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AlexAlex Member
edited August 2012 in Types of Snuff
Filek reminded me of the Alpina Snuff which I have almost forgotten about. Thanks to him, I will now review this snuff.

The Alpina, made by Pöschl, comes in a dark green box with golden letters on it, containing 10g of snuff. It has a nice sliding mechanism at the top which grants an easy use. The snuff itself has a brown colour, a medium moist and is medium fine. It smells slightly sweet and obviously contains some menthol. Easy to snuff, the amount of menthol is well balanced. After some seconds the sweet taste of wild berries appears. According to the producer it contains some peppermint, besides the wild berries and the menthol. Even thought I am not able to taste it, it might very well contribute to the round odour. The nicotine content seems to be quite low.

Due to the wild berries flavour it has a slight similarity to the Kloster Andechs Spezial.

Easy to use, nice odour, but not outstanding. I like to snuff it once in a while.


  • re-posted on mod request

    So, the Alpina report from yours truly,

    I don't order snuff that often but Alpina had been described as having taste as well as the standard mule kick of menthol, so I put one onto one of my very infrequent orders and I am happy to say it is an extremely pleasant snuff. Mid in everything; colour, grind, nicotine dose and fruity in flavour. The first flavour I got was of berries; cherry and redcurrant were in there swirling around and a nice glacial, fresh menthol finishes off.

    This is certainly a nice snuff, no dispute there. But who takes it? The little plastic container holds hardly a mornings worth. On that alone it misses the mark, because I can get similar snuffs in better quantity. However, I do realise not everyone tries to emulate Napolean in their snuff habits:) The snuff is very nice though and the little plastic tap box is very slim and discreet and very stylish.

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