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  • And you are right. Frog Morton Cellar on that site is about 12 bucks Canadian. At my local DM they want 45-50 bucks which is just outrageous. I know it isn't them, but the stupid taxes. You can drink booze and soon smoke marijuana legally but heaven forfend you get a bit of baccky.
  • Usually takes between a week or two, I'd say 8 business days. I always use the cheapest shipping option available. Bulk is the way to go, I only buy tins when they aren't available in bulk.
  • Are you able to get bulk of Frog Morton or just their house blends? Hmmm I'm surprised you didn't get dinged over 200g. I want to get a pipe from them and a lighter and some tobacco but I;m  not sure if I should get them to put it all in one package or to have them ship me two separate packages. What do you think?
  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    @Monk THAT IS SO AWESOME! Can you tell us all about monks, snuff and the types you have there and drop us some reviews? welcome btw.
  • MonkMonk Member
    edited January 2 PM
    Thank you Rogue.
    I have been a monk here at the monastery for almost 8 years. Most of the younger monks (below 20 years) are from Nepal and the older ones are from Tibet. This small Tibetan colony in south India has about 10,000 monks. Only 2 of us are from Western countries. The other western monk is from Spain and he lives in a different monastery across the road.

    I would guess about almost half of the Tibetan monks partake of snuff, called 'nata' in the Tibetan language. Most prefer various Tibetan blends but they are not sold locally so most end up using White Elephant or a mix of WE and some Tibetan snuff. The closest place to buy the Tibetan snuff is in Nepal. I go to Nepal twice a year so I always bring a load back here to the monastery.
    All of the monks that I know use the boxcar method. Most of them carry their daily snuff in a small plastic film container type jar in an inside pocket in their robes.
    Snuff is socially accepted in Tibetan Buddhist
    monk culture, although it is still preferred to be a bit discrete about when and where you take a bump.
    Even our Abbot is a regular snuff user. A Western friend once asked the Abbot why so many Tibetan monks use snuff and his reply was "This is Tibetan cappuccino. ", meaning that it is just a simple part of daily life for monks the same way coffee is for Western people.

    I will try to add pictures and other info about Tibetan snuff when I have more time.

  • I don't think Frog Morton is available in bulk only in 50g and 100g tins. You can check out their bulk section to see what they have and their house blends (Low Country) isnt available in bulk. They used to have SG bulk but not anymore but they do stock 250g boxes and I buy 2 at a time.

    The 200g allowance doesnt apply to cigars or pipe tobacco because mostly rich people smoke cigars and pipes and we all know rich people cant afford to pay taxes...

    There is a 500g duty free limit on pipe tobacco, as I have said I order 2x 250g boxes of SG at a time for years and have never had to pay duties.
  • edited January 2 PM

    500g? Holy mackerel. This is good to know. I'll browse what they have in Bulk, I want to get some Lane 1Q and RL6. Someone recommened G.L. Pease. I wanted to try Molto Dolce but I heard it is very wet and sticky.

    If you have any blends that you can recommend to a quasi newbie that would be greatly appreciated. :)

    I also want to get some cobs. I heard they smoke pretty well and don't need to rest as much as briars do. 

  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    @Monk this is all so cool! We need to chat some more, Im curious about monkstuff
  • Gawith & Hoggarth (GH) is probably my fav pipe tobacco house and smokingpipes has nearly their entire range in bulk.

    Just be careful when ordering tins as customs just throws the entire package on a scale and charges you tobacco tax for the weight of the entire package tins and all. So 8 of those 50g round tins although only 400g of tobacco with the weight of the tins its way over 500g and likely to get nabbed by customs.
  • Would I be safe to order more in multiple packages? So maybe 1200g divided in 3 packages shipped 2 days apart?

    I guess it's probably best to purchase tobacco separately and not include it with pipes or accessories or anything that will weigh it down. Am I correct with this?

