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  • ar47ar47 Member
    Hey Snuffers!

    My wife and I recently took up the habit.  I used to be a chewer; have been using e-cigs constantly for 8 years now.  We are from the USA.

    Recently we took a trip to the south and I picked up some Silver Dollar Apricot.  And we've become obsessed since.

    I called all over town (nearby a major metro) and while there's nothing close to a shortage of tobacconists, not a single one sells snuff other than WE Garrett's (American Snuff Co), original and sweet.  My wife HATES the stuff.  I think the original is OK (tolerable) but I have a little Silver Dollar to wash it down.  I think the sweet is pretty objectionable and it annoyingly falls out the nose.

    I placed our first MrSnuff order this morning and it CANNOT COME FAST ENOUGH!  See below

    2 x Snuff Turn Tin: White ABS (STT003) = $7.50
    2 x Silver Dollar Apricot 5g (SDOL001) = $4.64
    1 x Silver Dollar Cola 5g (SDOL010) = $2.32
    1 x Afghan White 40g (AFG001) = $14.95
    1 x Silver Dollar Coffee 5g (SDOL009) = $2.32
    1 x Sir Walter Scott's Golden Horn Snuff 15g (SWS031) = $13.49
    1 x Sir Walter Scott's Havana Toast Snuff 15g (SWS013) = $8.79
    1 x Sir Walter Scott's Moro Moro Snuff 15g (SWS011) = $13.49
    1 x Sir Walter Scott's St-James Parish Blend Snuff 15g (SWS017) = $8.49
    1 x Silver Dollar Medicated 5g (SDOL013) = $2.32
    1 x Toque Apricot 10g (TOQ004) = $2.77
    1 x Toque Peach Bullet 1g (TOQ067) = $2.77
    1 x Toque Original Bullet 1g (TOQ064) = $2.77
    1 x Toque Lime Toast 10g (TOQ050) = $2.77
    1 x Toque USA Citrus 10g (TOQ137) = $2.77
    1 x Wilsons Assorted 5g Selection(12) (WILS12) = $9.99
    1 x Wilsons Assorted 5g Menthol Selection(12) (WIL516) = $9.99
    1 x McChrystal's Highland Ice 8.75g (MCC025) = $2.69
    1 x Hedges L260 20g (HED001) = $5.44

    Lots of small items.  39 new snuffs for us to try, and a couple more tins of SD Apricot.

    Glad to be part of the community!
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    @ar47 welcome! I'm new here too and I have learned a bit from this board. You and your wife have a pretty nice order made. I've tried the Silver Dollar Cola, Coffee, and Medicated, also Toque Original and they were all pretty enjoyable. I'm ordering the Sir Walter Scott Moro Moro tommorow and I have never tried it. I'm debating on buying a 50 gram tin or if I want to spend on a 15 gram tin and a few other 15 gram tins from Sir Walter Scott for the variety and Havana Toast is on that list. I'm thinking I would like the Moro Moro a lot though and would regret not getting a bigger tin but at same time would I regret not trying out a little variety right away? Well I don't want to bother ya with my troubles, so welcome to snuffhouse and enjoy the world of snuffs.

    Oh ya, my MrSnuff order came to MI in 10 days from when they shipped.
  • ar47ar47 Member
    @Stoke_About_Toque Thanks for the kind welcome.  Good data there on the shipping speed to the midwest as well

    RE big vs small tin, I went for the shotgun approach to learn what I like
    ;)) (snuffin)
  • My name's Sam and I'm from the Chicago area (originally from Kansas). I've been obsessed with snuff since making a homemade batch with cigars about a year and a half ago. My interests are travel, gardening, food, and reading (mostly history, philosophy and true crime).
    The world of snuff is intriguing on so many levels. The sense of smell has deep roots physically and psychologically, but it's also the most-neglected. 
    All the stages of snuff creation and use bring out creativity, science, and art: farming and preparing the leaf, flavoring, blending. Choosing which snuffs to get, how to rotate them, and mixing them together to create new blends to suit the goes on and on. And there are so many different tastes out there- with snuffers' individual tastes even changing over time.
    I love this forum and there are some great people on here. Kudos to those who created this site and keep it running!
  • JackKeaneJackKeane Member
    edited April 2018 PM
    Jackson from MA. Love cars, cigars, scotch whiskey and, most recently, scotch snuff. What a great thing I have been missing for so long. My parents were both born in Ireland and I can remember as a kid the old men with the pipes would be snuffing with a pint of Guinness and a baby Powers at the pub. Those old boys knew how to live!
  • Welcome. Snuffhouse can tend to be like a kid in a candy store!
  • Hi everyone. I am a pipe smoker that has recently discovered nasal snuff and the two work well together. Waiting on my first order. Looking forward to interacting with everyone.
  • @SmokeOnTheWater Welcome! I'm about to get into pipe smoking myself. I'm going to buy my first pipe sometime this month. My vaporizer is broke so instead of getting another one I'm do that.
  • @Stoke_About_Toque Thanks. Let me know if I can help out with the pipe smoking.
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    Hi !   I Live in California  in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.  I like Snuff, Voat,  Whiskey, beer, weed and staying up late. I'm kind of reclusive.
       I'm currently sitting on the toilet while I write this.
  • @Captainblackboogers you passed the eccentricity test. Great to have you
  • edited April 2018 PM

