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  • Welcome new members , enjoy the ride, G'Day
    If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It!
  • Hi, I'm Matt. Started snuffing a few months ago. Like most other hobbies I get into, I like to try it all. I have been sampling everything I can get my hands on. A few of my favorites so far are; Wilson's Gold Label, Dr Rumney's, and Sandalwood. I really enjoy Gawith Black Duck, and a little bit of Black Rappee on occasion. My new favorite is one I recently scored, Bernard Tabak. It's like lovely pine sap and menthol. Very pleasant! I have also tried grinding some of my pipe tobacco, but I find it to be less desirable than commercial snuff.

    I'm looking forward to learning from everyone here! 

  • Firestarter0Firestarter0 Member
    edited September 2017 PM
    Hey, I'm Ed/Jarl/Firestarter0/Zero depending on which corner of the internet I'm on, and I'm 24 male (also depending ;) ). I started snuffing many years ago along with pipe and cigars in attempts to move away from cigarettes, and I switched about three years ago to using snus 98% of the time because it's discreet, convenient, and gives me the nicotine and tobacco goodness I crave. I also fully threw myself into vaping after teetering on the edge for awhile, and between those two daily and the odd snuff here and there I haven't smoked at all in about 2 years.

    Just dropping by to live in the past (a little) as I pulled out my old snuff collection and feel a bit nostalgic (I'm 24, give me a break).

    A few of my favourite snuffs back then were...

    WoS Grand Cairo

    F&T HDT

    Generally dark moist snuffs, heavy menthols and heavy black Indians. I tried to make a specific list but I realised there were so many I loved.
  • Good morning, my name is Danny, I'm 50, and I've been using Snuff and smoking a pipe for quite a few years now, I have a number of favorites mainly Indian Snuffs like 6 Photo Cheeta and TPS Madras, I also enjoy the offerings of Gawith and Hoggarth and Samuel Gawith, McChrystals OG and English Mentho are also my go to Snuffs.
    I hope to get know you all well and have some fun doing so,


  • Hello , my name is Jonathan . I am a former Marine. I work for a gas utility company. I love tobacco in all it's forms. Here in Tennessee it use to put food on the table as a cash crop , not so much now . So , as far as snuff goes I fancy the dry scotches that hit hard fairly well.
  • Ein Volktron here. Amateur Artist, etc. I've been snuffing before all the German sites got shut down.  

    So I guess thats me then.

  • Hello everyone, im Steve from Italy. Start snuffing a month ago and quit the cancer-sticks. I fall in love with snuff, i start order everything from the UK creating a massive snuff-storage. Here in italy I cant find anything, theres maybe a couple of snuffs and when you snuff in public places the people look at you like a cocaine addict... Yeah it sucks.
    Im happy to be here with other snuff-heads to share our opinions.

  • Welcome new members!
    Happy snuffing days to all!!!
  • Hello to you all new to this hole thing only tried snuff once as a teen would like to find out more about it and try different types
  • Welcome aboard, pete
  • willynelsonwillynelson Member
    edited October 2017 PM

    Hello fellow snuffers,

    I have learned a lot from the members of Snuffhouse over the years, but am just now joining the community. My name is Will, I'm a PhD student in Arizona and I have been snuffing for about 12 years. I have a collection of about 150 snuffs. My favorites include Wilson's Irish Toast #22, 6 Photo's Kailash, Toque's Ambrosia and Whiskey & Honey, Bernard's Fichtennadel and Magic Moments, and McChrystal's Fine Keg. Roderick from Toque is presently working on a custom run of double-flavored Ambrosia for me (I would be happy to share samples with Snuffhouse members once it is finished). I am planning to grow tobacco and extract flavor compounds to make artisan snuff; my main aim is to make a snuff that replicates the smell of an early morning in the Sonoran Desert just after a light rain during citrus blossom season. I have a few tricks up my sleeve. Making snuff will be just for fun, as it appears that regulations make it virtually impossible to start a tobacco business these days. I am extremely worried about the growth of virulent anti-tobacco regulation in the USA and EU, especially in light of the impact we've seen on heritage snuff makers like Molens de Kralingse and Wilsons of Sharrow. At the same time I am optimistic that snuff could have a beautiful future if the word gets out. There are a lot of cigarette smokers who would love to visit this world if they knew that it existed. I am glad to finally be a member here, and I hope to give back to this community some fraction of what it has given me over the years.

