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  • bobbob Member
    Just make sure you're wearing your big boots that day. Of course I'am just shitting you I jumped a few feet back the last time a ground hog charged me. I was just trying to get a better look at it I swear.
  • TroutstrokerTroutstroker Member
    edited August 2008 PM
    Speaking of crazy wild animals, 2 nights ago there was a big mountain lion cruising around screaming. It circled around the property here. Luckily I have a 7 foot tall deer fence around the property which it could have leaped over if it wanted but this kitty walked the fence line screaming out about every 10-20 seconds with this loud, hair raising scream. It proceeded down the driveway & out down the road screaming away for another minute or so. Didn't hear anymore after that for about 40 minutes then the silence was broken by the scream of a deer cutting through the cold night air. I had been hearing this lion in the evening off in the distance for about a week while I was relaxing in the hammock as I usually do each evening.
  • RoderickRoderick Member
    edited August 2008 PM
    I just remembered why I live in the UK!
    Hi to all the newcomers.
  • Thats part of the excitement that comes with living in the mountains Roderick.
  • A mountain lion? Garden foxes are the only thing I get where I live!
  • bobbob Member
    I would love to have seen that trout. The wildest cats I've got here are bob cats and you never see them alive. Rarely you'll find a dead one. Same thing with coytes unless you're me then of course they will like your smile. We get to see deer around here too, for city folks that aren't familar with deer they are basicly this type of giant long legged rat with antlers.
  • Not to mention a very nice source of protein. Haven't gone a day in the past 15 years that I didn't have some venison in the freezer.
  • Yes its legal to use a .22 center fire for deer here. Its also legal to use a .22 cal pellet gun for turkey. Our deer season is pretty early here, how is it up there. Our Archery season opens August 16th and goes for 23 days. The rifle season starts the 4th. saturday in september and runs for 37 days.
  • I'm gonna create a OT hunting thread. I hope to have a lengthy conversation about hunting!
  • It only took two hundred ten posts to notice that. I for one never noticed, funny actually.
  • Wow! Did I do that? Let me 'intoduce' myself, I'm the idiot who never uses spell checker.
    Welcome to all the new snuffers since my last welcome.
  • Geez... I was so busy yesterday that I even forgot to snuff at least once. Now it is quarter past midnight and I am about to take the first snuff of this day.
  • ouch... and now I have mispostes my last post, which was meant to be in "What's in your nose?"
  • I would never have noticed either!! It's a bit like

    Paris in the
    the spring

    When I got told that one, I stared at it for ages and still didn''t get it..
  • RoderickRoderick Member
    edited August 2008 PM
    Get what? Lol!
    I would never have noticed if you hadn't said.
  • Good innit!
  • Hello Shadoza, welcome to the forum.
  • Hi Shadoza and welcome, this is a great forum and if you have any questions on snuffing they can usually be answered here.
  • Welcome Shadoza!
  • Hi I'm Mike,
    I live in GA and am brand new to snuff. I am kind of a tobac nut. I have a nice pipe, cigar, and hookah collection I am also a snuser. I snorted some snuff when I was younger and thought it was really bad but as I said I snorted it. I now see the error of my ways and can not wait for my first sniff of snuff. I have 3 tins (?) in the mail on the way to my house OZONA President Snuff, Cherry, and Cola. I found this place from a post on the snus board I am on Just to let you know I tend to read a lot more then post so I will not have a award winning post count but whatever. I work in the mortgage industry and travel a lot so with smoking restrictions finding other forms to get my nic fix has been fun and interesting at the same time.
    That is about it I will try not to ask newbee questions I understand how search works.
  • Ask anything you want, anytime you want, Mike. Whereabouts in Ga. are you? I'm in Loganville.

  • AbraxasAbraxas Member
    edited August 2008 PM
    MMM, welcome and ask stuff anytime. The snuffs you have are fine for beginners - also a lot of seasoned snuffers use them - but don't get stuck on Poeschl and try to get hold of some other types as there is a massive spectrum of snuffs. A quick email to Roderick at Toque will get you some samples.
  • SnuffboxSnuffbox Member
    edited November 2008 PM
    Hi Russell, welcome. New snuffer and new member here as well.

    S.M. = Super Mentholated? Works for me!

    From the Wilsons web site:

    S.M. = Sharrow Medicated
  • Welcome to all newbies!

  • Hello from California skywarn07, welcome to the forum.
  • Welcome to the forum
  • Kim if you are the one who has reviews on then thanks very much! I found your (her) reviews very well done. Hi skywarn and all newbies from another newbie.
  • Greetings, all. I'm in England. and snuff when I don't fancy smoking, which is a fair amount of the time now. I used to work in London near Smiths, and picked up the odd tin while collecting pipe tobacco so have been an occasional snuffer for a while. But since our government went fascist I've developed a livelier interest. Currently fond of plain and single-scented snuffs of the less floral type, but it varies with the weather and what I'm drinking, so it'll be something else tomorrow.

    Re: Russell's SM question, I always thought this was the same as SP, but 'medicated' (hence the 'M') with menthol. I suspect they'd have referred to it as 'medicated' rather than 'mentholated' as the former hints at the possibility of some secret and mysterious ingredient, which is usually good for sales even if there isn't one. As nobody knows what SP stands for, this doesn't answer the question, but it's probably the nearest to an answer we'll get.
  • Welcome to the forum Burbage & Jean Nicot. Hope you enjoy it here.
  • Welcome to the forum IDGod. You'll get plenty of great suggestions here.
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