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  • @Mr Brookes no worries. Thanks for the reply.
  • MrBrookeMrBrooke Member
    edited January 8 PM
    @Psicko I didn't expect to, but I wound up back there this evening. I picked up a can of Railroad Mills Sweet, which is absolutely wonderful. Its sweetness is much better than the sweetness of Society. I know I don't have much to go on, but this my favorite so far.

    I took some pictures to try to take a catalog of what they have for ya. I found:

    In 1.15 oz cans:
    • American Snuff Co.'s Peach Sweet Snuff
    • Society Sweet
    • Navy Sweet Scotch
    • Superior Scotch
    • Railroad Mills Sweet
    • Square
    In  4.65 oz cans:
    • Bruton of Nashville Bruton Scotch Snuff
    • Navy Sweet Scotch
    • Lorriard
    • Dental Mild Scotch
    • Honey Bee Sweet Scotch
    • Dental Sweet Snuff
    • Tube Rose Sweet

    Each of the 1.15 oz cans are around $6-7, and the larger cans are around $20. I hope this helps. 
  • I'm still trying to work my way around this forum but can anyone tell me how I can start a new thread? I'm not seeing an option to do so.  Maybe I have to get my post count up?
  • PsickoPsicko Member
    edited January 7 PM
    @MrBrooke, awesome. Thanks for the update
  • @Hawky454, for regular computer view the new post button is on the left side menu below the toque ad if I recall correctly. On the mobile view it is on the top menu on the far right. It looks like the text balloons you see in comic books.
  • Hawky454Hawky454 Member
    edited January 7 PM
    @Psicko, Thank you sir! I found it.

  • @hawky454, welcome to the forum and myself, as a long time dipper, it was an easy switch for me. I used to go through a pint sized tub of Stokers mint every 4-5 days or so, but now its maybe 10-15g of snuff/week. Id reccomend starting with the stronger snuffs like 41 Photo White Elephant, Toque Quit, any Dhakokia. Thats what helped me, then i was able to ease into the standard level nicotine snuffs. Also, try the plain snuffs, where you can really pick up the tobacco scent.

    @mrbrooke, sir, since I have left the SE United States, I havent been able to get ahold of anu of that peach snuff you posted about. Pm me, i would be interested in a trade for some peach.
  • @illini_mac8504, Thanks for the suggestions as I'm looking for some strong satisfying snuffs. I'm making a list of all the good suggestions you kind folks are sending my way and I really appreciate it!
  • @Hawky454 that new custom Spanish gem that you might have heard about is strong and really good. It's only available by special order, but there is a thread about a group buy if you are interested.
  • @Psicko Yeah, that's one of the first ones I wrote down because it gets a lot of hype. Gonna pass up the group buy for now cause I've already drained my funds for a very large tobacco order.  Hopefully we can get a group buy going in the future though.  Thanks!
  • I just took another toot of Swisher Square and I must revise my opinion of it and the others; I think the learning curve has been a little steep with these scotches/sweets. When I hit them right (which is about 35-40% of the time), they each are wonderful. Square is nice and peppery. It has a very earthy taste which I pleasant, although I I wish it were long-lasting. Society and Railroad Mills Sweet are both deliciously sweet, and although I cannot describe the difference, though they definitely have different characters. I think Square is still better as an all-day snuff, if I had to take only one with me. I'm still working on not having half of each snort immediately pouring to the back of my throat. I suspect I'll have an easier time once the coarser, wetter stuff arrives from overseas.
  • @MrBrooke what I do is I mix my Railroad Mills sweet with some Tube Rose scotch 50:50.It used to be one of my favorites when I first started doing snuff.I also mix 50:50 Starr Scotch with Swisher~Honey :bz .that also was one of my everyday snuff blends when I first started doing snuff.
    See u around the forums on Snuff House :)>-

    Peace and Alohas :-c

  •      How's it going everyone? I'm a 35 year old man who lives in Central Florida, USA. I've been a long time reader of this site and finally joined since I started making my own snuff. Though snuff is cheap, my usage has gotten pretty high at ~10 grams a day, which is closely comparable to the cigarette habit I kicked for financial reasons two years ago. So, I've embarked on my journey to create a snuff I love. There's enough great information on here but I'd like to eventually post my recipes for further guidance on thing's I'm missing / doing wrong. 
         As far as my favorites, I love really strong mentholated snuffs that are more complex in nature. I like to keep medicated 99 on hand as an additive to snuffs I feel need more menthol for my liking. I'm a huge fan of Bernard snuffs, Klostermischung being my favorite non-mentholated. With that said, Fichtennadel is my absolute favorite snuff ever, and the reason I started making snuff. My hopes are to eventually make something roughly equivalent. 
         It's nice to finally be a part of this community I've learned so much from and I look forward to talking to you!
  • chrischris Member
    Welcome aboard @Creator

    There seem to be quite a few members here producing their own snuff so I am sure that you will get plenty of helpful advice.
  • PikeyPikey Member
    Another new member here :)

    I m Pikey , approaching 50 , living in a rural spot of deepest Wales . 

    Like many, I ve been a longterm lurker on the forum . 

