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Reviews? Makla Neffa Ifrikia

2 questions ( okay maybe some elaboration, which can be construed as more questions )
I noticed reviews are gone from SH, must be because of SR or MS or reviews weren't being placed in correct section ( or not used here much )
Anyone ever try MAKLA NEFFA IFRIKIA ? I was expecting grind to be more coarse from reviews. The second I opened small 8 gram disc, and looked at snuff, immediately thought WILSON'S. But Wilson's what ? I haven't tried enough Wilson's to know, closest I have ever tried to say it is, is Wilson's 21.
If it is a WILSON'S , I would rather buy there's than MAKLA.. Because of comparative size of tins.
ANYONE KNOW? No matter what, the MAKLA is very tasty, easy to take, no clog if overused.

Also, anyone ever try other MAKLA's for nasal usage? MS says there for oral consumption. Thanks


  • horus92horus92 Member
    edited May 2013 PM
    Pretty sure Makla is meant to be dipped, though then again people say the same thing about American snuffs.

    Edit: Ah if I understand Juxtaposer right this one is meant to be snuffed, my mistake.
  • JuxtaposerJuxtaposer Member
    edited May 2013 PM
    Neffa Ifrikia is awesome! It has a very nice tobacco scent and a higher percentage of alkalizer than most snuffs. Unfortunately no other products of these are designed for nasal use.
  • Definitely and infinitely snuffable. A lot like Top Mill No. 1 on steroids. Highly recommended.
  • XanderXander Member
    Ok, first of all the Snuffhouse Review section is still online here: http://www.snuffhouse.org/categories/snuffreviews
    Its easily accessible and visible from the Snuffhouse homepage. Its deliberately set up so that new reviews are not classed as new discussions, so they won't come to the top of the new discussion page. That way its not obvious and it reduces the amount of casual comments in it.
    Having said that, we'd much prefer you write new reviews on Snuff Reviews.com, our partner site. Its set up specifically for reviews and they are more easily organized there. If authors migrate their reviews over to Snuff Reviews, and let me know, I can clean up and begin to downsize ours to save space.

    Second, maybe the reason you can't find any reviews of it is because Neffa Ifrikia is not Makla. Makla or Chema is a type of oral tobacco product. Sifaco is the company that produces both the various Maklas and also Neffa Ifrikia which is a snuff. The Maklas are not really snuffable.
    It has one review (by ermtony) listed under Sifaco:

    Maybe add your own now since you seem to have some strong thoughts about it? ;)

    Anyway, personally I didn't find it very similar to any Wilsons snuffs but I was strongly reminded of Samuel Gawith's Yellow Crest or Blue Crest, but yes on steriods as Tony says; much stronger. Someone sent me a sample awhile back and its in the huge box of snuffs that I'm supposed to write reviews for..... 8-| I'd have to dig to find it, so that's my memory of it anyway.
  • WhalenWhalen Member
    One of the better snuffs available IMHO.
  • I have it and I like it too. I am not excited with their malka. I am not sure what in it, saw dust , splinters, chards of glass ? It does deliver some nicotine 4 sure.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • dawood84dawood84 Member
    edited February 4 PM
    Makla  Neffa Ifrikia is a delicious excellent snuff. It's kind of sweet. I've never had any kind of nasal problems from snuffing it. It doesn't cause sneezing or even dripping usually. There is a sweet taste to the snuff and has a good nicotine content. It's a good cousin to Neffa Green, which is also excellent. There is something very addictive and nice about Neffa Ifrikia. It is pleasant and has a very nice hit. I like to take it in the mornings first thing, and is my go to snuff apart from afghan white from six photo. On an unrelated note I posted something negative about Platinum Makla Ifrikia, that problem is solved by refrigerating and moistening. Makla has an excellent selection, and I highly rate all their products

  • i have the neffa ifrikia which is a bit like ntsu black while the black seems to be stronger or has more tobacco content and coarse texture the neffa ifrikia smells similar (besides the extreme ammonia from ntsu) yet has more "texture agents/alkalization" from what i can tell by the brighter color and a very fine grind so the nicotine release is quick and kind of different from other snuffs and the effect for me goes in the direction of calming/numbing.
    there is zero humidity in it at least not the tin i got still the powder particles are heavy and not do not fly too far if sniffed very carefully
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