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Snuff mix recipes

Recently I had a friend who kept asking me what was in the various bullets I use for snuff. After going through my current set I had one that was almost empty, so I asked what 'flavor' he'd like to smell next.

He asked for fruit punch...

And so I mixed the most atrocious concoction of fruity flavors I could find out of my stash. (Toque: Lime Toast, Black Cherry, Pomegranate, Grapefruit; WoS: Strawberry; SG: Apple, Guarana, Raspberry - 2 spoonfuls each, shake bullet well.) Needless to say this was a nasty mix at first, but as the bullet has gone down the mix has mellowed out and mingled quiet nicely into something I might try again. In fact I'm going to be sad when it is finally gone.

So that got me thinking on if anyone else out there has any snuff mix recipes they'd be willing to share.

I'll start out with an easy one I call the 'soft-serve' (from that McDonald's 'ice cream'): Toque Chocolate and Vanilla - Mix 1:1.


  • I mix Samuel Gawith : Banana with JAXONS : English Toffee 50/50 . I only make about 50g at a time now because the Banana changes so often ! But it's a mix that's always good and I always have it in my pocket !
  • Viking drak with SP extra around 2:1 makes a snuff similar to WoS Best Dark but with a better nic kick.
    I had a few I posted in this thread. Alot of good ideas in here too.
  • My favorite blend would be
    Pöschl Bayern-Prise and Silver Dollar Vanilla at a ratio of 2:1 To me it tastes like a lightly minty cookies and cream candy bar. The dryness of the SilverDollar Vanilla helps the Pöschl load and dispense from my acrylic bullet.
  • I just mixed 2:1 Pöschl südfrucht and WoS banana knocked südfrucht down a notch or two and it's bullet friendly. i like it.
  • 3:1 of Garrett Scotch and WoS Spearmint. Delivers the nicotine and the spearmint tricks my nose into thinking its ok to take redonkulous sized hits of Garrett
  • ViertelViertel Member
    edited January 2014 PM
    I was disappointed on Viking Blonde.

    So I took an empty Viking Peach tin with some remains and put 8-9g Viking Blonde and 3-4g Queens Extra Strong into it.

    Despite I wrote about tasteless Viking Blonde, its aroma comes out a bit in this mix.

    Now I have 11-13 grams of mild, toasted SP citrus snuff. Wonderful, really.
  • 1:1 Or something close to it of
    Fugazi Black Joe and Molens ChocoCream.
    let it rest for a week to let aromas cohabitate lol
    it's like a mocha frappuccinno.
  • The mix for me would be, A spoonful of FT Morocco with a sprinkle of j Wilson top mill. You get all the beauty of the FT with a little kick and a hint of pepper.
  • My first attempt at snuff mixing.
    5 parts Spanish Gem
    3 parts Viking Dark
    2 part Cheese and, Bacon
    The smallest pinch Hedges.
    Very nice kick in the ass. I may put a little less Viking Dark next time. It over powers a little.
  • Carzy george is the only mix I try.
  • I was thinking of putting in Havana Toast but, then something made me put it down.
  • My two favorite mixers are Dholakia White & Toque Rustica ,I mix for effect rather than a new scent.
    When I want scent I add an extract or natural materials
    It's not the having, it's the getting. Elizabeth Taylor

  • 90% Ntsu black 10% Viking dark is the best mix I've ever tried...
  • I had a little WoS Royal George left in my penny snuff box when I put some SG Wild Duck in there, and that mixture was lovely. Only needs a little dash of Royal George.
  • Hi i have 20 tap boxes of gletscher prise. Can i mix it with sws lundy foot, mull of oa or auld alliance ?
  • @Snufferdemedicis try it if you like it make more. use small amounts until you get the right mix your after. and keep records of your mix so you can reproduce in the future
    It's not the having, it's the getting. Elizabeth Taylor

  • edited January 6 PM
    Hi some feedback, gletscher is alright mixed with mull of oa. First you feel the special gletscher taste, mull of oa comes after.
  • However with lundy's foot it does not taste as good as i thought it would.
  • Toque Coke mixed with Toque Camphor and Clove is divine. I know it sounds odd, but the clove mixed with the cola smells exactly a spiced cola I used to drink. The camphor isn't too strong and it helps keep me clear to enjoy the scent even more.
  • The NB Madras is too strong and fine for me as a beginner, so I mixed NB Madras with Horse brand Joshi snuff (which is a fairly moist snuff). NB Madras is 60% and Horse Brand Joshi 40% (I eyeballed it). This is effective for me to take NB Madras or else I just wouldn't visit it again as a beginner. Infact, this might become my all day snuff until I get hold of some new ones which are on the way. 
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