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 Two new Fine Border snuffs.


I´ve just found this.

Any experiences about it?


  • I personally I am very skeptical of a lot of these "quit-smoking" prescriptions and supplements. I think apart of it is that I real do genuinely like tobacco, hence why I switched from cigarettes to snuff and snus. Also, what some of the adverse side effects of this product anyway? That is the thing with a lot of these medications and supplements, how do they actually work in the body and what are some of the potential consequences for using it. E.G.: After reading about Chantix, examining the potential side effects I can confidentially tell you that it is not worth it. Just make sure you do more in-depth research before you try it.
  • I'd personally never go for a pharmaceutical. You're just swapping one addiction for another.
  • ^ a more expensive and potentially more harmful one at that, who knows the longterm effects of these new drugs
  • Yeah. But it seems different to the nasty pharmaceutic NRT.
    It´s compound of anatabine + mate, both natural ingredients.

    Anatabine is found in plants, and curiously, you can compare the molecule picture to the nicotine one:

    Interesting fact, it seems to kill the urge to smoke for several hours.
    It´s only an appretiation, it could all be smoke and mirrors.
    I thought it would be interesting to know from some real users.

  • Here is a cigrx video by tropical bob, he gives some great insight into this product.

    I suppose that it is sought of like Stonewall or Ariva tobacco.
  • jwhiteside91jwhiteside91 Member
    edited March 2014 PM
    Found an abstract from a research paper stating that anatabine has a negative effect on nicotine self-administration, which would make me think that CigRX is

    Seems to me that nicotine acts alongside other similar compounds in tobacco to cause addiction, anatabine persists longer in the body than nicotine which reduces the desire to smoke for a longer period of time.
  • Good references, @peter77@jwhiteside91
    Even if it's not the definitive product, which I doubt, it enhances understanding of tabacco alkaloids.
    Yes, who knows the long term effects?
    And price is definitively an issue.
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