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Classic Movies that partake in Snuff; Snuff Bottle Comnection

What classic movies do you know about or recently found that contain Snuff.
Snuff Bottle Connection is a classic ( at least watch from 1:06 minute to 1:19 minute )
Has English Subtitles..here's link blow
Please post comment with what classic movies do you know about or recently found that contain Snuff.


  • In Ocean's 12, when Danny is at the jewelry store in the very beginning, there are a few Chinese snuff bottles in the case. Neato if you ask me.
  • @SupremeCOJP .... Cool movie... Have to rewatch one day...try and notice this time
  • the movies the Ruling class and Auntie Mame feature people taking snuff then sneezing like the worst newb on the planet.
  • I guess this has already been posted on this site somewhere, but again:

    Laurel and Hardy: The Bagpipes & The Snuff Box
  • @Nosy.... Looked like a real fine grind... Thank for posting.. Never remembered seeing that.... Maybe I did... But wasn't snuffing back than... I'm a newbie..
  • Not a classic movie but here is a video clip of a chap who claims to have escaped a family of Sasquatch using a box of snuff......... :))
    So now you know.....always keep a box of snuff handy in case of Sasquatch abduction =))
  • There is also this old German fairy tale film check at around 135.

  • 3:10 to Yuma (2007)
  • I remember an episode of the Honeymooners where I believe it was Norton offered Ralph a pinch and he took it. I also remember what I THOUGHT it was when I first saw it many years ago.
  • Check this out - pretty funny :-) look out at around 1.05
    It's a short comedy clip so worth watching the whole thing......enjoy!
  • Here's another:
  • I must have watched Highlander a dozen times and never noticed that. Never saw someone pull snuff right from their pocket before.
  • RabeloRabelo Member
    edited March 2013 PM
    Oliver Twist (1922):

    At 8:26
  • I must have watched Highlander a dozen times and never noticed that. Never saw someone pull snuff right from their pocket before.
    You've obviously never spilled a tin in your pocket by mistake. :-D
  • @Rabelo... Excellent that you spotted that uniformed man snuffing.. Lol .. Good eye
    I don't chew .. But got some klik klak samples named Oliver Twist .. Wonder why they grabbed that name... Ashamed to say don't know the storyline
  • Eric Idle's character is a snufftaker in the movie Yellowbeard. A couple of pinches beginning at 4:09. Not sure if there are any more in this film:
  • @AANYCAARDS I also have one of these samples. I was trying it and then I remembered this movie. Some time ago I watched it on TV, but was a newer version, a musical film ...
    I googled and saw that this was the first movie I watched a bit and there was this man taking a pinch ...

    I Googled again and saw that Oliver Twist Tobacco exists since 1805, and this movie was based on a 1838 book.
  • toffeenosetoffeenose Member
    edited March 2013 PM
    @Rabelo: Although the Oliver Twist company has been trading since 1805, it was under a different name - Hermann Krügers Eftf. A/S.
    The name "House of Oliver Twist A/S" was registered as a trade name in 1992, and was almost certainly taken from the Dickens book.
  • RabeloRabelo Member
    edited March 2013 PM
    @toffeenose Nice! It makes more sense that way... :)
  • OldBigWagonOldBigWagon Member
    edited March 2013 PM
    Pinch to brust!!

    This video video brings together some clips of films where people use snuff and it has a part set in a store that sells snuff, handkerchiefs and snuff boxes, there is also a part concerning a snuff factory:


    Good vision!

  • @OldBigWagon...thank you .....THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! I can't say that enough, I wanna get a dedicated plasma and put it up on the wall in my snuff room and run that looped continuously... Wow what a classic! F&T haymarket, SMITHS.. thank you again, probably others have seen this b4, not me though, am I happy I started this thread..thanks

  • http://bps.britishpathe.com/hls-vod/flash/00000000/00056000/00056491.mp4.m3u8
    Found the above link also...thanks to @OldBigWagon
    IT'S a video of society of snuff purveyors, manufacturers exhibitioning snuffs at Oxford circa late 50s early 60s. Mentioned half a million addicted to snuff in England at that time
  • howdydavehowdydave Member
    edited March 2013 PM
    The Mark of Zorro
    with Tyrone Powers

    Some of the other early Zorro movies may also have Zorro partaking of a pinch when he is in his Fop mode (Don Diego.)
  • I'm not positive but it looked like someone used snuff in the movie Die hard with Bruce Willis. The first movie in the nakatome towers (or however you spell it). It was a minute or two after Bruce tosses the c4 down the elevator shaft. They then cut to a scene with his wife. The Guy right next to his wife puts his hand up to his nose and takes two deep sniffs. I just watched it on TV and don't have the capability to rewind. I also don't have the movie on DVD. It might take me a little while to confirm but if someone else can that would be great
  • miamimarkmiamimark Moderator
    If it's the scene I'm thinking of, the actor's using a different nasal substance...
  • @miamimark thanks that actually makes more sense. Its been a long time since I watched it and it wasn't on a big movie channel so they had it edited and now that you mention it I'm sure they cut out some of the drug use. It sure looked like it tho. They didn't show where his hand went but he brought what looked like a pinch or boxcar method up to his nose and took a sniff in each nostril. Sorry for the misleading post guys.
  • bobbob Member
    technicaly it's a type of snuff. Just not the type most of us here are into.
  • Yeah, that character was a big time cokehead, and goes through withdrawal during the building's takeover. The bad guys got him helping them by supplying him some. I guess you have to read between the lines to get that, because its done with half-cut scenes and suggestion, mostly a lot of sniffling.
    At least that's what I remember, but I haven't seen that film in like 20 years...
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