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Hookah Anyone?

Anyone enjoy smoking a hookah? If so what flavors of shisha do you enjoy?


  • Havent tried Hookah yet, but thinking of buying a small one before deciding on a larger/more elaborate one. There's a hookah lounge here in Seattle but its always crowded, so I havent yet tried hookah there either.
  • My wife is a non-smoker, before smoking a hookah she never smoked anything in her life. We went to a local hookah bar and she LOVED it so much we had to go buy one. We picked up a small 2 hose hookah and a few different kinds of shisha and never looked back! There are two different kinds of shisha out there. Non-tobacco and tobacco types. My wife calls the tobacco kind "buzzy" because she gets a nic-buzz from it. The other we call tea because it's basically just that... tea...

    The nice thing about hookah is that it tastes amazing. I tell people it's like breathing candy air. You can get different flavors and mix them up to get different results. It's also a blast when you have friends over and sit around smoking hookah and drinking! If you have never tried it you should put it on your list of things to do!
  • I really haven't enjoyed the tobacco shisha I've tried so far. They all have some sort of a funky smell/taste that I can't put my finger on. I will say that I have some vapor stones by Hydro that I really enjoy. Chilling with it and some good music is a fine way to relax even without the nic. I'm too cheap to buy one, so I make a ghetto vortex bowl every time.
  • The first time I smoked hookah was just the tea (nic free) kind... When we got ours at home I picked up some Starbuzz and Al Fakher tobacco. At first I noticed a different taste, I would almost say it had a little bit of a light "acidic" taste. I didn't find it strong or unpleasant but there is a different hint of something to the regular tobaccos.

    I've seen the vapor stones and crystals but I've never tried them. How are they made? Are they a chemical "synthetic" thing or like a resin or something?
  • I'm no expert but I've used the apple one a few times at a fellow tobacco lovers place. very, very mild to smoke. More direct inhalation - like breathing - than puffing on a pipe. I don't need another ferocious addiction so I keep it to the odd social occasion.
  • For those of you interested in it this website is a great place to start. My wife and I have a small Mya QT that we picked up at a local tobacco shop here but you can buy them on this site as well.

    It is more fun as a social activity... I have only ever smoked it once or twice just for the sake of "smoking" it. Probably because I'm too lazy to clean it and wash everything once I'm done. But if you are looking to try something different it's a great investment.
  • Skell18Skell18 Moderator
    Used to smoke shisha regularly when I was working in Dubai, very pleasant experience. I use an eshisha stick occasionally but there is no shisha lounges where I live or any near me I can think of and I wouldn't use it enough to justify buying a hookha etc (even though they are dirt cheap I am a tightwad lol). Would love to smoke it again now and then though. The Al Fakher is very good, starbuzz I know goes down well in the states and it was certainly very very fruity (only ever tried the apple and strawberry ones).
  • Starbuzz is great if you don't want to spend time mixing up your own flavors. They do have some stand alone flavors like coffee or watermelon that are pretty good by themselves but most of the Starbuzz stuff is a mixture of different stuff. I like the Al Fakher because you can get creative with the flavors you come up with. A friend of mine found some unflavored shisha online someplace but we haven't tried it yet. I'm not sure I would go to all the trouble of smoking a hookah for just "tobacco" flavoring. I might as well just buy a cigar.
  • Mr_OMr_O Member
    Think I like apple and maybe grape, bought some cardomon but haven't tried it yet. Haven't smoked one more than a couple of times anyways. Curious about "unwashed" shisha- supposed to be stronger, nic-wise....Also ACID shisha...
  • I used to use a restaurant in Mayfair that provided hookahs and even my normally non-smoking colleagues used to enjoy them. Unfortunately that all ended with the UK smoking ban and I have not smoked one for years. As has been pointed out above it is very much a social thing so I have never bothered to purchase one for home use.
  • Never been much of a hookah smoker. I always found the tobacco to be too sweet and always seemed to wake up the next day with a gargantuan head ache, what back in the day what my friends and I nicknamed "The Hookah Hangover". Maybe I would give it another try if I was visiting a Middle Eastern Country, but never really enjoyed it. I think if where in Egypt I would be more apt to want to try their cigarettes (which I heard are really good).
  • Never been much of a hookah smoker. I always found the tobacco to be too sweet and always seemed to wake up the next day with a gargantuan head ache, what back in the day what my friends and I nicknamed "The Hookah Hangover".
    Interesting. I've tried them in hookah cafes in Jakarta, they've been quite a fad over the past year or two, and I've quite enjoyed them. But a smoking friend of mine won't touch them, says they load you to the max with carbon monoxide. That would explain the headache the next day, I guess.

  • less carbon monoxide then cigarettes per amount of nicotine. Nope a hooka dumps a lot of nicotine into your system fast.
  • I'm about to get my Hookah up and running some time within the next month or so. I just need to or a hose and some grommets. Plus the charcoal and tobacco.
  • i wouldnt mind giving hookah a go, i just cant justify getting the stuff to start it off as skint as i am now. shame.
  • I smoked shisha (hooka) when working in Egypt. Really enjoyed the flavors, and it was very cheap there. Here in the states, it's too expensive, as most novelties are. Maybe I should "roll my own".
  • Have not tried it. There is a hookah bar in Portland (ME) that my daughter and her boyfriend go to once in a while. Plan to try it when we're down to visit them one of these days.
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  • @Z_2K How are Hookahs a novelty? As new and unusual, or as cheap and gimmicky (Although I guess you do say it's too expensive)? I paid about $200. Its originally from Pakistan. Basically all I have to do is get a small assortment of supply that would cost about $50 altogether, which include a good supply of tobacco.

