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Toque Quit

I recently found my 25 gram tin of TOQUE QUIT ( which I thought I lost or Australian Cattle Dog got to ) Initially before misplacing, I detected a aroma of ashes or dirty ashtray in it ( similar to GRUNT aroma ) BUTnow going back to it after finding it.. It changed.. Can't describe it.. Other than creamy and strong nicotine ( up to now was only snuff I could feel nicotine from .. So far ) The QUIT is very enjoyable for me.. But I use as in between my go to snuffs..( toast and marmalade , FOJ , CDF, AULD ALLIANCE & 3 Abraxas products ) Can anyone tell me if they have seen the QUIT mature and change over time and lose the ash smell..cause I'm really loving it now.

By the way, a member that PM'd me ( I wont mention his name, until he says its okay to quote from his personal message) wrote this to me below on how he thinks GRUNT got a ashy smell ( I found his theory real interesting )

"""""" Here's what I'm wondering this type of snuff is roasted of toasted isn't it. So you've got a batch of snuff roasting and it gets a little too hot some of the smaller particles of tobacco incinerate leaving behind their ash. """"""


  • 3_D3_D Member
    Both Quit and Natural, good solid no frills snuff
  • @lunecat...certainly a idea.. Thanks...just been ordering more from MS lately than most toque flavors and so much more to explore at MRSNUFF
  • The first few scents of any snuff if different enough will have your brain searching for various scent associations. After the risk / reward has been processed and new associations have been made a somewhat different picture appears. (A theory picked up while staying at a holiday inn.)
  • @Juxtaposer.....feels like a HOLIDAY when toque quit INN my nose
  • Quit is one of my table top snuff, never too far out of reach. My Tin is the same as the day I twisted the lid off. It may be your sense of smell has refined since opening.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Could very well be ammonia that you were smelling at first, which has since dissipated. It's quite common in fresh snuff.
  • Could very well be ammonia that you were smelling at first, which has since dissipated. It's quite common in fresh snuff.
    @Jammer....could be ammonia... although really smelt like the GRUNT ( ashes ) I have yet
    To detect a real ammonia aroma in other snuffs ( about 3 months snuffing ) I am expecting Babaton and NTSU coming for the first time from MS, so i expect to know what ammonia in snuff smells like when they arrive
  • 3_D3_D Member
    I never get an actual ammonia smell, for example T Lime Toast smelled like industrial cleaner, the smell disapated after a day or so, I always decant a small amount into another tin after a half day of use the smell's usually gone. At other times I thought i detected a floral smell, that also dissapated.
  • As a grower and snuffer, I've encountered this vegetal scent before. It is minimally fermented tobacco, which makes sense as the more you ferment it the lower the nicotine level goes. So what my nose is telling me is that although there are scents added to sweeten the smell that scent people are trying to nail down is what tobacco smells like in the nose after air curing for a short time.
    It should also as a result have very very low tsna's as that is what the nicotine converts to.

    People that stored it for an extended period of time in warm temp with possibly high humidity would likely notice the scent change.

    I was a little surprised when I first smelled this one, but it makes sense.
  • To me, the Toque Quit smells like a freshly opened pouch of some nice tobacco, I haven't noticed much in
    the way of ash/ashtray. I quite like the smell, and it nips those nic-fits.
    "Use, do not abuse; neither abstinence nor excess ever renders man happy."
  • It smells like a combination of tobacco and black tea in my opinion. Something herbal, yet earthy about it.
  • tboyertboyer Member
    edited July 2016 PM
    I got an ash/ashtray from my Quit
  • When I snuff Quit I get a slight sp scent that lingers for a bit. Almost like bergamot essence.
  • i busted out my QUIT and i also get an ashy smell. ive never noticed it before. its in no way unpleasant to me though. i also didnt remember how much of a nicotine punch it has, im in heaven!
  • I didn't get ashtray smell in this snuff, but I only had a small tin once. My first ashy snuff was FUBAR Grunt, I was quite surprised. But Molens Holandse Bolongaro was even more ashy - my first thought was that it contained actual tobacco ash. It reminded me of some twisted experiment, when I made a small snuff batch from cigarette-ends in my teens...
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