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  • Aamon: thanks for the tip on the Rustica! I'll definitely check out the Toque site.

    In regards to your question about my experience?I'm a newbie. My only experience w/ snuff outside of what I have made myself with some aged Fronto dark air cured is a medicated snuff from Thailand called Moh Mee.

    I'm on a tight budget at the moment, so buying some sample leaf in order to know exactly what goes into my nose (without being taxed for my tobacco "sin") is what led me to grind my own snuff! 
  • @Cosmic_Charlie where abouts are you from?
  • Welcome all new members!

    Steve, Ontario, Canada
  • Welcome all newbies who are much new to the forum than me! :)
  • @Aamon I'm currently stationed in the Twin Cities, MN USA
  • Hi,

    I'm Phil.  I live in Liverpool, England.  I'm very new to snuff taking (since last Friday), I like to smoke Pipes, but I can't smoke indoors so I'm trying snuff to get me by when it's too cold or wet to go outside.  I've got some Friybourg and Treyer Princes Special at the moment, and I'm waiting on an order of F&T's Old Paris, S&G's Celtic Talisman and Plum and Hedges L260.  I've had some varied experiences so far.  I've been experiencing issues with snuff dribbling down the back of my throat, not on the snuff but after snuffing.  Which leads my throat to become sore.  I've found that this only happens with my  left nostril so sticking to my right nostril now which seems to be better.
  • @KillerKlown1978  - Welcome to the show!
  • Welcome aboard
  • Hi all, I'm Chris from Lancashire, uk. Anyone else here in my area? I've been using snuff for only a short while, I'm mainly a pipe smoker but I'm enjoying snuff more and more. I'm here to meet other people who share my passion.

    So.... hi all :)
  • Hello all!  Greetings from Hungary! I have been ordering from a couple of the UK vendors as i only speak English and a little Hungarian.  However it seems more logical if i would order fro Germany or somewhere closer/  Unfortunately, most of the German sites don't have an English option, although i have bought some from the German Ebay .  Any Ideas?

    Also, can one start a thread on this site?  
     Started snuffing again after a VERY long hiatus. aka I tried it when I was in myteens and 20's, now i'm in my 50's LOL  Feels good to be back.

  • EffyEffy Member
    Hello @Thenoseknows I'm in Austria, so I order from the German companies, too.  If you know what you are looking for, the sites aren't that tricky to work out even if you don't speak German.
  • Hi, all ...

    I've been lurking around the forum for about a month now, and figure I'll introduce myself. I live in Nottingham, in the UK - so not too far from @Chrisb1988 and @KillerKlown1978, but none too close either. 

    I was introduced to snuff about a decade ago, when I went to a (very) formal dinner and a huge ornate pewter snuffbox did the rounds. I was curious - I've always had a kind of fetish for the Georgian and Regency period, so I'd read about snuff, but I had no idea it was something that still existed. I took a pinch, and took it completely wrong, snorting it way back into my sinuses. But I was completely in heaven - I *loved* it. Even the next day I was getting an occasional whiff of it, and feeling really mellow and pleasurable about it, just from the aroma. 

    I didn't think anything more about it until the next dinner about a year later, and had the same experience of total transport. Since then I've been a very intermittent snuff user - I'll go months without it - but lately I've been in a bit more of a snuffing cycle; it's such a pleasure.

    Anyway, it's been great to discover the forum. I think part of the reason I've been so hesitant about my snuff fandom is that it's such a deviant pursuit to most people (I'm not going to whip the snuffbox out at a pub ...). Discovering there's a whole community and culture around it is great.

     And I've discovered Sir Walter Scott snuffs, which as far as I'm concerned are in a class of their own. I think the stuff I had way back at the dinner was Tranter Lavender. SWS takes it to a whole other level ...
  • @Thenoseknows - there's a 'New Discussion' button under the Toque ad in the left-hand column. It took me ages to find it as well!
  • Welcome to all the new members!
  • Hello all.
    I got bit by this bug last week when I was at a ceremony and I tried rape (there should be an accent over the 'e' but I don't know how to do that) for the first time. The smell of the tobacco in my nose was heavenly and it reminded me how much I do love tobacco.
    I have been a tobacco user for many years and for a 10-year stretch I was tobacco/nicotine free but then I ventured into the world of Cuban cigars which held my attention (and money) for about 5 years or so when i had to put them down, as well...I turned to vaping and it was a giant, gross pain in the ass and I then gave that up, too. I then went back to the cigars which led me to Cuban cigarettes and I am now one month free from any smoking, whatsoever. For about 3 weeks I was totally nicotine free, which was very nice, but I have to say that I felt very dull and lacking in motivation. This was not from any withdrawal symptoms as after 3 days of abstinence I am fine, but rather it was from not having any stimulants, whatsoever, in my system. I gave up caffeine about a month ago, as well, and I am very surprised at how low-energy I have been since giving up nicotine and caffeine. It would make sense that for a few days it would be so, but here I am weeks later and I still feel 'blah'.
    The other night I was with a friend and he had some Amazonian rape (again, the accent over the 'e') and I tried a little sniff in each nostril and found myself waking up, alive, engaged, and creative.
    I say all of that to say this- I am very grateful to be free from smoking as I am a very healthy individual, and I am also grateful to have found this other method of ingestion, which I find very, very pleasurable. I will settle in and find what works for me, in terms of usage, so as to not get ahead of myself in terms of tolerance. Wish me luck on that ;)...When I did use the rapes I was more creative, clearer, more focused, and altogether more centered and I look forward to getting my first order! Hopefully it comes before the snow.
    Thanks for your company and I look forward to learning all that I can- about snuff and snuff culture, as well as you all. Thank you.
    p.s.- I live on the coast in NJ- in the states.
  • Hello. Another Canadian here. I have been taking snuff since I was 17. I have lurked here and had an account way back when. Just enjoying a cup of coffee and a massive amount of Toque Rustica heheh. See you all around.
  • _A__A_ Member
    Hi there, i'm Arno from the netherlands and you guys/gals already had some very good info on a bunch of snuffs for me, so i though it would be fair to steal the info while registered...
  • HitsuzenHitsuzen Administrator, Moderator
    @_A_ Welcome! Please feel free to participate and add to the info pool as well B-)
  • Welcome _A_, No need to steal all info is free. Join in the party <:-P
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • @_A_ - being 4 months here (approx) I can tell you you're in good company. Enjoy the wisdom. Cheers!
  • SpamSpam Member
    Hi all,

