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 Two new Fine Border snuffs.

Snuff Rotation

Evening all, I'd be grateful for an tips regarding daily rotation of snuffs. Do you alternate between dry and moist? Do you start with mild scents and build to strong ones? Do you start with mild nicotine and build to high? Any recommendations for me who does not have the greatest sense of smell and tend to clog fairly quickly? Much obliged!


  • Some folks may have a method to it but I think most people just rotate their snuffs around the ones they like. With something as personal as taste your best bet is to experiment with what suits you. Personally, I only use two snuffs - WoS SP and Rose of Sharrow; my snuff brain seems to crave simplicity on a day to day basis, two or three times a year I have a change for a week or so but no more than that. If you get clogged up you might try experimenting with relatively plain or non-mentholated snuffs, as menthol and strongly flavoured types can cause congestion in some users. I find dry, fine snuffs like Irish toasts or Indian white snuff to be very effective at relieving congestion, far more than menthol. IMO the best advice is to experiment as widely as your budget allows.
  • I just rotate what I feel like that day and that changes very day. Today it's been toque Christmas pudding all day .. This eving will be mull of oa I think
  • I'll get in first and say it :-) - I'm somewhat surprised that Nigel @Abraxas doesn't favour his own amazing snuff creations! I guess maybe that's letting your work get up your nose =))

    I judge my rotation by the seasons and the moon! :-)
  • More likely to use strongly scented snuffs in the evening, when I'm relaxing at home. During the day, it tends to be one of a small handful of unscented snuffs. It's mainly because with the strongly scented ones, I couldn't imagine taking any one of them all day. It's just practical to take a box or two with unscented snuffs when I'm out and about.
  • @MisterPaul - I love my own snuffs but when I'm elbow deep in the ingredients for days on end I don't usually feel inclined to use them. I also need to be able to experience them objectively as a customer would - using them all the time would blunt that. Just how I work:)
  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    With tight budgets at all times, I try to finish all snuffs I buy. Currently im taking jaxons english toffee and mcc anisette. Theyre great if you mix em and put them in the sun, honest, gets more tobacco scent out. I use qsnuff when I feel the need for a hit, its quite strong, but also when I need a nose-opener. Just go with impulse.

  • On weekdays I usually pick three first thing in the morning to take into work with me. I don't pay any attention to dry or moist, just whatever strikes me at the time. If I have one that I want to use up and not order again I will include it most days. Sometimes as the day goes on I regret my choices because I will be more in the mood for something I've left at home but this doesn't happen too often. Weeknights and weekends it's whatever I feel like.
  • @Abraxas - Only joking with you ;-) There is an irony there, that many posters here would express a preference for your or Johnny's snuffs over those of other producers. But, I would have thought you a little conceited if you had said otherwise. Interesting choices BTW; an SP and a floral. I enjoy your posts a lot :-)

    I tend to take toasts or whites upon rising or shortly thereafter and little floral as an 'aftershave' pinch. Once at work, plain or back to toasts etc. until after dinner, occasionally interspersed with lightly perfumed snuffs just to break it up a bit (SP, or F&T). I save my artisan snuffs (Abraxas & SWS) and more fragranced F&T's for the evening time, as I think that there more special to me that way. Plus a spoon is required to get the best out of these I believe, which isn't the most practical ;-)

    Snuff, Eat, Sleep Repeat! :))
  • @MisterPaul - no worries mate;)
  • I change snuffs when my snuffbox is emptied which varies acording to consumption rates at the time. I'll have a plain coarse snuff in at least one Mr Snuff snuffbox, and then flavoured ones to compliment based on whatever mood I was in when I filled the box.

    I have real difficulties with the finer snuffs, so I tend to load up on the plain coarse first, and "layer" up with any fine flavours I happen to be using. The coarse snuff helps catch the finer stuff. Currently it's WoS Best Dark, WoS Thyme and Lemon, 75/25 Tom Buck/Rustica mix, and WoS Coffee Cream .... very unusual to not have a SG or GH in the mix, but the Best Dark is serving in the coarse role usually provided by SG
  • chefdanielchefdaniel Member
    edited June 2014 PM
    Although I keep over a dozen on my desk (I work at home) I rely on HDT and SG Black Coffee as my go-to, all day every day indulgences. I break those two up with a wide variety of Scotch, plain, fruit and lightly scented options. I don't get on well with perfumed or aggressively floral snuffs and too much medicated stuffs me like a sausage.

