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 Two new Fine Border snuffs.

beer and snus

I'm fairly new to snus and was wondering if drinking beer with a snus in would affect the nicotine absorption. I'd imagine most of the nicotine would end up being washed down to the stomach, is it the same as absorption through the gums?


  • ive never really thought of this, but i am interested to hear if anyone has the info. though i dont generally swoosh drinks round where the snus is- i eat and drink with snus in and havent noticed any changes except perhaps a varying change in flavour of both snus and food/drink depending on both.
  • Well I had three pints of real ale, and popped a standard strength snus in (Jakobsson's Classic), on the second pint. I hadn't smoked a roll-up for a good two hours and didn't get what I call 'the rush' - warm feeling in my face and a little throat burn and maybe a few hiccups. That's when I know the nicotine is hitting me. Needless to say I had a roll-up as I left the pub. Conclusion: only extra stark keeps me satisfied when boozing.
  • I was hoping this was about a beer flavoured snus
  • I was hoping this was about a beer flavoured snus
    We can live in hope :)

  • Alcohol effects nicotine in general. That's why so many people chainsmoke when they are drinking. It's not uncommon for me to pop some Copenhagen in my upper lip like snus after I have already had a few and keep on drinking.
  • One component of nicotine absorption levels with oral tobacco is the pH of the mouth. Snus contains alkaline agents which aid in absorption. The vast majority of the nicotine absorbed is through the cheek/gum tissue that is in contact with the snus.

    I snus lossnus throughout the day while drinking a variety of beverages. As long as I direct the flow of the beverage beyond the snus (i.e. do not swish liquid around the snus) I have never noticed a change in the strength of the nicotine. In fact, I prefer to have a beverage handy because at times the flavor can become a bit harsh on the throat.

    I prefer loose snus over portions for three reasons. First, I get twice as much tobacco by weight in each can for the same price. Second, with an Icetool, I can control the size of the snus easily depending on how much nicotine I require (I would almost always need two portions at once). Lastly, loose snus tastes infinitely better than portions and you don't have to deal with the mouth issues that arise because of the portion material. I have a large prilla of General Ekstra Sterk los in right now - goes amazing with coffee.
  • there was a pilsner snus years ago, it was pretty tasty.
  • I was hoping this was about a beer flavoured snus

    Mc.C Stammheimer Hopfen is the closest snuff as it smells of hops. Maybe it could be added to snus somehow?

    This was one of the WORST snuffs i ever did taste. Imho, it has NOTHING to do with beer (taste).

  • I don't drink but I do eat tobacco, I chew little bits of los snus until it is gone, with dip I don't swallow as much and whole leaf chew and plug I also chew that, and rarely discard any. As for snuff less comes out then goes in, so I guess I digest that too :-&
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Mcrystals hops n hopadillo, get sum....!
  • I've just discovered the amazing Olde Ving 99 snus, the nicest flavour of anything I've ever tasted. I only use it when I'm not drinking. Toque Quit suffices in the nicotine department when drinking ale, watery eyes and all.
  • Quality brew and snuff just seem to naturally go together. I try to pair the aromas of the snuff I am using with the flavor of the beer that I am drinking so that they both compliment each other. Much how people pair cigars with scotch, wine, cognac, etc. One of my favorite beer-snuff pairings is Bernard Brasil Doppelt Fermentiert and Ayinger Celebrator Doppelbock. Match made in heaven. Ironically enough both German products. The chocolate aromas in the Bernard Brasil seemed to match the robust nature of the beer.
  • Goteborgs Rape Lime and larger go very well together.
  • I know this is not a beer and snus pairing, but is a Snus and liquor pairing. Don Julio Blanco Tequila and General White Portion. The peppery notes of agave match the peppery and citrus notes in the Snus. I have always found General white, loose and Oden's original to be excellent companions to a quality tequila or Mezcal.
  • In terms of beer and snus pairings, now that I think of it the Peppery and citrus notes in general snus white portion would be great with a pint of Stone IPA or actually any IPA for that matter. However, never put it into practice.
  • JammerJammer Member
    edited February 2014 PM
    @peter77 I had a Brew Dog Punk IPA with an Oden's Extreme op once... not too shabby ;)
  • Boddington's and General original---- minus the General Original :))
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