  • n9inchnailsn9inchnails Moderator
    edited January 2 PM
    I always purchase seperately or just add a tin or two to pipe purchases. I think if customs sees more than just pipe tobacco on the customs slip they open the package and weigh it seperately but if it just says "pipe tobacco" then they just throw the whole box on a scale.
  • Yeah I figured that would be the case. I guess it's better buying in bulk because it comes in bags vs tins which would add weight to the overall package.

    If I buy bulk tobaccos how should I store them? Could I put them in mason jars and keep them in a cool dark place?

  • Yep, mason jars in a cool dark place, a cellar being optimal. In these conditions it should keep for decades getting better with age.
  • Hi folks, my name is Mark and I live in northern Ohio.  I enjoy tobacco in all forms except cigars and cigarettes, but really been digging nasal snuff, collecting and smoking pipes/tobacco.  My snuff flavor of choice is Hedges L260 but really anything heavy on the menthol and the American Scotch's especially Square from Swisher
  • Hello! My name is Dane
    I'm in Northwest Ohio. Thank you for making this forum, I am glad to have found it. I am completely new to snuff. Over the Christmas holidays I was at a pub having a drink after a trip to the inlaws, an English gentleman was there, he saw me vaping and we began chatting. He pulled out a tiny bottle and offered me some dark powder... Not looking like any good coke I've ever seen I told him I don't do heroin and he bust out laughing and then explained it was neither heroin or coke but tobacco! I was blown away, I knew a nasal snuff product existed long ago, having read about it in books.. Mark Twain, etc. After learning it was tobacco I accepted his offer. He gave no suggestions of instructions and I promptly rolled up a dollar bill and snorted it like one would snort any other substance. Hell then occurred for several minutes, but a pleasant effect took over eventually. After laughing again he told me to just smell it firmly not snort it and demonstrated, after our next drink I gave it another try and wow, I was in love! With snuff, not the guy! I went home and looked online for a store with snuff that ships to the usa, I only found a few and placed an order. Since then I just read on here another guy in Ohio found some in stores! A store he posted is about 45 minutes away from me, not too bad! I am blown away that this stuff still exists! My orders from MrSnuff and Toque haven't arrived yet but I am anxiously waiting them so I can try this again! I ordered based mainly on price, not wanting to spend a bunch of money on something I've only tried once but hopefully I picked out some good flavors and I can just snuff occasionally instead of vaping! I see a list where folks are listing orders they placed so I'll head there next and list mine. Anyways thank you! I look forward to learning more and speaking with fellow snuffers!
  • @Skiffdank - interesting true story. I am an ex-smoker, and once I moved to snuff around a year back, I haven't looked back. Almost quit smoking. If I were you, I would experiment and explore galore (I do even if I just have mainly Indian snuffs to try out). You're in the right place for some great wisdom and cool guys. Have fun! 
  • @newbiesnuffer

    Thank you sir!
    Congrats on quitting!
    I posted my first order in the thread where people are sharing what they order.. Hopefully I get something I like but really I'm clueless still, toasts, dry, light, dark, nicotine levels, I have a lot of learning to do! Thank you for the welcoming comment.
  • Hi guys,

    Just introducing myself, I've been a snuff user for the past 5 years but only coming back recently after a year long break. I've been a long time lurker here and I prefer Bernards schmalzers or any dark sweet snuff.

    @Konrad_von_Marburg @n9inchnails I should mention that I am also in Ontario and that I recently received a smoking pipes order of a total 200g and I got dinged on duties, still cheaper than buying local, but not by much. Let me know your experiences too as I'd love to order more frequently but hate paying the duties.

    For reference I bought 100g of Drum in Ontario for around $60, the 200g shipped + duties came to just under $100 CAD, so averaging about $50 per 100g.
  • I have never paid duties on pipe tobacco orders from smokingpipes. Ordered 12x Five Brothers not a month ago and it arrived duty free, thats over 400g of tobacco and the package was clearly marked "pipe tobacco".
  • Must just be luck of the draw, I have had orders come in before that didnt get taxed, but it seems to be about 50/50 for myself. I have never paid duties on nasal snuff and very minimal duties on whole leaf tobacco ($20/6lbs)
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