    I ve been semi-active on the ecig forums since 2010 ...after reading them for years . I ve been a longterm vaper but nicotine alone never really cut it for me . I was always happier with a few whole tobacco alkaoloids inside me . :) Webwide there seems to be a slump in forum interest as folk turn to other social media but I remain a passionate believer in forums .

    I became interested in smokeless about 2011 ...but most oral use hasn't suited me longterm . 

    Like many UKers of a certain age , I smoked a lot of snuff in my youth ...and sniffed a fair bit too . It was always for economical reasons though . I can just about remember seeing snuffers on the streets in South London but the habit was already well in decline even then .

    I ve kept a bit of snuff round for years but a good few months back I developed a bit of a craving . I d soon hoovered up everything in the mancave I enjoyed and I was struggling through a big ole tin of Hedges that must have been sitting about since 2012 ! :D Not a favourite .

    So I started buying a few samples from our excellent UK snuff dealers . As a longterm vaper I was strongly drawn to the more modern snuffs, Toque, Poschl , Jaxons etc . I ve enjoyed myself hugely but I need to settle down into a more frugal and sensible consumption pattern . 

    I ve been doing a fair bit of reading through the archive . At the moment I m researching snuff making , reprocessing stale snuff , DIY scenting and varieties of base snuff .In general I m looking to find a few plain snuffs I can purchase in larger quantities ...and a few sweet blends I can take all day .

    I must have 50 snuffs in that I enjoy perfectly well but few hold my interest . I d prefer larger stocks of half a dozen I can take all day :) .

    At the moment I am mildly obsessed with Poschls Gawith Original and Silver . Originally I only bought Gawith Cola/Silver to have the empty tapbox for tin snuffs ...but I ve been smitten . Now I m drowning in empty tapboxes :D I would sell my soul for Gawith Silver in 25G foil packets . Longterm the Poschl Gawiths will have to just be a special treat .... just a bit too expensive when we have English makers who sell for a fraction of the cost. 

    I snort about 5g a day at the moment .:)
  • Welcome to all of the new members. I called everyone here 'first rate chaps' on Uncle Squinty's youtube channel and it is true. This is probably the most polite forum I have seen on the internet. 

    @MrBrooke I live about 5 miles from a Food Lion. They carry the same snuffs you mentioned. In fact, I have a habit of buying a small can of Superior or Square each time I stop in because I am afraid they may stop carrying it. The local Ingles grocery store down the road carries snuff but not Swisher brands. I'll have to stop in there and see exactly what they have. I did ask the manager of the Food Lion in my area if he could get Checkerberry since it is a Swisher product. He took my name and number but I have not heard anything from him. 
  • Thanks for all he warm greetings. I agree that the civility on this forum is rather anomalous. It is quite refreshing.
  • Not so much an introduction but a welcome back! i used to use this site a lot but i havent used snuff in 5 years and Im going to pick it up again, cant wait to get back involved and fill up some free time! 
  • Welcome back.
  • Hello to all you new members from around the World.
  • Hello! have just joined but have been reading posts over the last few weeks as i have a new found love for snuff! Started with Wilsons of Sharrow Strawberry and Raspberry but am not a fan of the mint in the raspberry, and have now started a small collection!
    Am 22 and from south west England.

    Is nice to join you all :) 
  • Welcome aboard from South Yorkshire, Tekno.
  • Hi, Tekno. I am glad you are with us.
  • @JakartaBoy 
    Sorry saw this late. Vikas from Sixphoto was kind enough to send me the entire range of his products after I messaged him free of cost! Took my feedback gamely and also tweaked one of his products and sent again free! But, that's just a small sample that I've had of the range of snuffs produced in my country. Thank you for asking.
  • Hello again still getting to grips with this forum! can i start my own thread? i've just got through a tin of Royal George and the inside on the bottom of the tin is rusty! Any people who work for WoS on here? cheersrust1
  • @Tekno Royal George is quite a moist snuff, and Wilson's cans do rust in time. As to how quick, depends how long the snuff has been sat on the shelf at wherever you bought it from. I tend to transfer snuffs prone to this into small glass jars as soon as possible, especially if I'm not going to be using it all straight away.

    To start your own thread, either use the new discussion button at the left of the screen in desktop mode, or if viewing the mobile version, it's the speech bubble at the top right of the page.
  • Ah right okay thank you very much! i wonder if consumption is okay. I've noticed it's alot harsher on my nose than the other snuffs i have at the moment, and that was before i noticed the rust. Although i'm fairly new and still giving the nose a bit of training! 

    Thanks for fast reply! 
    Have a nice Evening/Day/Morning/Night :) 
  • @Tekno welcome aboard. I have had the same issue with the WoS tins, I typically either keep the good aluminium tins or transfer it over to amber glass jars. As to consuming the snuff in a rusty tin, im sure it would be fine since you're not snorting snuff and blowing it out later. It really depends on how much snuff you have left and if you want to use it, if there is rust in the snuff and it irritates your nose I would dump it. I'm sure if you spread out all of the snuff onto a few plates and run a magnet over it this may give you an indication of how much rust is in there, and you may possibly be able to remove it. I have never done this though it sounds like it may work.
  • Thats a really good idea @Aamon Thank you! < I hope that tag works haha

     Will get and do that this morning thanks!
    Have a nice day/night!
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