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most refreshing snuff?

betonentebetonente Member
edited May 2008 in General
which snuff feels most "fresh" to you? i mean fresh as i giving you a clear head, a clear nose and the feeling of deep and good breathing.

mine would be either mcchrystals highland ice or a mix of 3/4 loewenprise and 1/4 alpina.

what do you think?


  • For me it would be either Bespoke Gin & Tonic or Spanish Jewel. Menthols only keep me clear for a few minutes then they clog me up.
  • This is a dangerous topic. It has me going through my collection, contemplating tins, and taking samples.

    I'd say that GH Camphor Menthol really is a potent lifter, along with the Spanish Jewel, WoS Aniseed Extra, Prime Minister and, oddly enough WoS IHT 22, as it smells something like biscuit dough and allows a momentary delusion of having recently entered a baker's.
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  • I always start the day with a strong menthol Hedges L260 or Wilsons S.M. 500 (about the same) They clear my head.
  • dajawudajawu Member
    Magnet Menthol was the ability to unclog my nose on many occasions. A little pinch and it opens right up! I am really loving this stuff. I have gone through a tin of this faster then any other snuff I have tried thus far. I'll have to take a trip to the SnuffStore and get some more soon!
  • GH Camphor Menthol is a good choice, also I really like SM Blue for clearing me out. Spanish Jewel does clear me up too after the blow.
  • The last thing for me is anything menthol as I just get snotty then clogged up in quick order. Ive found the plainest is the best for clearing my head and the last time I had a real bad cold the only thing that worked for me - including various brands of cold medicine - was some Smiths Irish High Toast. That and Tom Buck are the best brands for me, plus my home made mixture of Toque natural, Royal George, Tom Buck and Wilsons Irish Hight Toast No 22, which is just fantatstic
  • The most refreshing for clearing you out IMO are Toque Menthol and Hedges L260. The most refreshing flavour wise would be Wilson's Brunswick or F&T's Princes.
  • bobbob Member
    anything really dust dry and fine ground. Seems to clear me up in a second no matter how bad the clog is. Menthol is o.k. for clearing me out.
  • RoamRoam Member
    I agree with BrianC,Peppermint is really refreshing,i would also say Gawith Apricot
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