    Abraxas and SWS are reserved for Saturday nights with an appropriate adult beverage.
  • Thanks all for your comments to date. I'm starting tonight as last night with scmalzlers, and may go to toasts. I've had nights when I must have snuffed 15 different types and others when I've kept to my favourite O&G. I'm thinking impulse is the way to go. When I'm out and about though I tend to take two or three; O&G, zwiefacher and Viking Dark when indoors and Toques outdoors. I find I can really pick up the scents of Toques when I'm out in the fresh air.
  • I find that when I try too many in a relatively short period of time that the enjoyment is diluted. They all blend together and I do not have that crisp memory that defines a good snuff. The flip side is though that I rarely {if ever} 'just' use one snuff.
  • fredhfredh Member
    The best word to describe the method that I use to determine my snuff "rotation" is "whimsical" or perhaps "haphazard."

    In other words, I just snuff whatever I want, whenever I want. Works for me.
  • @fredh Or, as my dear, sweet departed Cajun Grand-mère would say, "Whatever Blows Your Skirt Up"
  • MouseMouse Member
    Whatever Blows My Skirt Up
  • Whatever Blows My Skirt Up
    A good breeze does wonders, but it makes the snuff go all airborne while you try to keep your skirt under control. Or so I've heard.

  • @chefdaniel Best to boxcar at times like that. :)
  • I learned a harsh lesson about snuff and, wind last week. I went with a few co workers while they took a smoke break I took a snuff break. The wind caught it and, it all went into my eye. Stung pretty badly.
  • I breathed some residual toque blueberry menthol out my nose in a headwind and it went straight up the nose of a mate walking behind me. He wasn't impressed, but i thought it was quite an intimate moment.. :D
  • snuffersnuffer Member
    edited June 2014 PM
    At the moment i have 6 tins of different snuffs on the table and i use them pretty much all at the same time, yet i like to finish with a nicely scented one. I quit smoking for a while now and it was the variety of snuff that has kept me from going back to ciggies. Being in South Africa we don't have a large selection, but i have ordered some online and they should arrive today! Maybe i'm still in the snuff honeymoon period :)
  • Although I keep over a dozen on my desk (I work at home)....
    I keep quite a few on my desk (though rarely more than a dozen), and I don't work from home :D

    I have very understanding colleagues :)

    I think it helps that I am English, but live in America. I get away with a lot of eccentric behavior because they just put it down to me being English.

    If any of them visit England and find out that not every Englishman is weird like me, I'll be in trouble!
  • eblipeblip Member
    edited June 13 PM
    Im quite new to snuff, but i do like  a strong drink, and used to smoke canabis a lot and cigarettes....
    the thing is when i drink, i like to drink rum, and there are a couple of types of rum and that is it
    when i have softdrink, i like coca cola or ginger beer..thats it nothing else.
    when i smoked canabis , i liked plain weed , not skunk, not hash , nothing else
    and now i am snuffing ...i am trying to locate which snuff i like...when i do ..there will be no rotation whatsoever..ill take the snuff and take the same one every day..

    so far the winner is J&H Wilson SP no 1.
    and that is most likely gonna be my entire rotation.

    i dont get why people are constantly changing ..if you like coca cola, ..then surely it beats lemonade every time, surely it beats appleade every time...

    im new to the snuff world but it seems that everyone is taking 20 to  100 different brands of snuff. daily ...I could be missing hte point...but i thought it was a simple drug ...find what gives you the hit you like ..and roll with it.
    its a good thing, but i expect a lot of new snuff takers are young and making hte better choice, snuff over cigarettes, And i suppose it could be exciting trying chocolate snuff , and then cola flavored snuff in the afternoon..and finish up with an orange menthol for tv viewing and a chamomile rose tar for bed....but i honestly find this hillarious...
    but as long as your enjoying it ...Fantastic ! ...its better than smoking.

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