    @mecompco The taste of the smoke is pretty awesome, I would suppose according to your own taste to the marinades of tobaccos. There are all sorts, just like snuffs have many different flavors. The smoke has a real velvet like texture.
  • My wife really loves smoking shisha and being the loving husband I am, it's my job to prepare the hookah when she wants to smoke! After all the work I put in packing the hookah and getting the coals going it would just be a shame if I didn't enjoy it as well. The thing is though, that I turned her on to smoking a hookah in the first place. HA! We've tried a lot of shisha flavors and have definitely settled in to a few favorites but experimenting is awesome and we found some Haze Tobacco brand shisha that we love, despite the weird negative reviews I've found. I'm about to get some whole leaf tobacco and try my hand at blending my own shisha mix.
  • georg73georg73 Member
    edited March 2014 PM
    I love hookah, there is shisha bare near me that offer really good flavors, like this . You can get single or a combo. I like mint and peach the most.
  • I bought a few hookahs and some shisha, but gave it away when I moved. It was too much of a pain to set up, for one, but the biggest reason was that I found the candied flavor and sweetness of most shisha just to be way too over the top to me, and not to my liking, for the same reason that I don't like most really sweet aromatic pipe tobaccos.
  • I just placed the order to revamp my Hookah. I got the Romman shisha.

    @BarkingLeopard , What happened to mine is that I moved and left the hoses!

    My stem has connections for three hoses, but I just ordered two, some plugs and the lot with Romman shisha. I got free shipping, from the store. They have some pretty cool deals and a rewards point system, interesting store for anyone who wants to check it out. First time ordering with them for me.
  • I always thought it would be cool to have a go on one of these, then I read this report: recommendation_Final.pdf

    If I'm gonna smoke, I'd really rather stick to ciggies.
  • @vostok I don't see anything in that report that one would not already see amongst the warnings, tobacco abolitionist sites and general tom foolers. It would seem through out the research it always leads back to ambiguous statements such as "Water pipe tobacco is not a safe alternative to cigarettes," with no proof or reasoning, as one would think a scientific essay should say. Also that the back up is that "Water does not filter carbon-monoxide, toxicants, etc.". Well, I would suppose that the water is to tame the harshness and cool the smoke down. The article just describes the instrument, the method of burning, and slightly to topic of tobacco in general. Everyone should assume that yes, tobacco products are unhealthy in regarded terms of smoking, second hand smoke, and for pregnant consumers. The article is completely repetitive to the just the points of the harms of cigarette smoking. Another thing I always note that was drilled in during psychology classes/ science classes is that no research should be considered definitive, as while the Anti-Smoking Health Aficionados always suggest that any evidence or scrape of numbers should be written in stone.

    But I like cigarettes also. Nasal snuffs more now, but soon (tomorrow) shall be also enjoying my Shisha. I haven't smoked cigs in quite some time, and my brain seems to have a hard wired want for smoke. I was thinking of hoping to grab medwakh pipe and some Dokha tobacco, to actually replace the want for cigs.
  • Also I think it would be another downer on people if they took away Shisha bars in America. Kind of sad really, I don't think they should regulate that. Camel had tried to produce a cigarette lounge in Chicago, which probably would have been very fancy. They put it down. :( I think there should be laws of obvious, meaning that obtaining a job at a location of such does come with inherent risk, but, that should be on the individual obtaining work there, or the consumers who patron there. Not to go into politics, as there is rule against it, but I think it takes the "Nanny State" to a whole'nother meaning. They are lobbying against everything right now; e-cigs, shisha, dipping snuffs, nasal snuffs, anything that pertains to tobacco. "Coming to a town near you, red flags with shurikens." haha.
  • @Erik_the_Red: you carry on with your shisha if you want; that's entirely up to you. I agree with you about the nanay-state aspects of smoking legislation, especially as I live in a country where it's illegal to smoke in certain bus shelters, and now Parliament has passed a law making it illegal for parents to smoke in their cars when their children are travelling with them. How this is even remotely enforceable, and how government doesn't think the police ought to have higher priorities are beyond me.
    I simply expressed the personal opinion that I won't partake. I loathe cigars, but don't want to see them banned. I just won't smoke them. Neither do I want to use something that also contributes charcoal smoke to my lungs, or that can give me the equivalent smoke and tar inhalation levels of 100cigs in one session. Yes you're right, the report does say that the water doesn't reduce the harm - the point the report makes is that originally shisha-smoking was introduced in some areas (notably India), due to the erroneous belief that the water did do that, and that this erroneous belief still persists among shisha-users in certain places. So carry on if you want; enjoy. I won't be joining you, because I'm convinced it's worse for me than smoking cigs, which is up to me.
  • I just got into it again recently. I bought a sahara smoke candy stripe hookah at my local shop for $100.00, I usually enjoy starbuzz shisha because thats the most readily available. I really like lemon mint, blue mist, peach, and sex on the beach.
  • Went to a hookah bar once with some friends, years ago. It was fun, but I wont do it again because I'm no longer interested in smoking any kind of tobacco.
  • I loved smoking shisha when I travelled in north Africa. Brought one home and used to use it a lot. Apple was by far my favourite flavour. When done right it's a gorgeous silky smooth smoking experience. Having now stopped smoking I reckon if I went over there again I would still partake, for old times' sake.
  • I know this an old post...but a relative just brought me a shisha pipe and a bunch of tobacco from Egypt. Double apple, and 4 more flavors. Its nice, and the smoke is pleasant, but it gave me a sore throat. I like snuff much more. I wonder if I could dry the tobacco out and make snuff...
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