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I'm new to pipes, are you supposed to inhale/do you get nicotine without inhaling?

I know with cigars you get nicotine and a buzz without inhaling because the tobacco is extremely high in nicotine and I've experienced this once or twice with some decent cigars but I am new to pipe smoking and wondering if you are supposed to inhale/do you get a buzz without inhaling? I ordered a basic 6" corn cob pipe and 1.5oz pouch of Borkum Riff Vanilla pipe tobacco from tonight and I will see how I like it but what do others do?


  • same as cigars. i stopped with the pipe though... should probably clean it out and use it again/sell it/trade it. ill wait and see what summer allows me. i definitely get the nic. its more... reflective? softer? mind slowing? than cigars i find. the best point for pipes is when the tobacco is smouldering softly... packing well makes all the difference. be patient with it.
  • bobbob Member
    don't inhale. I repeat do not inhale. One it's not comfortable and you'll get less nicotine too. It's like a cigar but like firestarter says go a little slower. Look up hints on pipe smoking (there are truly few rules to pipe smoking [don't inhale is one]) they are usual listed as rules but they are guidelines and there are lots of them online that will increase your enjoyment of being a pipe owner.
  • bobbob Member
    Also you say you got a cob. Great pipe but very different then other pipes. So if you get a briar or meer pipe remember the tobacco will smoke different in each. Pipes are a great hobby and enjoyment. The more you put into learning about it the more you will enjoy it.
  • Try not to inhale, Try to sip your pipe slowly rather then puff it up like a freight train. You will enjoy the smoke swirling around in your mouth without tongue bite, Some tobacco have very high levels of nicotine and will give you the niccups and others are well balanced. I like natural tobaccos over gooey flavored tobaccos, Unless it is a high quality tobacco that been flavored. Most flavored aromatic tobaccos are flavored because of lack of flavor. Dunhill are on sale this month at P&C buy 2 get 1 free, I suggest early morning pipe and night cap these are a good introduction to English blends.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • i definitely get the nic. its more... reflective? softer? mind slowing? than cigars i find
    It does depend a lot on the type of tobacco you use, the range is vastly greater than with cigars. Some are incredibly strong, such as Cornell and Diehl's Bayou Morning, which contains almost 50% perique. I don't think I've ever finished a full pipe of it, and I smoke it in very small pipes. If you do find yourself inhaling a lot, then you should probably consider a stronger pipe tobacco. Note that the word "strong" can be confusing: some tobaccos have a very strong flavor, without being particularly high in nicotine.

    @basement_shaman, those are great tobaccos, but I'd hardly put them in the "good introduction" category. EMP in particular is mostly Virginia, it's very easy to smoke way too hot. Out of the Dunhill range, I'd recommend My Mixture 965 instead.
  • you may inhale small amounts as you breathe with your pipe, but it's nothing like taking a drag off a cigarette. The best way to describe the rhythm of pipe smoking to someone new is that your pipe should always be just on the verge of putting itself out, otherwise you're going at it too hard.
  • I really can't smoke a pipe properly. When I try to puff on it slowly - a puff every 15-20 seconds - it goes out virtually every puff. And I don't think it's packed too tight, there's not much resistance when I pull on it. So I end up puffing it like a freight train and still having to relight it every minute or so. I think I need to dry my tobacco out some.
  • Relighting is part of pipe smoking. Having to relight a half a dozen times or more per bowl does not mean you are doing it wrong. @horus92 don't think in terms of "puffs." Think of it as constant slow "sipping" as if from a straw. Drying out your tobacco a bit can help. What will probably work better for you is to use your pipe tool regularly during the first 1/3 of your bowl to lightly tamp the tobacco (not too tightly). Tamp while you puff and you will get a feel for what compaction is right for you. This keeps the lit coal in constant contact with new tobacco. I find that the pipe goes out more frequently if I am not paying proper attention to what is going on in the bowl.