    Best regards,

  • Welcome aboard, Will. Good to have you here.
  • How about a reintroduction. ...
    I'm Matt (matthefox) decided to give my senses another go round with snuff. Happy to be back
  • New the Crew - chad from South Fl USA.
    Joined because I am desperately ISO my new-found favorite:
    Sir Walter Scott
  • Hello all, I'm Andrew from Arkansas.  I'm a smoker, dipper, snuser and pipe smoker, all occasionally at the moment.  I've recently started snuffing, still on my first snuff purchase, W.E. Garrett & Sons Sweet, and I'm already in love.  As I'm currently 19 and have to deal with the PACT act, it seems I'll be stuck with the limited local selection of snuff here for a bit.  It's a shame it isn't more popular around here.

    Glad to be part of the forum and look forward to the adventures my nose will have.
  • Hi Andrew, and welcome. As far as I am aware Mr. Snuff will ship to Arkansas, so you may be in luck.
  • Hi @Chad! What part of SoFla? I live in Surfside. There's another member here that lives in Hollywood.
  • chadchad Member
    edited October 2017 PM
    Hi miamimark!
    I live up here in Sunrise.
    Was at Hollywood Beach not long ago. Nice.
  • Welcome all new members.

    @willynelson what part of Arizona do you live in? There are a few members that live in Arizona. I live in Flagstaff, but make frequent trips to Phoenix area.
  • @psicko Tucson. I have many friends from Flagstaff and spent some time up in Sedona recently--truly a beautiful part of the state. If you are ever around Tucson be sure to let me know!
  • @willynelson, will do. I'm originally from Bisbee. I do go down there every so often.
  • Hello all! I am Jason from Kentucky. I have been an avid tobacco user for many years. I dabbled in snuff a few years ago before it was nearly impossible to get here in the US. Glad to be a part of the forum and I hope to learn lots from everyone.
  • Welcome to snuffhouse Jason
  • SnuffNORSnuffNOR Member
    edited November 2017 PM
    Hello! Long time forum stalker and recent member here. As with many people in Norway I tried snuff first as a teenager and recently wanted to try it again. Norway until recently was a large consumer of cigarettes, but due to intense government "persecution", there is hardly any youngsters starting smoking any longer. Snus on the other hand.. Most of you will be familiar with the "Swedish" snus. Snus came only loose in a plastic tin until the enforcing of non-smoking restaurants, public places etc, but is now produced in an untold amount of options, mostly now in the tiny "hamster nappies" portions with different tastes. Oh yeah, and I really cant stand snus all.. :)

    I found one supplier of snuff in Norway and they had Poschl Ozona. I was lucky and came across you guys, and even managed to order snuff from Wilsons of Sharrow! Dont get me started on taxes to get snuff into the country...

    Been using snuff for the last year and half with WoS SP, SP100, Poschl Gletscher Prise, Toque Absinthe and GW Sea Breezes (oh yeah!) as my day to day snuffs. Got a load of other snuffs from WoS and GW which Im still in the process of getting into.

    Thanks for the community people!
  • Hello! Found this place after buying my first tin of snuff, some Silver Dollar Blueberry (which was unfortunately dumped out in my pocket a week later.) Was looking up how to take it correctly and found this place fascinating as well as gaining an interest in snuff in general. Already converted 2 friends as well which I didn't expect lol.

    I'm Cameron and I'm from Memphis but live in Mississippi now. I like guitar, hunting, 'splorin, and many other things, including long walks on the beach. Glad to be here!
  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    Good day @SnuffNOR
    Fellow norwegian snuffer, is it as hard for you as it is for me with all the norwegian customs? How do you deal with em? I personally have a guy to order for me so snuff gets to his house (UK), then he splits it into several small packages and makes them all look like birthday presents.

  • @Rogue I ordered about 50g worth of snuff from the UK to which the customs office here added 800 NOK in taxes. I paid 143 NOK for the snuff and postage. Long live Norway...

    Luckily for me, most of my family have left for the UK quite recently, so I suppose I
  • Half my post vanished..

    ..will get snuff while visiting them in the UK.
  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    @SnuffNOR Yeah, I placed an order before which the customs figured was worth over 3k...I had em return it :(

  • After weighing my package I figured out that the customs office had put the entire package, wrapping, boxes and all on a weight and used that to place tax.. Its pure greed, nothing else. Now I am just bringing it over myself.
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