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Mac Cartney

ermtonyermtony Member
edited August 2012 in Types of Snuff
I got a tin of the Pöschl Mac Cartney with my order from Rajek's. To my surprise nobody seems to have commented on it here, so I guess I may as well be the first!

It comes in a 10g tin with a cream coloured top and describes itself on the lid as "English Type". My first thought was that it should be MacCartney (or even McCartney) rather than Mac Cartney, but that's a minor detail.

In colour it is a rich medium brown, medium in both texture and moisture and moderate in nicotine. The smell hits you as soon as you open the tin - rich, fruity and almost earthy. Rather hard to describe except to say that to me it smells gorgeous!

The flavour is equally good. While there is a hint of menthol and (I think) camphor, there are so many other flavours in this one it's hard to decide just what they all are. It's certainly like no English snuff I have ever tried but equally it doesn't immediately make me think Pöschl.

Perhaps it's not really an all day snuff, given the richness, but as an occasional or after dinner sniff it's superb. One I intend to make a regular in my snuff drawer.


  • One of the best finds in my den of hibernation. Packed tight in Amber glass jar. 20g. for fall-out shelter amongst others.
    Will compare to the later version Craig's later as I have both in glass for future need.
    Excellent Poschl offerings!


    These are my empty tins for reference only.
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