    There are many variables, but once you get the best loading technique, proper tamping method, and puffing cadence in order you will thoroughly enjoy your pipe.
  • I never got any satisfaction from pipe unless I inhaled. Same with cigars. I say if you like it, do it, and if you dont like it try again later.
  • I never got any satisfaction from pipe unless I inhaled. Same with cigars. I say if you like it, do it, and if you dont like it try again later.
    Try a bowl of Samuel Gawith Squadron Leader and let us know what you think then.
  • feralgeekferalgeek Member
    edited June 2013 PM
    I never got any satisfaction from pipe unless I inhaled. Same with cigars. I say if you like it, do it, and if you dont like it try again later.

    Try a bowl of Samuel Gawith Squadron Leader and let us know what you think then.
    I've heard of it more then once, must be good stuff! Ive only used blends from local tobacco blenders, but even the strong ones just dont seem to do it for me without the feeling of smoke in the lungs.
  • bobbob Member
    I suggest using your finger to tamp down the ash. if you only let it touch for a second it won't burn badly. It gives you more feedback on how compacted the tobacco actually is.
  • JuxtaposerJuxtaposer Member
    edited June 2013 PM
    Yes @bob Using your finger in the bowl while smoking will also help temperature awareness as well as knowledge of cherry size. It will also help control over tamping. It will be a much more organic experience all around.

    On subject;
    With these amazing tobacco's I have been smoking, entrance to the lungs has not been spurned, but I am certainly not taking drags. If you want to take drags off a pipe I would recommend using a medwakh, kiseru, or water pipe so that you can have a fresh bowl on every drag.
  • They do make 9mm pipes with filters, You could in hale if you have no control. I find using stronger tobacco hard to inhale so when I find myself smoking smooth tobaccos and inhaling unconcerned; Then the next day I suffer.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • @MD363 Have you tried smoking something really punchy? The reason I ask is that I used to roll my own and initially found pipes left me wanting a stronger hit &/or a cigarette afterwards. I found that Brown Rope [twist] sorted this out for me; in that it's very high on the olde vitamin N; I think the Gawith's do both vanilla and rum cased versions of these if your attached to the aromatics, very cigar like all round, a bit of 'passive inhalation' and you'll be hiccuping! Worth a try if off the shelf aromatics are not doing it for you :-)
  • md363md363 Member
    @MisterPaul I have been smoking the pipe for around a month now and I really enjoy it. I only inhale once or twice per bowl and the stronger tobaccos I have tried like the Flakes do give me a nice nicotine feeling. I really want to try a twist next and on my next order from I will definitely order a twist tobacco probably from S Gawith or G&H. Thanks for the suggestions.
  • I am also new to pipes. But, when you inhale through pipe, the inhalation of nicotine is less than directly you smoke cigar.

    I too buyed pipe online at discounted price

  • When I smoke a pipe or cigar I do a couple small inhales and smoke the rest without inhaling. Do whatever you want.. I find the flavor is better without inhaling so I keep it to a minimum.
  • Some pipes have spots for a filter to go. If you do inhale, keep in mind just like your heater flue you will have products of combustion that build up on your lungs with a brief period of paralysis to the cilia that work to clear your lungs.
    A few times? No big deal, every day? Well chf and copd don't look like fun.
    Get your nicotine from snuff and keep inhaling any parts of combustion to a minimum. It's not just cancer from smoking, the simple mechanical action of lungs getting coated in smoke condensates just like on your cigarette butt are an issue too.
  • JosephJamesJosephJames Member
    edited November 2015 PM
    Most amazing nicotine I ever got was SG 1792 flake. I have a high mic tolerance and that flake floored me. I never inhaled it.
  • Yeah, don't inhale.. retrohale. I blow the smoke out my nose and my mouth. That's pretty satisfying. I also do not like the gooey flavored blends. They tend to funk up the pipe as well as ghost / impart flavor to the bowl. My favourite is the P&C house blend "Professor" 
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