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Cleaning e-cig/ vape

How should I clean my e-cig/vape can I run water through it or is there a certain way to clean it?


  • No water! take a toilet paper and clean well the parts you want, if you want to discard some smell from liquid use spirit careful

    I hope so that help
  • @Nikolaos‌ thanks man always good to hear from you.
  • edited May 2014 PM
    I just take mine apart and rinse them out under the tap and then leave them to dry well for a day before I rebuild them with a new coil and wick.

    Water here is absolutely fine.

    Don't get the battery wet obvioulsy.
  • I use a paper towel for as much as I can and pipe cleaners for the tight spots. I would only use water in bare tanks, with the heating element removed, just make sure you dry it very well.
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