to carry the great Levi Garrett Snuff as well. Mars is one of the best places to buy in the US. It does take awhile sometimes though to get reshipment from his distributer but waiting for restock is a small price to pay for the great service he always provides.
  • Thank you and thank you for the link. Would you say that there's any significant difference between the W E Garrett, Levi Garrett and the Honest? Seeing how I'd have to order the Levi and Honest in large amounts, I'd only want to do so if there is any real difference between the lot. I remember the Levi (at that time in glass jars) from my youth though I never tried it back then. What does "CC" stand for? I do enjoy the W E and unless I find something even more amazing that's the brand of plain that I'll probably reorder in the future. Nevertheless, I'm plagued by curiosity, especially when it comes to tobacco.
  • There are not huge differences between them but there are differences. The more seasoned your nose gets, the better you will be able to pick the differences out. To a new nose, a lot of things smell the same but as time goes you are able to pick out differences. Like some might have a slightly stronger smoke scent than the other, some might have different tobacco tones etc. Of all the Conwood Co. snuffs, Levi is my favorite and is my favorite of all the American style snuffs. I also enjoy Conwoods Tube Rose. Its a very lightly sweet snuff with good tobacco tone.
    The "CC" stands for Carhart's Choice. And if you find that snuff is something you want to stick with, its fun to have a large variety and sample as many as you can. There are fairly cheap considering the amount of tobacco you get. And your new favorite could be sitting out there somewhere waiting to be sampled. A lot of members here have 30+ varieties and a few of us have 80+.

    If you haven't seen it yet, here is the list of online shops categorized by country of origin. Online Shops
  • "There are not huge differences between them but there are differences." I didn't ask that correctly. I should have asked whether these are just the same snuff offered up under different names. If that isn't the case then I'd be willing to try them. American snuffs, like the High Dry Toasts, are of a particular genre but within that genre, between the different brands like F&T, G&H, etc., are subtle differences. F&T wins out for me in the HDT genre but all of the others that I've tried have their place as well. Thus far Garrett wins out for me over Rooster/Bruton but they may earn a place as well. I look forward to trying the Levi when I get the chance.
  • Troutstroker - I have yet to try any of the American snuffs but really want to. I know nothing at all about them, could you list a few with some recommendations?
  • proboscis, no the conwoods are not the same. But they are not dramatically different either. But you should be able to notice a difference even with a green nose.

    snuffster, some varieties that I would say are a must to try would have to be Navy Plain, Navy Sweet, Railroad Mills, Rooster, Levi Garrett, Square, Stoker's, Red Seal Sweet and Tube Rose Sweet.
    The Navy, Railroad Mills and Stokers are a little more mild on the smokiness. Rooster, Levi and Square are a little more robust with a more distinguishable BBQ taste. The Red Seal and Tube Rose are lightly sweet with a good tobacco tone still in reach. And if you want a very clean and light tobacco snuff, go for Dental Mild. They are all dry and fine.
  • thanks for the recommendations, i hope to be trying some soon
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