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Strangest snuff scent.

bobbob Member
edited April 2008 in General
I was thinking what is the strangest snuff scent anyone here has ever tried/made.


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  • RoamRoam Member
    I took a pinch of mixed Gletscherpriese and Ozona president right after mixing it,plus a few drops of water cause it was dry.
    Damn just of smelling my head hurted.
    But after a week of airing,it go such a nice sweet taste.
    Can't explain why thought,mybe the eucalyptus and columbian oil mixed up or something....
  • If I leave my mixture of royal george, toque original and HDT to mature it is pretty ferocious
  • i think peanut butter as a snuff is pretty strange. bur it really works.

    then there is bernhards gekacelte virginie which, honestly, has a note of cowdung which is very enjoyable.

    most strange in an unpleasant way is poeschls replay kentucky. what were the thinking? smells like a fresh plastic container full of menthol, maybe some chemical waste thrown in. gives me headaches.
  • stitchstitch Member
    I had a can of Skoal Berry. Weird berry-like flavor didn't grab me. Reduced to snuff, it was just as bad.
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