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My new snuff box arrived!

ermtonyermtony Member
edited May 2008 in General
In a moment of madness at the weekend I went for a "Buy it now" on a silver snuff box on Ebay....


Just what I needed for a "best box" for my daughter's wedding a week on Saturday. Not cheap but well worth it.

Now it has Toque Natural in it :-)


  • Wow, thats a really nice snuff box...are you going to get something engraved on it? Like the day of your daughters wedding or something?
  • It already has initials JW inscribed in the cartouche, though they are fairly worn, so I'll probably leave it as it is.

    Interestingly those were the initials of one of my great-great-grandfathers (Jarvis Whitehead, 1834-1896) though I doubt that the box ever belonged to him. He was a Yorkshire steelman and probably couldn't have afforded such a box.

    The box is about 75mm long and weighs a substantial 83g. Still feeling inordinately pleased with myself!
  • Nice box.
  • Congratulations!...a very nice and pretty snuffbox!
  • Thanks! It got admired in the pub last night at our weekly snuff-testing meet as well. Very pleasing :)
  • Superb, back to the glory days of snuff
  • I do so hope so!
  • really nice one! If you shake the box does it loose some fine snuff or is it really sealed good?
  • I tested it with some IHT No.22 (about as fine as it gets) - no leakage at all. I reckon that's remarkably good for a 170 year old snuff box. I have much newer ones that leak worse than that.
  • That's a beautiful box, Tony! What a fantastic find.
  • Yes, a real beauty, would love to own one like that. Wonder what happened to all the old boxes??
  • @ Pieter

    They are on ebay lol!
  • It sucks that people who don't even take snuff are collecting these boxes. Glad when a snuffer gets his hands on a nice one.
  • That's a fine looking snuff box. Lately I've bid on several on eBay, but they always seem to go for just a little more than I want to spend.
  • Yes, I generally find the same. That's why I snapped up that silver box when it appeared at a not too unreasonable buy it now price. It's still my best usable box and probably always will be, though I don't use it every day. It really is a special occasion box.
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