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European, American and English line Snuff from Dholakia

MartinMartin Member
edited March 2008 in Types of Snuff
At the new website of Dholakia are some snufftypes mentioned, I didn't know that tey are produced by this factory. They present European, American and English line snuffs at the homepage. Are these Dholakia Snuffs available anywhere ? Does anybody know this snuffs ? I asked for samples of these snuffs a few weeks before, but there was no reaction so far.


  • AbraxasAbraxas Member
    edited March 2008 PM
    Martin - If you are asking for a Dholakia supplier, you can get them from Snuffstore, see the online links on this site.

    I've tried Dholakie Ganga and its very good - strong and sweet with a good nictine hit
  • I've just looked at the UK website, It seems to be a wholesale distribution franchise based in the UK, including European snuffs, for pubs and bars, but not to indivdual customers. The European ones are not made by Dholakia, they are just obtainable from this website as part of their business. If this is the same site you visited, I doubt if they would offer free samples to individuals, but the Dholakia company in India might
  • Snuffster-
    I have got my information from this website: On this site I also placed my request for samples. I know the Indian Snuffs from Dholakia, which I have bought from Snufstore. But I don't know the American, European and English Snuffs which seem to be produced by Dholakia too. The types ar called "Dholakia English line Snuff", "Dholakia European line Snuff" and so on. Which UK website did you visit ?
  • Sorry Martin, I misunderstood your post. I have looked at - I haven't tried or heard of their English snuffs before and did not know that they produced snuff like this, so I can't somment on it.

    The website I looked at was a disributor's site for Dholakia - not the one above - I don't have the details I'm afraid
  • AbraxasAbraxas Member
    edited March 2008 PM
  • hello guys,
    DHOLAKIA SNUFF....manufacturer and exporter of snuff in bulk.very soon our all snuff lines will be available in retail.all new packing will be uploded on our website.
    we do take contract manufacturing for snuff and produce variety of snuff which is exported in bulk all over the world than packed in small containers and marketed as europian,english or american brands.the snuff which you might be buying from Eangland/america as local brand might be produced in india by our company.
    as for free samples ...we received thousands of inquiry cater all it will take time.
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