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Toque Flavours - Vote Now

RoderickRoderick Member
edited May 2012 in Snuffhouse Archives
Ok, here’s what we've got so far.
1. Cherry
2. Raspberry
3. ?Secret?
4. ?Secret?
These four are confirmed.

Now with your help, I’d like to put these flavours to a vote.
1. Whisky toast
2. Whisky and Honey toast
1. Clements – orange and lemon

2. Grapefruit

Which Whisky flavour you would like best and which fruit flavour?
Thanks for all your help.


  • Poo-DiddyPoo-Diddy Member
    edited May 2008 PM
    Whisky and Honey Toast


  • I could have won money betting you'd go that way Poo-Diddy, Thanks for your vote.
  • dajawudajawu Member
    Whisky and Honey Toast

    I am really looking forward to getting your cherry and raspberry. Right now my favorite Raspberry is from McChrystals. I love it!
  • Whiskey Toast & Grapefruit. Looking forward to these. Is the Cherry going to be non-menthol? That would be something different.
  • That's funny Roderick, too bad Las Vegas didn't have it on the board for betting :-)

    Honestly though, there are not too many flavors that could have went up against grapefruit and gotten my vote.

    And I am a firm believer that a touch of honey added to just abut anything = better.

    As always you are keeping the world of snuff fresh and exciting and no matter what flavors you choose to go with, I'm sure they will all be superb.
  • All will be non-menthol.
  • Whisky and Honey Toast
  • Whisky toast would be my favorite choice

    as far as Clements – orange and lemon or Grapefruit I can't choose as I don't like both myself. I'm gonna try the Cherry and Raspberry (luckily without menthol).
  • Grapefruit

  • bobbob Member
    whiskey honey toast. If I want a straight whiskey toast I'll get a toast and an air-plane whiskey bottle and just drop a drop of whiskey in my snuff but honey whiskey sounds great.
    I hate grapefruit so definately clements as I've already tried orange and lemon which is a great scent (not toque but I've combined the two scents and it's amazing).
  • edited May 2008 PM
    I bet secret number 3 is Bacon!
    and secret number 4 is Pumpkin Pie!

  • RoamRoam Member
    Grapefruit Whisky Toast
  • Whisky Honey Toast
    Grapefruit.......(even if you don't like the taste of a grapefruit, you can't say they smell bad, especially a pink grapefruit)
  • SatyrSatyr Member
    Whisky and Honey Toast
  • bobbob Member
    nah don't really like grapefruit scent.
  • whiskey and honey oat for sure. whiskey flavor would have to be wild turkey if you could create the scent.
  • Hmmmm I would go with grapefruit as I haven't been too keen on the orange or lemon snuffs I have tried.

    For me the whisky depends on whether the fragrance can be nailed. If it can and you have got the scent of a nice whisky I would go with that. If it smells like the other whisky snuffs I have tried (nice, but not whisky) I would go with honey. I don't know in other words.

    As I have a glass of Lagavulin I'm thinking a peaty whisky snuff would be amazing. In fact, there need to be a lot more latakia snuffs. Mmmmm, English blend tobacco, Lagavulin and Lapsang smells, the thought is making my mouth water.
  • As long as the secret flavors are not Toque Sardine and Toque Haggis I am sure I will love them both.
  • Kunugaa, Funny you should mention "Lagavulin" as that's the whisky I had in mind. A strong Smokey/peaty whisky is what I'm aiming for, adding the honey turns it into nectar.

    BigSnoot & Arcani, I promise number 3 isn't bacon, nor Sardine and Haggis.
  • Lagavulin, YES! I'm now officially excited.
  • anything that is toasted.
    and grapefruit.
  • dajawudajawu Member
    Ok everyone, thanks to Rodericks persmission I have made an online poll to keep track of the results of this thread. I made it really quick so it is nothing fancy but it does work. Right now it will allow you to vote as much as you want, but I can view the results based on unique user if need be. So please head on over to and cast your now Officle Vote!
  • TroutstrokerTroutstroker Member
    edited May 2008 PM
    Nice touch, great idea. But the problem with being allowed to vote as much as one wants is that its not a very accurate way of running an official vote. Someone with more free time can just sit there all day and repeat votes until they get what they want.
  • dajawudajawu Member

    I have already taken that into consideration. YOu can vote as many times as you please and it will record it, but I also tally unique votes. So when you are viewing the results page right now you are seeing all votes, I can just as easily make it only show unique votes. The reason I did this was because I haven't asked Roderick how he wants it, and it will be up to him. So don't worry I know who is voting more then once! Also as a note, if you do vote more then once and it is decided to let everyone only vote once then it will be your FIRST vote that gets counted. So if you change your mind, please remember your first vote counts.

  • That works... ;~) Now as long as people don't start making up names!!
  • dajawudajawu Member
    Its based on IP address.
  • dajawudajawu Member
    Well allowing only one vote per IP is enough security for this poll. Yes people could go through the trouble of casting multiple votes using one of the methods above, but to go though that they must really really like their flavor of choice! So since I didn't program this poll to vote for our next President (USA residents), I am not going to worry to much about it.
  • Dajawu,
    I'm with you, everyone here is trust worthy, I don't think we need worry unnecessarily. Now I’m going to vote! .....Emm, is that allowed?
  • dajawudajawu Member
    OF course you get to vote. You know what I will count two of you votes! Everyone else gets one but since you own the company and all, you get two!
  • Whiskey Toast and Clements.

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