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My latest chaw order has arrived!

capcap Member
edited January 2014 in Other Forms of Tobacco
Tried the Stokers apple chew on the market IMO and I usually hate apple flavored anything.

Have a cheek of Butternut in now...1st time trying it, not sure what I was expecting but I am a little disappointed...tastes like Redman Golden blend. Not bad though!

& I'm a little bummed that the bag of Fred's choice could be old and dried out since it's in the old bag..does chew expire?


  • I don't believe so I had a bag of lancaster I didn't get on with. 20 yrs old in original opened bag and even a mouse chew open still moist had since bin it.
    Send stokers an e-mail they probably rectify it for you! I have some fred's choice coming also, along with some other tobacco Items.
    I like the apple ,I eat that like spinach.

    Oh by the way; we have a what in your mailbox thread
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • I think as long as it is sealed I would assume that it would be still good.
  • IMO butternut tastes nothing like golden blend. golden blend is overly sweet while butternut reminds me of a warm buttery pancake smothered in maple syrup. Delicious stuff and one of my favorites.
  • If you think the stokers apple is good try the peach chew it's incredible!
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