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dajawudajawu Member
edited April 2008 in General
So today is my birthday! I thought it was very nice that Rajeks House or Smoke gives you a coupon to use on your next order as a gift. I still can't understand why they have such high shipping, I have ordered overseas a few times and never paid that much in Shipping. Heck Roderick even does it for free (love you). So I was thinking that all of my fellow board members could send me some Snuff for my Birthday, that way I could get to try alot of them. Heck I wouldn't even mind if it was just some samples from your own supplies! We could start something new here, we could send out baggies of our favorite snuffs to the birthday boy/girl! So all of you feeling generous I will give you my address!


P.S. I also got so many generic Happy Birthdays from message boards I have signed up for over the years. It is funny because most the them use the same software so I got like 8 emails from different website with forum and all 8 emails were EXACTLY alike except for who was sending it.


  • Well Happy Birthday dajawu. Make sure you read all the terms on the coupon because some of the coupons from Rajeks can't be used on snuff/tobacco but rather all the other non tobacco items they have. Also you can read the reasoning for Rajeks shipping on the link. Just look at comment #26, srajek explains it all.

    Rajeks Shipping Costs.
  • Yeah the coupon can't be used on Tobacco products so you just have to purchase a non tobacco product that is equal or greater then the coupon value. I emailed him asking if it can be used towards the shipping costs. Enough of that though, send me stuff :)
  • How bout I send you a nice flavorful sample of a computer virus or dandelion seeds!!! ;~) Haha...Or maybe some homemade venison jerky or wild turkey jerky?

    With the coupon you can get an automatic box or other box or hanky? Or towards a nice bottle of Rebel Yell...
  • Wheres the love??
  • bobbob Member
    in alot of places it is illegal to offer coupons of that sort on tobacco. I know where I live it is (it's a local law). Would not be suprised if it's the same way in germany (interstingly we have a lot of german and polish people here, including my self partialy.)
  • Yep here in Massachusetts it is also illegal to use coupons on tobacco, but the next state to the south Rhode Island it is perfectly legal. I used to live there and would get coupons from Camel for free packs of Cigarettes all the time. When I changed my address to MA I no longer get them cause they are illegal.
  • NoseBagNoseBag Member
    edited April 2008 PM
    Snap for countries within the EU. The tobacco advertising law is pretty strict about all forms of tobacco advertising. The giving away of tobacco samples is in the 'grey' area of this. Some think that it's ok to send if the customer requests a sample, some don't...

    With regards to shipping costs, is now a bad time to mention that the Royal Mail increased postage costs at the begining of April? My local post master reckons it's in response to the increased 'load' on the postal service, due to online sales generating more parcels in the system... People selling stuff on ebay, business' operating online more, snuff tobacco shops...! Ahemm!

    Anyhow, the prices that have been increased are on the smaller weight packages. The increase in price tapers off as the weight increases.
  • @nosebag: according to market "logics", should not something for which there is more demand generate more supply and thus make it cheaper? (and better, as pro-capitalists might add)

    anyway, i do not believe it works.
    still its a strange reasoning by your post master.
  • No it's just greed... They're seeing a increase in items being posted and are therefore cashing in on it by raising prices.
  • An increase in demand will increase the price. They justify most changes with inflation. The USPS will have a rate increase starting May 12th. Single stamps will increase from .41 cents to .42 cents. You can also buy a 'forever stamp' for .41 cents each. These 'forever stamps' will be good forever, the only problem is you would have to buy enough by May 12th to last a lifetime.

    USPS Rate Increase
  • I'll send you something next year. That way you get to look forward to it for the next 11.9 months. The anticipation, the suspense!
  • @troutstroker
    that should not be so with post service, the logic being that more deliveries in total result in the same amount of tours being made to delieer more goods. AND surely should not rise if there is competition. that is, according to pro-capitalist textbooks, which of course are wrong anyway.
  • @betonente,
    But when you figure that when mail increases, so does the weight that a plane or truck has to carry causing more gas to be used along with the extra weight the postman now has to carry if they are delivering door to door. And the fact that they will have to sort more mail at the sorting centers along with the time it takes to sort it all. So even if the postman is making the same amount of "tours", there is more work involved & more fuel being used. Now you add in things like inflation/cost of living, gas going up over $1 per gallon in just a year in the US.. If mail was increased but the cost stayed the same or made cheaper, they would start to loose money and quality of service would go down along with the loss of jobs. Any time wages go up, the cost of service will follow. And the real "capitalist" way is to make a profit and succeed, not to lower the price when it cost more to run the business and you are doing more work. Thats one of the reasons why the cost of food is going up here because its costing the truckers more to deliver the goods. So they have to raise their rates to cover the extra expense. Then the stores have to raise prices to cover the extra expense of raised delivery rates and so on.
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