    I thought I'd reintroduce myself after a long period of absence!

    Ive been taking snuff for many years, though I've been using WoS SM Blue almost exclusively for the past few years. I'm back to explore the world of snuff again, but it looks like a few things have changed...
  • Welcome back Spam  <:-P =))
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • elimelim Member
    50 yr old newb here. First snuff was in a pub 2 years ago while traveling to co wicklow Ireland for a few weeks. When I left, a new friend gave me a couple tap boxes of gawith apricot, and I enjoyed them for a some months. Last year I found this place and restocked. I'll tell you... thanks to this forum I now have about 75 snuffs and went from waking up to a marlboro light and dip of grizzly, to a nice schmalzler and cup of coffee.

    I'm on the great lakes (in the states), dislike indian/floral/perfumed snuffs. Love SWS's contributions completely and can pretty much shovel most of them in my nose (and usually have a jar as my daily driver).

    I police a different, very large forum (not snuff related), and always have this window open while helping others there.

    Thanks all involved here, you have made a real difference in my health and life.


  • Just discovered snuff a couple of months ago. Nasal snuff (as opposed to dip) is almost unheard of in the USA, and my local tobacconist only stocks a few varieties of Silver Dollar which was enough to pique my interest.

    Found this forum and read through many threads where people list their favorites and was interested to note that nobody mentioned Silver Dollar, which made me wonder just what I was missing. I made careful notes from this forum and put together an order from Mr Snuff based on the reviews and recommendations I read here.

    That first order just arrived - McChrystals O&G, Highland Ice, and Apricot. Wilson's Best SP, Tom Buck, and Grand Cairo. Samuel Gawith KB Original. And finally, a Six Photo assortment (15 varieties).

    The first one I tried was Kailash. Wow! Never got a nicotine hit like that from Silver Dollar!

    Finally got around to creating an account here, wanted to say thanks for all the great information here, not just the recommendations but snuffing techniques too. 
  • Welcome all new hedonistic snuff users. Enjoy your stay ,Let the party never end   <:-P
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Hi all, I'm a complete snuff noob living in Taxville (Australia), I've been using Swedish snus for a few years now, but am finding it increasingly unaffordable due to this country's outrageous tobacco excise. Snuff attracts less tax due to the much lower moisture content and seems to last a lot longer.
    My first order was a selection of Poschl snuffs (President, Cherry, Gawith Apricot & Gletscher Prise Extra) which I was not that keen on due to all of them being medicated, the only one I still go back to out of that batch is the Gletscher Prise Extra. Second order was a selection of WoS snuffs, 12x 5gm tins in an effort to find out what I like. I wont list them all but my favs so far are Gold Label, Irish High Toast 22, Tom Buck, French Carotte & Lemon Grove. I'm currently waiting on an order of Toque snuffs them being, Xmas Pudding, Spanish Gem, Apricot, Almond Toast, Peach & Lime Toast.
    I'm enjoying huge variety of the snuff experience, but am chasing a bigger nic hit, the Gold Label and IHT 22 are good but I'd like more. I think the search will be fun :)
  • @remi1au Welcome Andrew <:-P Toque Quit , Toque Rustica , Toque USA Whiskey & Honey. may give you what you need. Also may want an Indian White; Dholakia White, 41 Photo White Elephant, 6 Photo Cheetah are powerhouses.  
    Enjoy your journey! 
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • @basement_shaman  Thanks mate .. I've read of the Toque Rustica and would have ordered some but appeared to only available in min 50gm packets, bit to big if I don't like it.
  • Hi Everyone,
    Just joined up, my name is Roman and I'm from Ontario Canada. Actually just tried snuff for the first time a couple days ago.

    I grow my own tobacco, have been for 6 years, up until now just smoked with a pipe. But the whole prepping and cleaning the pipe routine gets old after awhile. It's also tough to travel with the whole kit-and-kabbodle.

    So for the last few days been reading all the old forum threads on this great site, and learnt a lot. Thanks everyone for sharing the knowledge.

    So my first snuff was with one of my own blends, a brightleaf & havana blend with a bit of turkish, really different tasting it raw instead of burnt. I like my pipe flakes fine, so all I had to do was give it one more grind with a mortar pestle. I'm hesitant to do anything else to the "flour", I've only smoked my own organic air dried pure, it's been enough for me.

    But I'd like to try the real thing, some of the great brands everyone's raving about. I could almost smell some of them from your descriptions! :)
  • elimelim Member
    @romanko... It has taken me quite a few purchased snuff's to find the one for me. Don't get discouraged by your first order. Mine came in the third.  :]    Would love to make my own from a nice Havana. One of my favorites is SWS Havana Toast. Beautiful buttery roasted yum.

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