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A question for Indian snuff manufacturers.

Just something I've been wondering, really. Most of us here us snuff nasally, but I have read that the majority of snuff users in India take it orally, either as a kind of dip or on a toothbrush. So, I was wondering on what basis your snuffs are made - for scent, taste, or sensation in the mouth?

(whatever the answer is I should add that so far I've found all I've tried to be lovely!)


  • Interesting. I thought only Americans did snuff orally and, that was only Southerners and, it was scotch snuff.
  • As indicated by Koba in Kiwi's 'Naswar' thread, most of what we snuff nasally from India is taken there orally, Iggy.

    I had hoped for a reply from one of the Indian snuff manufacturers, but it looks like they want to keep it a secret. ;)
  • horus92horus92 Member
    edited July 2014 PM
    I asked this question one time before and sixphoto said it was 80-90% oral use but the snuffs were originally designed for and still are used nasally, and there's a general perception that the snuff was originally for the nose. I guess it's mostly tribal areas that still sniff it.

    White snuffs are exclusively nasal but aren't used in India at all they're exported to Tibet/Mongolia etc.
  • I'm just quietly concerned because I always perceived nasal snuff as relatively risk free but everything I've read about naswar immediately jumps to the cancer stories. I don't know which side to agree with.
  • @kiwi78: Same here, specially since I adore 6 photo snuffs. Anyway, I think all tobacco cancer is more related to the way it's taken than to the manufacture process, flavors and sauces. I've found a Indian study somewhere in the Internet that analyzed effects of nasal snuff in Indian takers that found that it wasn't a safe alternative to smoking because it still caused ill health, and the health problem it caused was a (drum roll).... "form of chronic rhinitis" on heavy users! WOW! Risky. (That are the kind of nonsensically presented conclusions that prevent harm reduction to be perceived as a respectable option). Studies on oral use of naswar are always murkier, so I think that if we used British or German snuff as a dip we'll be subject to the very same perils (or at least very similar) to Indian naswar oral users.
  • Well Naswar is Urdu word for snuff but it a different product from nasal snuff.
    Naswar is moist snuff and is taken orally as a dip.
    Naswar is hugely popular in Pakistan & Afghanistan & old Soviet Union countries.

    We too make this type of moist snuff under the brand name of Begum chhap pathani snuff in 50 g packing
  • Begun Chhap is quite good.
  • Info about the elusive 5photo snuff.
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