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soap flavoring

betonentebetonente Member
edited April 2008 in General

had a most nice result from a little experiment i did.

i really like korean cucumber soap. so i put some schmalzler (poeschls suedfrucht) in the empty box and let it sit for two weeks. now i have schmalzler with a hint of cucumber soap. very good.

probably sounds disgusting, but so sounds snorting things up your nose..


  • ewww
  • I think you may have created a new dholakia.
    Kamal and Ganga seem to have strong scents of baby powder, grandma's perfume, and soap.
  • the soap is not dominant. it just adds a nuance. a nuance which i really like.

    and that cucumber soap is somehow different from what i would normally think of when hearing "soap". not like i viole(n)t soap. more like unscented soap with a hint of fresh cucumber peel.
  • Some West Africans blended scented soap directly into the powdered tobacco.
  • The Jasmine scented snuff is like snuffing soap! Jasmine is a popular soap scent. Jasmine snuff... not so popular.
  • i think mcchrystals violet snuff is soap-like. not necessarily bad though...
  • bobbob Member
    love jasmine snuff I don't know why more people don't make a jasmine snuff it seems like a no brainer to me.
  • Yes jasmine is good.
  • bobbob Member
    very calming One of my favorite teas is jasmine pearl green tea.
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