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Anyone interested in a Snuff Google Hangout?

Just a thought....I thought it would be fun to hold periodic Google Hangouts for video chat about snuff, smokeless tobacco, pipe tobacco, etc. A "Baccy Hangout" of sorts.

I think though, that the only way that I can invite people to the hangouts is that interested people have to be on my Google+ friend list.

The weird part is that hangouts can only have 9 people at a time on. I'm thinking of having each session automatically uploaded to to my "TobaccyLassy" youtube channel so other Snuff enthusiasts may view the discussion. We can talk about favorite snuffs, "whats in your nose", snuff techniques, etc. This is just an initial thought....but what do you guys think? Maybe have a special guest on periodically? Like the guys from Abraxas, Toque, etc?

Anyhow...its just an would be sort of interesting, I think, for us to be able to "see" each other, albeit only 9 at a time.....but your thoughts would be appreciated.


  • Sounds cool. I do all this from my phone and if I spent more time on it discussing snuff my wife would probably flip. :)) I don't think I would do this but I'm sure others will. Good luck with this and keep us informed on how it goes.
  • @distaind: I initially thought about making a blogtalkradio show called "TobaccyLassy's Snuff n' Stuff", but didnt know what numbers I would get for listeners. So I thought I'd start with a Google hangout and snuffsters could watch the archived video footage of each hangout, and maybe go from there.
  • All to tec for me. But I would like to watch. I have one of those radio faces, Hell I can't stand looking at me =))
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • All to tec for me. But I would like to watch. I have one of those radio faces, Hell I can't stand looking at me =))
    Lol! You know.....the 2nd sentence might just go in the "Out of context thread".
  • I think now, i'm leaning toward an audio podcast maybe. Possibly listeners can call in to join discussion instead to worrying about having a web cam and stuff.
  • That is a cool idea.
  • I wouldn't mind having a personal session or two with you but I am creepy like that. I don't have a web cam thank goodness. Good ideas though! Snuff comradery is hard to find and these are interesting solutions.
  • Haha, i'm so down for this
  • I had the chance to do my first Google Hangout with the co-host of my blogtalkradio show....and it worked fine as long as he wasn't driving around and losing his connection. lol. @juxtaposer: I think Hangouts can be done with audio only too. I don't think you'd need a webcam. :) And you know....I just might put that first sentence of yours on the out of context thread! =))

    Keep on the lookout for news about a possible upcoming Google Snuffsters Hangout! (or radio show) . Anybody else interested in a video google hangout one of these days? We could talk about our fave snuffs, or talk about our views a few snuffs that each one of us has, talk about snus/dip, pipes, whatever....
  • Great idea. I'll follow this with interest.
  • sounds cool. Do you need a google plus account?
  • If I did have the cam thing i may partake , you could recreate a forum like this. Instead of typing your comments would be digital video face interaction to be archived to infinity and beyond. So you could view discussions at the hours your are available. And go back to 2013 and see how young we all looked ten years later. The video blog forum; The future is now. If you build it they will come. But how do you police?
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • [...] But how do you police?
    the reduced anonymity will probably take care of most of the need for policing. Unless everybody prints out their avatar and wears it as mask. I wouldn't join, however, I put tape on my webcam because it makes me paranoid.
  • I wouldn't join, however, I put tape on my webcam because it makes me paranoid.

    Tape on your webcam? Ok..what kind of snuff you ordering? D White? Or just white?
    Just kidding, I been paranoid B4....glad that is in the past....did you hear that? Lol

  • TobaccyLassyTobaccyLassy Member
    edited April 2013 PM
    sounds cool. Do you need a google plus account?
    @TomStrasbourg Yes, you'd need a Google+account.

    @basement_shaman Policing would happen on youtube itself. If Hangouts are archived, any comments made to the video are approved or trashed by me. Nothing stopping anyone from watching the vid, but I can stop trolls and rude comments on the admin side. People can participate live via keyboard if I remember correctly ( no cam) but I'd need to double check on that.

  • @TobaccyLassy I'm now on google plus and I sent you a friend request.
  • @tomstrasbourg Weird....I can't find your friend request on my googleplus profile.
  • TomStrasbourgTomStrasbourg Member
    edited April 2013 PM
    @TobaccyLassy Nope. Tom Strasbourg is a pseudonym taken from a mix of Tom Buck and Strasbourg. I'll try sending another one.
    edit: Ive added you to my circle. Im still getting google plus figured out
  • I'm still trying to figure it out too. LOL.
  • Okey dokey....there used to be a "snuffers unite" community on Google+, and I joined it but it disappeared. So I started another Snuff community. I'm not going to be posting alot there, as I feel more inclined to be here on Snuffhouse, but I started it mainly so I could start video /audio Hangouts with anyone interested. So, if anyone is interested in , here's my Snuff page over there. However the only way I can invite people to video snuff chats is if interested parties are on Google+.
  • This all sounds quite interesting, but I'd only be partaking as an observer. Unfortunately I'm far too averse, sceptical and scathing to the data raping social networking sites, and don't like being treated as a commodity - but it would certainly be interesting to see the vid discussions embedded here. I hope it all works out.
  • I still might do a blogtalkradio show....people can call in on their phone to be on the air live, instead of web camming it..... I wonder if I would be able to get people for interview like the guys from Toque, Abraxas, etc. The only problem being the time difference between here and across the pond......

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