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J&H Wilson at Morrisons supermarket.

Currently on a few days away in the Barnard Castle area. Went to the local Morrisons supermarket and to cut a long story short decided to ask the cigarette counter if they had any snuff (had heard before that some Morrisons did) Imagine my surprise when the lady said YES! More interestingly she had to go to back room to get it as 'it only came last week.' Took a further five minutes to decide what and how to charge me (eventually £1.36) BTW it was Top Mill in a 5g round tin. Wonder if Top Mill (was all they had) is now going into all stores? Going to try Carlisle when I get home. Perhaps we could compile a list of stores here?


  • I personally find that smaller independant newagents seem to be a more likely bet for snuff. Although Morrison's do occasionally seem to stock JH Wilsons. Seemingly Indian shops seem more likely than any others to have snuff, maybe because snuff is more provalent in the Indian culture/community one would guess?
  • I'll check out the Morrison's nearest me in Walsall - I did look at the tobacco gantry last time I was in and couldn't see any snuff on display though. I know that Asda Walsall used to have it in stock but don't any longer. It's probably down to ordering on behalf of the store admin themselves, so they're only going to order what's been selling. I doubt there's any co-ordinated national buying policy in these supermarket chains regarding snuff. Luckily we got a couple of tobacconists in town that stock snuff, but it's a very limited selection.
  • Your not far from me hoffwell i live in darlington. Barnard castle is a lovely little town il pop in to morrisons next time im there il check the darlington store first
  • & Both near me! :-D
  • Next time ask them if they can get Toque for you. I've heard that they only stock J&H Wilsons as that's the only one they've been asked for.
  • Next time ask them if they can get Toque for you. I've heard that they only stock J&H Wilsons as that's the only one they've been asked for.
    I'll try it next time i'm in, but really not sure I could affect Morrisons tobacco buying policy. Would it not be the case that they only supply Imperial's snuff, because they are already getting deliveries of Imperial's fags, so it's no real hassle.

    On a brigher note, here in Carlisle we have two tobacconists - Brucciani and Hodgson's (Old Town Hall) both of whom stock Imperial, WOS and Poschl snuffs - but not Toque! Perhaps if they haven't approached you to make an order you could approach them with a bit of imprest stock to set the Toque ball rolling in Carlisle!

  • No snuff at Morrisons Carlisle, although the woman said they used to have it.
  • Skell18Skell18 Moderator
    @Roderick I asked in the big one on Connors Quay today if they would stock toque, they said they would look into it. Now, I only go into that one 3 times a year maybe as it really is way out of the way from me, but I would go the extra for toque!
  • Last time I was in Northants I found J&H Wilson's at a couple of local news agents. Whenever I go back to the UK these days I ask for snuff in any place that sells tobacco - some people look at me gone out when I ask but it's always worth a try. In Leicester McChrystals is pretty easy to find and in one of the Indian shops there I managed to find some Indian snuff.
  • @Roderick - Just curious but have you guys tried breaking into the German market yet? Germany is the one place where I can pick up snuff in any tobacconist or news agent pretty much anywhere I have been to. The only non-German snuff I have found there so far is McChrystals.
  • Just re-asked at Morrison's Carlisle (was told 'no' a few weeks ago.) The lady this time said 'yes', but it was in the back as no-one asked for it. Got a round tin of Top Mill No1. £1.36.
  • Back on the Morrison's Snuff quest. Went into the Whitley Bay store today while on holiday, thought it worth asking, being a northern ex-mining area. Woman said they didn't have any.
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