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How are these snuffs?

RogueRogue Member, Administrator
So I got some jaxons english toffee, mcchrystal apricot and some jaxons menthol cherry..or cherry menthol..whichever, aaaaaaaand mcchrystal anisette coming my way.How are they? They good? Can you leave me a small review on em?


  • It depends what you looking for...
  • It depends what you looking for...
    Opinions, I would imagine.

    Sadly, I haven't tried any of them so can't offer mine, but as with Lunecat, I'm sure there will be many here who will help you out. If the Jaxon's is anything like Wilson's the Cherry Menthol will be like Tunes throat sweets use to be here (Airways, in Anerica?).
  • The English Toffee is just like lunecat says, and its really nice, not oversweet at all, yet rather coarse ground, good tobacco. You'll like it probably.
  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    its strange, but my mouth is watering already, shouldnt it be my nose watering?

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