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Cats snuffing.

I think my cat snuffs his cat nip. I wonder if I should try grinding it finer. Maybe moisturizing it. Maybe infuse fish smells into it. Maybe Toque can have a snuff for cats line. I'd probably buy it.


  • I'd probably get confused and, snuff it unless it had a cat on the tin though. Warning: probably not good for human consumption.
  • lgglet dholakia already make a fishy snuff its white but the cat my not like it much :))
  • I think I remember some one saying it's sardine like.
  • bobbob Member
    it's mostly the scent of cat nip that gets kitties high.
  • Funny, earlier tonight at my parents house I had my container of Bruton open on the kitchen counter and when I turned around 1 of the 2 cats they have was up there smelling the snuff. I don't think she licked it or actually snuffed any because it probably would have gotten a strange reaction from the cat, but still funny, she just had to see what that new smell was.
  • bobbob Member
    my cat likes chewing on my snuff spoon
  • hmm. Is cat snuffing similar to kitten huffing?
  • The youngest of the 3 cats that live in my house is a snuff/snus fiend, everytime i take a pinch she gets mad and jumps on my chest thrying to reach the INSIDE of my nose, nuff said that my snuff stash HAS to be tightly shut inside a closed drawer or it will get raided everyday.

    The consumed snus portions have to be disposed directly into the trash can or end up all around the house.

    On the other side my other 2 cats are not interested at all in my baccy...
  • IggletIgglet Member
    edited April 2014 PM
    it's mostly the scent of cat nip that gets kitties high.
    That may be but, we do not add flavor to our snuff to get high. we add it for flavor.
  • OMG I thought MY cat was the only one interested in my snuffs!
  • Except for Menthols. Cats have an extremely accute sense of smell. Watch what happens if you open a tin of Hedges or other strong menthol near a cats nose. They positively flee from it. We have 8 cats....anyone what a free cat?
  • JustinJustin Moderator
    We have 8 cats....anyone what a free cat?
    I don't think my wife would be happy if we got another cat. On the other hand, I could give you my address and then if we happened to find a poor homeless cat on the doorstep...
    "Reality," sa molesworth 2, "is so unspeakably sordid it make me shudder."
  • My cat is a dog then. It will lick icy hot off your back,
  • My cat will also come round when I am going for a tin. Certain scents seem to attract it too.
  • Weird. My cat just loves Poschl Glethscher Prise. She won't let up from me when I take a pinch shes always pulling my hand into her face in a cute playful way. Don't know much about cats and snuff cause she also likes hedges l260 and will paw at the container.
  • I would buy snuff for my kitties if they made it! But yeah, would need a clear label to set it apart. I don't want a fish scent stinking up my nostril!
  • Our 3 cats go mental with catnip. A nightly routine is to loiter around where it's stored until we give in. They've only ever shown mild interest in snuff and that's probably more out of curiosity as to what I'm doing than the snuff itself. Observing how ballistic they go before entering a blissed-out state on the catnip, I'm sorely tempted to try smoking the stuff! Cats! If I'd got the means to accomodate/feed/care for them all I'd have a house full.
  • I regularly snuff West Highland Terrier and Boston Terrier X Chihuahua. They are more likely to end up in my pipes than in my nose, though. I'm sure I eat quite a bit of canine hair as well. Except for the feral one in the garage, it's a cat-free house.
  • Kitty got into the French Carotte...

  • The lid is actually St. Clements but not what's in it lol
  • @fj1988 the flowering buds are the best. I walk past my patch the other day and my vision went all bonkers. The bees infested the flowering buds; I dare not get too close unless i smoking my pipe then I can deter them away. Mildly relaxing nothing intense, best smoked in a water pipe. Mixes well with Damiana herb  & Wormwood herb  they ladies go ga ga over it.

     Cats couldn't be bother with fresh cut they like it crispy dry for some odd reason. I stuff old socks & tie in a knot the size of a tennis ball.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • edited January 2017 PM
    For the last week or so I've been leaving my tin of whatever the daily is open on the table by my easychair so I can pinch while I read. Every night now my cat has jumped into my lap, craned his neck over to the table, put his nose IN my snuff, sneezed and then curled up to sleep. I'm going to get video of this, I think he's addicted.
  • My cat Arthur(in the photo) eats catnip like it's a delicacy! But my mama goat, whose name is "mama goat", loves snuff! Mind you, she doesn't sniff it, but puts it in her lower lip, well I put it there, then she licks it all up and asks for more. The only problem is that she only likes Kendal Brown and Black Rappee. I put aside an old vintage tin of Ralphs Scotch for her once, then I tried it myself and decided I like it more than she does, so now she just gets little treats of snuff now and then. My cat smelled snuff one time, and got some on his nose, then ran away!
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