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Lundi Foot. What do we think about this one?

edited April 2013 in Types of Snuff
I'm just starting to try this one in earnest but I've still got a bit of Fields of Juniper staying power in the nose. Really love Fields of Juniper now.

When filling my bullet with Lundi I couldn't help but think of my old hamster cage from years back and also digestive biscuits maybe more becasue of the colour and texture. It certainly bears no resemblance flavour wise to my usual Wos No.22.

It is a bit finer that the FOJ or similar but with a finer proportion of tobacco included so it leaks throught the bullet a little and also has a higher sneezer factor and I'm getting some drip.

Also just noticing the flavour settles down quite quickly as with the FOJ.

I'll leave another comment after I've tried it some more.

This snuff is priced lower than the FOJ and personally at present I do prefer the FOJ but it's early snuffs.

Had another go. This time Chicken Coup but there definitely seems to be a base tobacco similarity with the FOJ which I think is the biscuit (scottish short bread? ) part.

Really do enjoy these scent thoughts.



  • SnuffySnuffSnuffySnuff Member
    edited April 2013 PM
    Out of my acceptable price range so will not be buying. Same goes for the whole Abraxas and SWS range.
  • @lunecat....ok..your making me LUNETUNES reading description.... Waiting for my LUNDY IN MAIL....I love toasts.. Love F&T HDT..tryed GH IRISH D ( but not sg irish d light yet ) awaiting order on way of LUNDY FOOT ( 15 g and 50 g on way ... Btw last 50 of FOJ hopefully will arrive also ) ( if I don't have to do another much for new inventory system.. Lol.. Is it really up yet? ) all the best..
  • "You get what you pay for in life"
  • Out of my acceptable price range so will not be buying. Same goes for the whole Abraxas and SWS range.
    @SnuffySnuff At the moment I do share your sentiments ... but ...

    I currently have a purchased unopened Dragun Menthol (and should have more Abraxas coming to me in a trade) however I wish to try a few more "standard" menthols before opening it and deciding for myself if the premium is worth it. Likewise, I feel I haven't had a broad enough spectrum of other snuffs to make a similar comparison with the SWS range. Maybe when I have more experience with snuff, I'll consider exploring the premium brands more, but I fear it would be like giving a pig a strawberry at this stage and just be wasted on me.
  • Nigel very kindly sent me some Abraxas samples and they are great snuffs. But, with respect, I just don't think they're worth the cost.
  • Fair play to you :) I'll still prob give them a try ... but not yet ;)
  • n9inchnailsn9inchnails Moderator
    edited April 2013 PM
    Out of my acceptable price range so will not be buying. Same goes for the whole Abraxas and SWS range.
    Good, more for me. This stuff sells out too fast as it is the last thing we need is you buying kilos of the stuff.

  • I pretty much can afford no luxuries these days but this is one I'm very glad to have and before I would have smoked the cost in a few weeks anyway so with this SWS I'm actually saving money and I see it as a reward and encouragement to keep away from cigarettes for good.

    It does not mean that it's a must have for everyone but if you do go for it then it's certainly a pleasurable snuff experience and I will only be using a bullet filled for the occasional (regular) try so I think these two 50g tins will give me much pleasure over a long time.

    Problem might be wanting to buy the other SWS I don't have and any more that come out but if I've got the cash I'm buying and I will still mostly use and prettty much equally enjoy my regular snuffs but I have plenty of those and so it was right for me to move on a notch.

    I'm getting CANDY FLOSS!!!! in this toast after it settles down. Honestly I am not making this up. I love my nose.

    I cough like crazy taking it from the bullet so I have to put it onto my hand first.
  • Out of my acceptable price range so will not be buying. Same goes for the whole Abraxas and SWS range.

    Good, more for me. This stuff sells out too fast as it is is the last thing we need is you buying kilos of the stuff.

    This Lundi Foot is one were you will need kilos. You just want to take it again and again and again. At least with the FOJ I could put it down for a bit!

  • SnuffySnuffSnuffySnuff Member
    edited April 2013 PM
    Nigel very kindly sent me some Abraxas samples and they are great snuffs. But, with respect, I just don't think they're worth the cost.

    Argh - but this is a thread on SWS Lundy Foot, & you can't judge the LF on a sample of Abx. products.

    I can judge the price. That's all I need to know.

