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 Two new Fine Border snuffs.

When U can't smoke, snuff.

I bought some tobacco at a pipe shop in Virginia. I was visiting my aunt and we went out to eat and walked around and I found Ye O'le Pipe Shoppe or something. I bought peter stokkebye rolling tobacco and some papers. When I got home I noticed the papers said, "When You Can't Smoke, Snuff." Now this was long ago and I didn't think, NASAL SNUFF. A While later I was talking to my mom and told her I got some snuff and she said OH No!! I don't want you sniffing that, and I was like it's snuff you put it in your mouth, She said , No snuff Is what you sniff. She was right. I wish I could give up smoking sometimes and just use snuff or snus or something, maybe an e-cig, but when it comes down to it, I crave a cig sometimes. Has anyone had success quiting smoking completely using snuff?


  • horus92horus92 Member
    edited March 2014 PM
    Yup, it takes a few weeks though and good to have a lot of good snuffs on hand. Your brain does adjust, nowadays I can smoke cigarettes for a weekend and end up craving and missing snuff rather than getting back on cigs. First little bit just take snuff frequently and heavily, that can help.
  • Can't say I quit, I still enjoy a smoke 3-4 times a month. Although I do smoke a pipe ,so more interesting taste and try 95% of the time not to inhale. I will also use chew ,snus and leaf tobacco depending on what I am doing. But thanks to Snuff I am no longer a slave to cigarettes.And my lungs are in much better shape.
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  • bobbob Member
    happened by accident. Just found my self craving snuff and snus more then cigs until cigs just didn't appeal at all.
  • For the most part once I picked up snuff again, I have cut out 99% of my smoking and 80% of my snus use. Today is an example of why as a person who wants/needs nicotine why I am glad I enjoy snus as I am having a bit of the runny nose and this does not bode well with snuff.

    I still take the occasional cigarette, but more for networking purposes as some of my colleagues smoke and I find the smoking area to be free of workplace barriers and less constrained discussion.

    From a personal perspective you may still be tied to the mechanics and routine of smoking. You may find success in breaking cigarettes by changing your routine. If it’s that time of day when you would smoke- take a snuff and do something. If it’s the physical (holding something) try taking a snuff and typing or taking a drink. Eventually you may break free of the muscle memory aspect while using snuff for the needed nicotine.
  • 3_D3_D Member
    I used snuff and smokes for probably 6 months then quit the smokes. Id smoked for 40 years, started at 16, quit many times, never made it more than a month. It's been since last August, I can't believe it.
  • OhioSnufferOhioSnuffer Member
    edited March 2014 PM
    I smoked a pack to pack and a half a day. now most days it's just snuff, but if i get a chance to have some drinks i still like to smoke a cigar or if i'm feeling adventurous there is nothing like smoking a bowl of dokha if you have an alcohol buzz. :-O
  • happened by accident. Just found my self craving snuff and snus more then cigs until cigs just didn't appeal at all.
    I agree with @Bob. You could just start using snuff and maybe a pipe or an ecig thingy and see where it takes you. I never really thought I was going to give up my pipe, but I found I've just naturally cut down from about eight bowls a day to one or two a week. Much less equipment to carry around, for one thing, and takes up less time. Just seems like more fun. I smoke an RYO or maybe an Indonesian kretek whenever I feel like, which is about once every three months. The real trick is just to find some form of nicotine intake that you just like better that cigarettes. It removes all the angst and negativity from the process of "giving up". You aren't giving up ciggies, you're just taking up something else.

  • Those are some interesting answers, thanks everyone
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