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Mr. Snuff re-stock time

Hey guys. I re-oredered some toque Spanish Gem 25g from mr snuff and I got an email saying they're currently out of stock. Typically, how long does it take for mr snuff to restock with Toque?


  • jaysonjayson Member

    I have no idea about mr snuff but if All else fails you can order direct from torque

  • I would, but I have a few other snuffs in my cart, and international shipping for two seperate orders is a little pricey.
  • I'm looking to place a first order with Mr. Snuff and it seems like over half their snuffs are showing "More Info" which someone at Mr. Snuff told me means it's out of stock. Can any experienced customers please chime in about this? Is it normal for the shelves to be this bare? 
  • @SammyD13 My experience within the past 6 months is that Mr. Snuff has been slow to restock, while many snuffs have simply disappeared. When a restock happens everything sells pretty quickly. The upshot, for me at least, is that I check Mr. Snuff every couple of days and jump on my targets immediately.
  • AmandaAmanda Member
    edited March 27 PM
    @willynelson and @SammyD13 Hi Willy & Sammy, This is Amanda again from Mr. Snuff.

    The reason why you see we have been slow to restock, while many snuffs have simply disappeared is because after the Brexit there has been a lot of changes in the law of snuff importing and exporting, as a result, many of our suppliers have shut down their business and have moved to a different line of business (LOB) making it difficult for us to restock those snuffs which they use to supply us.

    Also, after the law change, we are facing a tremendous issue in restocking or importing few of our best sellers snuff to our current warehouse located in the Belfast, United Kingdom which is again contributing to the low inventory of a variety of snuffs we use to carry.

    As a way around, we are looking into different options of importing snuffs from different suppliers and we are also looking into a new warehouse where we can import snuff which is difficult to import in our current warehouse. I hope you understand these things cannot be done in 1 week and will take a fair amount of time.

    Having said this, I would really apologize for this inconvenience caused to you. At the same time, I do hope you understand the situation we are in and assume that we will get your support in this.

    I hope this explanation makes sense to you.

    Mr.Snuff Customer Relation
  • @Amanda is it safe for me to order the 450gm bulk fribourg and treyer that says you have stock. will it be safely delivered to michigan usa without import, export problems. if so,I will order more. thanks-marc
  • AmandaAmanda Member
    @Marc1000 Hi there, thank you so much for your inquiry.

    I would like to inform you that it is absolutely safe to order 450gm bulk Fribourg & Treyer from us, however, I just want to clarify you that we do not keep these bulk items in stock, and your selection will need to be special ordered. We do this to ensure our customers receive the highest quality and freshest product possible.

    Once we receive the product from our supplier, we will be able to ship your order. Please allow extra time for delivery.

    This means once you place your order, we will then place the same order with our supplier (Wilsons) and once we get it from them, we will ship it right to you. We, of course, do this to make sure you receive the freshest product possible. I hope you understand why we do not keep these bulk items in stock, as we have a very high risk of these bulk items to get damaged (quality wise).

    Please let me know when you have a moment.

    Mr.Snuff Customer Relation
  • @Amanda that makes sense to not keep bulk in stock for freshness reasons. I will definitely be placing an order for more fribourg and treyer 450gms soon.Thanks for the input.I feel more comfortable ordering this now that you have informed me. kindly,marc
  • AmandaAmanda Member
    edited March 28 PM
    @Marc1000 Hi thanks!! I will look forward to your order and we will make sure you have a smooth run with us. Take care!

    Mr.Snuff Customer Relation
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