    Quite frankly, even if Abraxas and SWS were made with mermaid's tears and fairy magic, I still wouldn't pay the cost for them. No snuff IMO warrants their prices.
  • TO EACH HIS OWN, but I cannot see denying myself of for instance SWS CDF or SWS AA no matter what my monetary situation was. I repsect others values, but for me, how can I read all these wonderful reviews of the above mentioned snuffs and Abraxas products and only imagine what they are like? Dont buy them because they are higher cost than other snuffs? For myself that is not rational. MONEY COMES AND GOES THROUGHOUT LIFE, some hoard it, some invest wisely, others not, some spend it for pleasures. I will only arrive and depart once, I refuse to deny myself of trying snuffs over "paper" LIKE I said you get what you pay for in life, there are anomlys like TAXI and delicious, but that again is a matter of opinion, just like the jist of my post. Snuff in Good Health.
  • If you are going to buy it and store it in bulk jars then yes it is expensive.
  • i agree they are expensive, but i am a huge fan of firedrac (not so much this bulk tub i got sent, its not as fiery, im tempted to try a blend with a little bohica), which isnt too bad. i also like premium fin, but its more of an expensive evening snuff for me, not one i use regularly. im getting some SWS samples, so ill post back what i think if LF is in it.
  • edited April 2013 PM
    Been using the Lundi all day and been out cycling with it also and I am getting a lot of sweetness from it and it really is like Candy Floss after the initial animal fresh hay/sawdust stall/hutch/coup phase.

    I prefer the peppery effect with the FOJ and with that you get more for your pinch I feel. I think the Lundi could perhaps be helped by a bit more intense and lasting flavour (hardly noticable outdoors) and not be just so sweet and neither of them are even medium in nicotine, I would say mild.

    Glad to be back to my dirty high nic slightly oniony No.22 blend for now.

    Looking forward to more SWS later but think I have the gist of them now.
  • edited April 2013 PM
    This may be even odder - I'm probably at least occasionally odd - but I find of two the FOJ is slightly better for nicotine.

    I mentioned wanting to try the Lundi continuously and although it is nice I felt it was more because I was trying to get a hit of something in there and if I took more I would maybe get what it was but it didn't work so not really any point doing that.

    I stopped my nico gum a couple of days ago and my nic levels have dropped and only my NO.22 helped me pull the levels back up in fact all my WOS's did but not these SWS so I would only use these occasionally for flavour but not to get nicotine.

    I think they need to check their measurements. If the Lundi did have high nicotine that you could actually feel then I would certainly like it more. If you are getting high nic from yours then I would really love to know why mine seems to have only a minimal amount. Definitely low for the Lundi and approaching medium for the FOJ and I only need to analyse it in my nose lab.
  • I think your confusing a nic hit with the burning sensation you get when you take a pinch. That painful burning sensation IS NOT caused by the nicotine. There is no way in hell any WoS snuff has more nicotine than a rustica snuff. If you really want to gauge how much nicotine a snuff has take a big pinch every 30 seconds until you get sick in the stomach, the longer it takes the weaker the snuff. I have tried this with many different snuffs and no WoS snuff has what it takes to make me sick in the stomach, can't say the same for whites, scotches or rustica snuffs
  • edited April 2013 PM
    Nice one lunecat. Keep on enjoying your LF. As long as you like it that's whats important and I do like it also but I prefer the FOJ at the moment. I just think it's a more interesting one and I find the Lundy a bit more sedate and a little less special. If I did not have the FOJ then I think I would be finding the LF (using acronyms because I can't spell) even better. I did get a bit of a hyper feeling from the LF but what I usually get from my other snuff is a definite nicotine buzz but even those perhaps weren't quite enough so I got some more nico gum for another boost. Going to have to ween myself off that gum slowly.

    I think I'm going to try my F&T Seville and Morroco blend next.
    Am also going to try and boost my Lundy a bit with some No.22 in a small test first. Won't be messing with the Juniper though although I think a little F&T Bordeau or Wos Jasmine or Kendal Brown might give that a little something extra. Might try a small test there also.

    Got plenty to experiment with for sure.
  • edited April 2013 PM

    Going back yo your No.22 comment and slightly off topic; I have noticed that WoS do No.20, No.21 & you mentioned No. 22 are these numbers directly related to the nic. level - higher means more nic. ???

    Have never tried the No.21 and no idea how the numbers came about. Would be interesting to know.

    No.20 & No.22 are completely different snuff. The 22 is an all out super duper proper plain toast a bit like F&T HDT. The 20 is more like a citrus SP. Strange I know but when I mix a little 20 into the 22 and add a little Sandalwood then I get a snuff which is like the smell of a cigarette when you take it out of the packet and run it under your nose. It can also produce a sort of onion flavour somehow? I'm still trying to work out exactly how I got that and if I can then it will be a constant blend as I really did enjoy it.

