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Snuff illegal in EU?

I asked my girlfriend if she could check for snuff at the Duty Free in Schiphol, Holland on her way over here. She told me they told her that both snuff and snus is illegal in the EU...


How does that make sense? How long has that rule been going on? And in which way is it illegal?


  • Nonsense, how can snuff be illegal in Holland that's where Molens is made.
  • Hungary is EU member as well and snuff is legally sold in official tobbaco stores here. (Limited supply, but still legal.)

    But I read recently about snuss-related legal issues in Finland. I can't remember exactly. Maybe the age limit was discussed. Sadly, some journalists and publishers do not even know the difference between snuff and snuss. This can be confusing for some readers.
  • Selling of snus is banned in EU, only exception being Sweden (I read somewhere that also Romania, but I am not sure). Snuff is legal, no question. Consuming snus, however, is not illegal, which means that anyone can buy snus in Sweden and then bring it back to his own EU country to be consumed.

    As in Finaland, which is bordered by Sweden, this means that huge amounts of snus is brought every year from Sweden to Finland and consumed there. This is easy as there exists no customs between. However, selling it in Finland itself is illegal, although some small retailers do it illegally. This has naturally raised a question of what's the point in this whole scheme. Snus is by far the most popular smokeless tobacco consumed in Finland.
  • If the staff in duty free in Schiphol are as well informed as those at Heathrow and Gatwick then I would take anything they say with a very large pinch of salt - preferably followed by a very large pinch of snuff. If you check the price of cigars at either Gatwick or Heathrow you will discover that they are frequently more expensive than the price in UK supermarkets / tobacconists. I did query this a few months ago and was given a completely nonsensical story as to why this was.

    I have given up purchasing any tobacco products from duty free stores in European airports and simply buy them from tobacconists in the countries I visit. That means that I am paying duty on what I buy but normally the prices are roughly half of the price for the same product in duty free. How that works is beyond me but it has saved me a great deal of money.

    Once you escape the clutches of the EU then some airports do provide excellent duty free prices. When I was in Cairo a few months back I picked up some Havanas at approximately one sixth of the price in the UK.

    Having said all of that the chance of finding snuff on sale in duty free is pretty remote - many of them do not even sell pipe tobacco.
  • edited December 2013 PM
    Snus Is Sweden's Word for snuff. In USA dip is called snuff also Chew[moist snuff] furthermore some dip dry snuff; Vee Two Chew is loose snus . Plenty Confusion, Snuff said
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • ViertelViertel Member
    edited December 2013 PM
    Snuff could have been banned due to UE 2001/37/EC directive. But fortunatelly it has not been banned, thanks to some politicians. But menthol cigarretes has been prohibited. :D

    And yes, snus is illegal to sale in EU, except Sweden and Denmark. But it is not a problem to buy it via internet in Poland too - buying, having and consuming snus is not prohibited in any way. One just can not sell it.
  • Just keep in mind that snus and American style oral snuff (chew) are not the same. Different methods of manufacture.
    No one in Sweden would use my US style snuff and I quickly switched to snus which is much nicer.
  • Viertel is correct. In addition there is some rumour of banning e-cigs to, or at least regulate the selling.

    Jaap Bes.
  • Snuff is certainly not banned in the EU, if it is my tobacconist is breaking the law, as is every other tobacconist in the EU that sells it, its perfectly legal to buy and sell.

    Snus is banned in the EU except Sweden and loose snus in Denmark. It is however, not illegal to buy it in Sweden and bring it into any EU country or use it anywhere you please. The ban on snus makes no sense, V2 sell chew and chew bags perfectly legally in the EU, it is basically snus with a different label on it because "chewing tobacco", isn't banned in the EU, but because snus isn't "chewed" its banned, work that one out!

    I regularly fly to Sweden to stock up on snus as the snus I want cannot be sourced via the internet, bonus is I get a day or long weekend in Stockholm or Gothenburg which is hardly a bad thing.

  • And yes, snus is illegal to sale in EU, except Sweden and Denmark. But it is not a problem to buy it via internet in Poland too - buying, having and consuming snus is not prohibited in any way. One just can not sell it.
    Buying might be a different case in different EU countries. At least in Finland buying snus via internet is prohibited and the package, if noticed, will be stopped at customs.
  • Snuff? I know that the EU has a ban on Snus.
  • EU has a ban on Snus? That's so crazy. Why is the world so anal about this stuff?! It's so aggravating!
  • ^ because big tobacco and big pharma companies can't compete with it so they had it banned
  • Officially it was banned after 1985 World Health Organisation study concluded that "oral use of snuffs of the types used in North America and western Europe is carcinogenic to humans".

    Its illegal to buy it in any EU country apart from sweden, but you can buy it in person there and bring it home with you.

    Shame they banned it , its rather nice.
  • @indiansnuff there is a plenty of online shops selling snus in Poland as a "collectable item"
  • @Viertel will have to ask my polish friend to bring some as a gift next time he visits
  • as far as I know there are only a very small handfull of company's that send snus to the uk I can't speak for other countrys but we simply can't get the propper snus such as ettan for love nor money but I'm seriously looking in to getting a day trip to sweeden to fill my freezer with some real los snus . Has anyone any idea on the amount that you can bring back through customs in the uk at all ? I know its off topic just wondered ?
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