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got my toque....

betonentebetonente Member
edited May 2012 in Types of Snuff
it was in the mail.
the korean customs opene it but kindly decided on not charging me for it... they proably did not know what it was about. but it explains why it took 13 days. still fast for that though...

thanks to Roderick and his staff for the excellent service and for the generous samples!

the blueberry is a piece of beauty, as - unexpectedly - is the toffee.

the espresso will need some airing out apparently as i did not notie any coffee scent up to now...

had a pinch of everything and everything was agreeable at least. the toffee, chocolate, blueberry and peanut butter being my favorites at first try.

more later...

so much to sample.. this is going to be a hell of an evening, even got a few people to try it with (the good thing about living in a crammed dorm...)^^


  • a few thoughts after sampling;

    the natural, original and coffee will need some airing, i cannot taste anything by now.

    the chocolate is like very dark chocolate, only slightly sweet and has a strong cocoa not. maybe some airing will make it even better, but it is quite good by now.

    the toffee is a work of art. i never thought i might sweet snuffs, but that one i want to eat. i do not like toffee, but this one i surely like. it is very sweet with a light chocolate like note to it and a bit of earth thrown in to make me still feel comfortably - the foundation of the snuff, literally.

    the blueberry is very good and i find it less citrus-flavored then i expected. it has a candy/soda pop like taste to it i enjoy very refreshing and satisfiying. a new favorite, scores right after the toffee.

    the menthol is just that, a very solid menthol snuff. might grow on me, i do not know yet.

    the peppermint surprised me with a peppermint note as in peppermint tea. i expected something more "icy", i find it not that "cool" at all. not bad, i will have to revisit it.

    the peanut butter is another high scorer. less sweet than i expected and comes even close to a "salty" snuff. earthy, pea-nutty and good. i like it.

    i reallt need to try the vanilla on next order.. i hate vanilla, but the toffee was such a nice surprise that i believe vanilla might do the same.

    have not tried it yet, but i am sure that toque snuffs would be great for mixing.
  • Yeah the Toffee is outstanding, if you like that you should definitely order the Vanilla. The very first order from Toque is a great experience, enjoy! Got a tin of Chocolate at work with me today think I will take a pinch now, Cheers!
  • The Vanilla is beautiful. Try it!
  • RoamRoam Member
    First off I have to congratulate to Rodderick.
    Damn fine snuff you got there.
    Got my samples today!
    Light brown color,very fine grind,but it is not as moist as the Poschl I am used to.
    Firstly I took a pinch of Blueberry,nice smell,but it turned out as I expected that i like the medicated snuff,nevertheless,i could turn the other way.
    No matter that,it is a very fine taste in the nose,likley I'm going to pair this up with Gletscherpriese,would make a nice combination.
    And it has a very pleasant taste after i blow my nose also.
    Next off,Peppermint.
    This one turned out to be my favorite.
    A gentle warm,refreshing peppermint taste is what I like the most.
    And the last but not the least comes the Menthol.
    As i expected,it is very fine taste,but look like I need to get used to it.
    All in all i give Toque snuff 10/10.
    I am seriousl considering to order some.
    One more time,great job Rodderick.
    Keep up the good work!
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