  • Skell18Skell18 Moderator
    Love the LF, not as good as HDT IMO but it has its own distinct characters which make it brilliant, so actually a bit unfair to compare it to HDT. Its a lot smokier than HDT, like an american scotch, and I didn't find it as difficult to take as say HDT or TNT. Put simply, it good!!!
  • edited April 2013 PM

    Going by your "upset tummy" method I would say Jaxons English toffee is v strong then as that has in the past made me feel as you described under those conditions. That is not to say I don't like Jaxons English Toffee, just have to not take too much at once...

    Thats interesting lunecat that you mention toffee as that is what I get from the Lundy Foot. I was saying Candy Floss but I think toffee is in there maybe moreso. Perhaps your subconcious is comming into play. I do get the sweetness more as I am chewing gum, the sugar taste in that seems to bring out the LF sweetness. Bet if you sucked a toffee it might work really well especially a high nicotine one.

    They really should have called it Sir Walter Scott's Highland Toffee but probably the name is already taken? so then Sir Walter Scott's Highland Candy Floss! or toffee fudge?

    Having another bullet of Lundy Foot. Maybe it's growing on me more. Seems very nice. Getting more of a peppery hit this time and perhaps feeling the nicotine more maybe because I'm using the breath in first method and can now take it straight from the bullet. Good.

  • just recieved, the whole package smells incredible, but i think il wait till nose is clear of any other remnants before lundy foot.
  • straight to the lungs. jesus this stuff is seriously reminding me of sweet scotch. mild flavour though, not sure right now, but it reminds me of something.
  • Reminds me of something too....I don't know about this one. I had very high hopes for it - understandable given the price - but all in all it smells like....well, a foot. A comely foot perhaps, a maidenly foot that has spent a shade too long in a glass slipper - ...but a foot nonetheless.

    IMHO, no current HT-type snuff matches original G Smith's IHT (sigh...). GH's Irish D is very good, F&T DHT, SG IDL and WoS No.22 are all distinctive with their own merits - but I just can't get past the initial smell of this particular snuff. Personally, I would have avoided the name Lundy Foot as somewhat too accurate for effective marketing.
  • “I spent 90% of my money on women and drink. The rest I just squandered.” - George Best
  • jpsavagejpsavage Member
    edited November 2013 PM
    Lundy Foot refers to the original purveyor of this type of snuff. Know your snuff history.
    It's OK.We all need TLA's (three letter acronyms)

    Lundy Foot
    A finely milled, toasted, high nicotine blend of American Virginias and Indian Rustica tobaccos, named in memory of the famous 18th century Dublin snuff chandler and his employee, Michael Larey, the "Irish blackguard", who inadvertently invented Scotch (scorched) snuff when he fell into a drunken stupor and allowed tobacco drying in a kiln to roast.
  • edited November 2013 PM
    Thanks. I think.

    Currently studying Vaping History.

    At my leisure of course.
  • jpsavage: Lundy Foot refers to the original purveyor of this type of snuff. Know your snuff history
    I've come across this Lundy Foot kiln fairy tale before... however, it involves a fundamental contradiction. Regular snuffs are not dried in kilns after grinding - except for High Toast types. So High Toast snuffs cannot have been discovered on the basis of a kiln accident, since no ordinary snuff would have been placed in one in the first place.

    The true story is more prosaic, and is recorded in the booklet Ten Minutes' Advice in Choosing Cigars; with a Word or Two on Tobacco; and Something about Snuff, London 1833, p27:

    "A large tobacco warehouse had been burned down in Dublin, and ... Lundy Foot, then a poor man - a porter at the same warehouse, purchased, for a mere trifle, a large quantity of scorched and burnt Tobacco from off the ruins. This he ground up into a new kind of Snuff which he sold excessively cheap to the poorer sort of Irish. It was much admired for its pungency, and soon grew into immense repute. Lundy Foot opened a shop, gave the Snuff his own name, and became a thriving man; but his invention has generally been known as Irish Blackguard, from the persons who first gave publicity to its excellence."
  • jpsavagejpsavage Member
    edited December 2013 PM
    Well done!
    I find this explanation to be much more plausible.
    Seems that the drunken one is much more colloquial and makes for a nice tale.
    Believe that the inebriated lackey story has taken hold and has a bit more "romance" to it.
  • AbraxasAbraxas Member
    edited December 2013 PM
    It might be a fairy tale but not solely on the grounds of a kiln accident being impossible. Each snuff manufacturer has their own way of doing things and these are invariably secret - kilning finished snuff may have been something Lundy did for some of his recipes. Also, one version of the story just refers to the kilning of the base tobacco which when milled became the first HDT. It's impossible to say one way or another as we don't have access to his recipes or methodology. It's hard to imagine smoke damaged tobacco being useable but not impossible I suppose.
  • I think this snuff is great,I call this my "time machine snuff".To me it smells like it has come from the 18th century,I can imagine myself back in time when snuffing this.fantastic .
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