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Mixing fine snuff with mineral oil

It's hard to beat Navy Sweet for its combination of good flavor and power, but it's well known that it's impossible to take without it hitting the back of the throat and who knows if the finer particles don't reach the lungs. One way to avoid this is to mix the snuff with mineral oil (tasteless and odorless). I put my portion of snuff in a spoon and mix in the oil using a dropper. I mix with a wooden pick. The round end of 3.5 inch craft picks are good for this.
For my size portion, one or two drops will make a snuff dough, another drop or two will make a snuff goo. I find the goo easier to apply to the nostrils and use a q-tip to apply it.
I find the nicotine effect is initially somewhat muted but it is long lasting (not always desirable). The big difference though is in the flavor which is actually brought out by the oil
and can last for an hour or two. My only doubt is the effect of wiping snuff on the nostrils in
terms of health. Or it's possible the mineral oil diminishes potential problems.


  • I did not know that was impossible.
  • pin130pin130 Member
    Ok, nearly impossible. Or, if you prefer, it quite commonly leads to coughing.
  • peppernut1peppernut1 Member
    edited May 2014 PM
    "My only doubt is the effect of wiping snuff on the nostrils in
    terms of health. Or it's possible the mineral oil diminishes potential problems."

    I think the health effects of snuffs in the nostrils are reasonably well understood, at least, no evidence of potential problems has been found (and people on this forum have been looking).

    Mineral oil is used in snuffs from Germany and India, as far as I know, so that should be ok, too.

    There is a wealth of information here about methods to make fine, dry snuffs more easily snuffed but, at the end of the day, it's about practice and experience.

    Just my thoughts.
  • pin130pin130 Member
    There might be a difference between normal snuffing where the snuff is scattered throughout the nose and actually smearing
    snuff goo directly on the surface of the nostril which is a more concentrated application. I don't know if it's a problem, just wondering.
  • JuxtaposerJuxtaposer Member
    edited May 2014 PM
    There are so many other oils and hydrators that you can use! So don't stop thinking in this direction. You certainly would not disappoint yourself. @pin130
  • pin130pin130 Member
    I've tried this with F&T HDT with similar results. Turning snuff into a syrup consistency by adding a few drops of mineral oil intensifies
    the flavor and keeps the flavor going longer than regular snuffing. I guess flavor usually diminishes through exposure to air, but when
    the snuff is encapsuled in oil it lasts longer. Still worried about the heath factor. This isn't snuffing, it's smearing, and over the same area--the
    lower part of the nostril
  • If restraint, and a good mixing, are applied, a tiny bit of oil well blended into dry snuff works wonders. There are some (not me) that insist Viking Blonde is a toast with some oil in the recipe. Whatever, it's damn good.

    No need to turn the snuff into mud, just a little to make it easy to sniff in your usual fashion. You can also add a wee, tiny, microscopic amount of essential oil to the carrier oil to scent the snuff to your liking.
  • pin130pin130 Member
    I've tried adding a "tiny " bit of mineral oil to Navy Sweet without much success. A little oil just makes a little clump which can then be
    chopped up into smaller clumps and so on, but that doesn't equal a regular moist snuff. Can you tell me exactly how you blend your oil
    into the snuff. It would make a nice snuff accessory--a mini electrical snuff blender--put your daily portion in with a little oil and press a
    button. But lacking that, how do you blend it?
  • I put vanilla bean pods in my Scotch. I also use tonka bean.
  • @pin130‌ I dump a tin of Top Mild (or your choice of snuff) into a bowl, add some mineral oil and use a whip/whisk to mix it in. You have to be pretty vigorous with the whip. Keep adding oil to your liking. Let it sit for several minutes and run it through a strainer and back into the tin. Stays nice and snuffable for a long time or in my case a few days until I'm out and at it again.

    You could also use an electric coffee grinder, but that can make it too fine for some people's taste.
  • pin130pin130 Member
    I did have some success by putting a days portion into my snuffbox (which is a very small plastic container with a screw top--I think it's
    sold as a 5ml container). I put in about 1ml of snuff with one drop of oil from a dropper on top. I shook it vigorously for half a minute,
    broke up any snuff clumps gathered around the oil, then shook it some more. This produced a Navy Sweet snuff which doesn't seem
    to hit the back of the throat. We'll keep experimenting. Thanks for the idea.
  • I must experiment to find if mineral oil will prevent snuff from becoming moldy in open air.
  • RadiumRadium Member
    edited December 2016 PM

    As we all know very well, coarse snuff burns the nostrils but doesn't fly into your throat, while fine snuff is gentle on the nostrils but can cause coughing.

    You can have the best of both worlds like this:

    Get a chemistry lab mortar & pestle (grinds finer than home mortar & pestles)

    First add a TINY amount of mineral oil to your snuff, mix roughly with a spoon, then pour into the M&P and grind as much as you can with heavy hand pressure.

    Then get a plastic big cup,
    cut the bottom to get a tube,
    cover one opening with women socks,
    now you have a Poorman's micro sieve!

    Oiling or moistening of powders enables us to grind them into nano level (using ball mills, but M&P would work too if you grind for long hours)

    Mineral oil, unlike animal/veggy oils is a non-drying oil, which means your snuff will not dry if left open.

    It also encapsulates the snuff particles against moisture absorption, and thus can prevent mold in theory.

    Also mineral oil does not go rancid.
    Think of it like plastic here.
    Microbes cannot use it as food.

    It also makes the particles sticky, which increases their chances of getting absorbed by nostril mucous and unlikely to reach the throat and cause coughing.
  • UbiquitousUbiquitous Member
    edited December 2016 PM
    I use one of those little bullet blenders for my snuff creations. A coffee grinder will work just as well though. Just pour in the snuff, add a bit of oil, and let 'er rip for 15-30 seconds. It will evenly distrubute the oil. Ive made a few homemade snuffs this way, though i use coconut oil.

    Mineral oil shouldn't bother you. It's used to seal wooden cutting boards and kitchen utensils. It's generally considered safe. I wouldn't drink a glass of the stuff, but the little amount you add to snuff should be harmless.
  • For peace of mind, use food grade mineral oil, "baby oil" is just fine as well.
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