    Oh good, i was worried that I wasn't weird enough.
  • Hello fellow snuffers! I am an avid cigar and pipe guy that has recently made his way into the beautiful world of snuff. I am a semi well known trader and tobacco advocate on Reddit and the newly formed where folks that enjoy cigars, pipes, whiskey, and beer all join together in one place. I am really enjoying this community so far and I look forward to learning from you all.
  • My name is Mike I am from Nova Scotia 38 year old and lived in the yukon for most of my like I'm back in ns right now and was remembering about a German lad when I was a kid that snus ed I never seen the stuff in Canada anywhere I smoke ciggeretttes for 20 some years till a year or 2 ago switched to pipe s and them caption back blond cigars never went back to the smokes again. But about a month ago I thought of that guy that was snuffing way back so thought I try it well turn out that it's practally un heard of and that's why I'm here. In Canada at least

    I have nothing to compare anything to but I had to try what a few posters have stated pipe tobacco. And cigars so I went out to the store bought a pouch of bright vergina gold leaf and dusted it in the coffee grinder and also picked up a few cigars. Now the cigars went to dust instantly cause the cigars were so dry who knows how long they been on the shelf for.
    but with not a thing to compare it to what so ever I accually enjoy the powdered tobacco it works quite well. I have several questions and I'll try to find where post them where I seen the threads. I'm a going to order some no matter what the customs charge me I want to try the real deal. Also I'm starting a crop of tobacco this year and start a little snus experimental factory for my self more or less. I have read that some snuff were using non fermented leaf. Can I get away flash drying leaves green and turn it to flour and have a great snus or is it important that it's fully fermented questions like that that now I'll go and look for the threads that have already been stated learn from more experience then I. Like I said never had real nasal snus ever yet my order from over seas will be this month but if the ground up pipe tobacco worked I'm dying to try the real deal like the Williams Co Sharrow and what not anyways just thought I'd chime in with my story on why I'm hear have a great weekend and I'm looking forwards to learning lots

  • Welcome aboard to all the new members!  :)

  • Hello everyone.  Former cigarette smoker here.  I quit smoking cigarettes nearly 15 years ago.  I still enjoy a couple good cigars a month, and smoke a pipe a few times a month.  My wife likes likes the smell of the pipe over cigars, but says it makes me look like an old man.  I still enjoy tobacco, but the urge to smoke a cigarette has never hit me again since I quit.  Favorite snuffs so far are Society, Honest, Honey Bee, Superior, Toque Almond Toast, Toast and Marmalade, Lime Toast, USA Whiskey and Honey, Viking Blonde, and Poschl Red Bull.  I've tried two Indian snuffs, 6 Photo Super Kailash and Special.  The Special was ok, but the Super Kailash left a distinct note of manure in my nose which was pretty terrible.  Nice to meet everyone.  
  • ar47ar47 Member
    @amz1301 welcome aboard!

    I fully agree on the Super Kailash. That said, I'm still a 6Photo fan. The non-Super Kailsah, Anarkali, Chocolicious and Cheeta (for opening the nose) are all very nice IMO.
  • I must be weird. I love the barnyard/manure smell of some snuffs. 
  • n9inchnailsn9inchnails Moderator
    ^ then you should try Dholakia Black, imho its just ground up cowpie.
  • ar47ar47 Member
    Afghan White has some of this going on too. I consider it Cheeta with a splash of turd. Super Kailash I found more like a shovel of turd :D
  • ^ just like eating canned oysters from China. They get the turd from the bird and that's what makes it so enjoyable.
  • Hello! Just introducing myself, keen pipe smoker, tried snuff around 6 months ago and really liked it but focussed my tobacco finances on disappearing pipe tobacco and Petersons devil anse pipe of the year however I
  • Hi, Bill! Please don't use apostrophes and special characters in your posts and messages, if you don't want them to be cut.
  • Ah thats what happened, thanks, I probably waffled anyway but I am very much back to snuff now and waiting for 2 tins of mcchrystals OG one viking blonde and one HDT picked up some top mill today from a shop to try
  • Welcome @BillSykes! I'm a newer pipe smoker and really enjoy the hobby. My favorite pipe tobaccos so far has been from Cult but I haven't tried to many. What's your favorite blends? I have done snuff for awhile and I really enjoy Sir Walter Scott's and Toque. Welcome to the board the people here are pretty cool.
  • Ah yes I did some lurking and it seemed like a good place to be :) I like the JF getmain blends, VAPERs, Gawiths and many more, into Skiff mixture just now and presbeterian too thanks for the welcome, my go to snuff for work has been either OG, redbull or gletcherprise just for convinience
  • Kachoo2UKachoo2U Member
    edited May 2018 PM
  • I'm Bob, Bob Frapples. I've been snuffing since New Years day, former smoker and tobacco chewer. My first snuff was W.E. Garret American Scotch, which I still keep on hand, I've since become a very loyal Toque snuffer. USA WH, Ambrosia, St. Clements, and Quit are my daily use snuffs.
  • BobFrapplesBobFrapples Member
    edited May 2018 PM
    Any snuff recommendations for a guy who believes Toque Ambrosia is the most heavenly scent in the world?
  • Welcome, @BobFrapples! If you love the Ambrosia, I'd definitely try the Spanish Gem (if you haven't already). My take on Ambrosia is similar to yours- if only the scent were stronger, though!
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