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Advice please...

LazarusLazarus Member
edited May 2012 in Snufftaking

I've not been snuffing long but I find I'm getting a few problems and i'm hoping it is just my poor technique due to being a newbie at snuffing.

I am not snuffing excessively only about 5-6 pinches per day and I leave a fair amount of time between snuffs yet I find sometimes the tobacco is reaching the back of my throat (yuck) and my nose is getting a little sore...someone on another site suggested rinsing my nose out with saline or plain water after every couple of pinches but this is a little impractical especially if I am out and about all day. Is the soreness my poor technique or is it quite a normal thing for someone who is new to snuffing? If it is a normal side effect when can I expect it to ease off? I don't fancy the idea of having to rinse out my nose every day with water...

Any advice would be gratefully received!!


  • What sort of snuff are you taking?

    I have these problems with certain snuffs but others are fine.
  • RoamRoam Member
    edited May 2008 PM
    Might be the snuff is too dry.
    Just tell us which one do you use.
    For starters try taking schmalzers or something from Poschl,like Gletscherpriese,nice snuff for starters.
  • I've been using McChrystals 'Original and Genuine' and 'Highland Ice'. The site I bought them from said they were appropriate for beginners...
  • If you look up 'Net potti' on here you will find lots of info re snuff taking and rinsing. With regard to technique you might find this suggestion surprising but try taking bigger pinches and exhale before you sniff. This really does work, I’m not trying to sell more snuff, honest.
  • I've tried looking up 'Net Potti' and found there a link? Cheers
  • My fault it should have been 'Netti pot'.
  • Thanks, I've taken a look and may well get one, the sites its available from seem to be based in the US for the most part but I could probably find a supplier in the UK...I tried using larger pinches of snuff as you suggested and it did actually help. My nose is still a little tender so I'm not going to snuff for the rest of the day to rest it for a bit..Maybe since I was using very small pinches the snuff was travelling a little further up my nose that it should have
  • I found one on Ebay UK. Pretty cheap as well.
  • Shopneti or something is really good, based in the UK and delivery was Toque speed!

    I don't know about Highland Ice but O&G is good for beginners in that it is pretty easy to take. I find that menthols are pretty harsh on my nose and very rarely use them now. Youl might just not really be a menthol person.

    I would probably suggest trying something like Sam Gawiths Blue Crest or Scotch with your next order. They are easy to take and pretty mild whilst not being menthol. Tom Buck is my perfect "no problem" snuff but might take a little work
  • TroutstrokerTroutstroker Member
    edited May 2008 PM
    Yeah I would have to agree that if you are using menthol snuffs, they will irritate the nose more than a non-menthol snuff. Menthol snuffs will cause your nose to run more. And this can cause excess drainage to the back of throat as well more irritation on the front of nose. And the menthol itself can actually cause irritation. Toque Espresso is a very easy to take and easy on the nose snuff along with most of the De Kralingse/Molens snuffs. And like mentioned before, your nose will get less irritation over time.

    These are the basic techniques I've posted before that you can try if you have trouble with snuffs.

    This technique is used if you just can't keep the snuff out of the throat no matter what you try. With your right nostril you could try having the pinch in your right hand and when your pinched fingers reach the nose, reach up with the middle finger and press slightly on the outside of the nostril (on the side of nose not the top) closing the nasal passage slightly. But give these techniques below a shot!

    Well not everyone is the same. For me I take a pinch & bring it up until my thumb nail and index finger nail just touch the inside edge of the nostril. Then I give a quick light sniff while kind of flaring my nostril by raising the side of my upper lip that I'm taking a snuff on (kind of like the face you would make if something smelled bad). You need to sniff rather than just breathe in. You might try holding the pinch kind of tight and only releasing small amounts at a time & at the same time rubbing your two fingers together. You can also experiment with your head position, sometimes it works by touching your chin to your chest when you sniff. Also turning head left or right. Something else that works is filling your lungs with air before you sniff. You can also try breathing on the snuff like you were fogging a mirror before you sniff. This adds a little moisture and weight to it.
    Now one more thing you can try that works for people is bringing your fingers up to nose enough to restrict the air flow. This also creates turbulence so the air & snuff just doesn't shoot straight down the nasal canal. Also mix around with the amount of force you sniff at while doing this. Sometimes a short fast harder sniff works for people
  • Thanks for the advice everyone, I will purchase some different snuffs (non-menthol) and try the techniques you suggested Troutstroker
  • RoderickRoderick Member
    edited May 2008 PM
    As most on here know, I'm NOT a big fan of menthol snuffs, we do have a menthol in the range and I believe it to be the purest menthol you can get, however I would only use it when I have a cold and I haven’t had a cold since I started snuffing. For beginners I always recommend our Peppermint or Chocolate, but now a lot of snuffers are saying that Vanilla is very gentle on the nose. Maybe you should try a Vanilla, or better yet buy mine. LOL!
  • Yeah the SG Honey is easy to take and is a wonderful snuff to boot.
  • ejacerooni,
    It's been over 12 years since I had a full blown cold, the type that puts you to bed, but having said that my family don't suffer colds very often. I think I had a touch of a cold one day in 2003.
  • bobbob Member
    yeah it's weird didn't jesus use snuff???? Either that or that was one strange dream.
  • TroutstrokerTroutstroker Member
    edited May 2008 PM
    Well there is true evidence from burial sites that marijuana & mind altering mushrooms where in use during the biblical times in the biblical areas. That could explain the 'talking burning bush'...hehe

    BIG D, LOL sounds like you need a snuff machine or automatic box.. Maybe mix a little water with the snuff and use an eye dropper to administer the snuff solution up the schnoz. ;~) Or better yet, try the Yanomami Method
  • BIG D, they do have a menthol eye drop which I use and they work and feel great, your eyes will never feel better. You could put a few pinches in the bottle and go from there. But let me tell you, snuff in the eye burns like a venereal disease

    Rohto Eye Drops
  • TroutstrokerTroutstroker Member
    edited May 2008 PM
    You can find them just about anywhere you can find regular eye drops like your local drug store/pharmacy like walgreens, super market wal-mart etc. Also can get online. They are something I would recommend trying at least once. And would say to try all 4 to find the one you like best. Leaves a long lasting cooling refreshed feeling and you won't want to use any other eye drop after trying them. You can see their eye drop product line on this link, 3 have menthol and 1 has camphor.

    Rohto Products.
  • bobbob Member
    The japanesse have been using eye drops like this for years. Though the strawberry menthol is awesome
  • Well my three new snuffs arrived in the post this morning so I tried them out at lunchtime. I followed the advice I was given and tried something other than mentholated McChrystals snuffs.

    I ordered Lowen-Prise, Gawith Apricot and Sam Gawith Black Coffee

    The Lowen-Prise was very nice, mentholated but a little easier on the nose than the McChrystals I found, it didn't irritate my nose at all or cause it to run down the back of my throat so I was very impressed. I was less impressed by the black coffee. I must admit the snuff didn't really remind me of coffee at all. It smelled smokey, more like the bonfires my dad used to make when I was a kid so it was a nice trip down memory lane, even though it was not expected! The snuff was a little coarse and did irritate my nose a little (I nearly sneezed) but I still enjoyed it. I think i'd use it on nights outside rather than everyday.

    The snuff I was most impressed with by far was the Gawith Apricot. What a nice snuff!! It was sweet but not too sweet, went up my nose very easily and didn't irritate, the flavour was lovely and it made me want to take another pinch straight away, I think its moved up to replace the O&G as my favourite everyday snuff. I'll be ordering alot more of this in future! (Plus the tin is cool!)
  • Lazarus, Don't know in what order you sampled the snuffs but the menthol snuffs can linger in the nose all day and have an effect on how other snuffs smell. The black coffee should be sampled before any menthol hits the nose or after a good nasal flush.
  • LazarusLazarus Member
    edited May 2008 PM
    I will try the 'black coffee' snuff again this morning with my expresso and see if I notice a difference. I can't get hold of any Gawith Cola as none of the three stores I use seem to sell it...not sure why
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