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Two new Fine Border snuffs.Toque Snuffs

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 Two new Fine Border snuffs.

Old Mill Butternut Toast

Available mid August 2014 (finally!!), $5.00 USD for a 15 gram zip top bag, double bagged, plus shipping.

Pure Brazilian Muscovado sugar slowly caramelized to a deep mahogany brown, mixed with 12 year old Speyside malt whisky, Tahitian Vanilla Beans, toasted White Butternut Walnuts and Sicilian Sea Salt aged for six months and added to Air Cured Tennessee Burley. After the leaf is thoroughly sauced it is packed under pressure between toasted white walnut planks and aged an additional six months. Gently kiln toasted and milled to an silky fine grind to create a sweet and salty snuff confection suitable for all.


  • GSomsGSoms Member
    Where's a double-like button when you need it..
  • md363md363 Member
    Wow, sounds very complex yet the big picture i get of all the components as one is a "simple complexity". Sounds great good Sir, I assume you take PayPal?
  • Sure do. IM me here with all your contact info incl. email and I'll keep you posted on progress. My wife thinks it's Butterscotch :)

  • Yes, I'd be interested. Let me known the details when it's ready. johnus
  • Will keep everyone posted. It's got a way to go to full absorb the 'sauce' then a final toast and sieve. Thanks all.
  • Sounds incredible. If this is anything like Stoker's Butternut chew I'll end up eating it!
  • @crullers I'm sure will be far better....
  • Delayed until early September due to cool weather....not complaining, mind you.
  • The_HPThe_HP Member
    edited September 2014 PM
    I have some Butternut Toast - as a matter of fact i have two thick nostrils full right now - and I want to relay some things:

    1 - I started with 10 Old mill snuffs - this one of them - and I went on a bender when I got them ( It was my first snuff shipment in fact ) - but I held back on a few on purpose. I sampled this one while chain snuffing and set it aside.

    2 - So today the weather here is cool and occasional rain. The humidity which I take it affects snuffs essences sometimes is palpable, but in a nice way ..

    3 _ I decided to have a neti pot session and a mug of hot green tea, to get a fresh nose if you will ...

    4 _ This stuff may be my favorite Old Mill yet. Now that is strong praise - elsewhere you will read my praises of Fleur de Cafe - but - I do't know - all i got is "Wow".

    I do not know "grind" well enough to classify it - call it "Nestle' Quik-ish". It has a wonderful aroma - like old time sugar candy being made, or maybe even toffee. It spoons nicely to the back of the hand, and I let it rest a moment to warm. I can smell it a good 12 inches from my nose.

    It snuffs easily, no real burn, though I do get the "salt" in the description - almost like when one comes up from a swim and the residue on your lip tastes like sea water.

    Good stuff.

    5 / 5
  • When will you have this available? I'd really like to get a tin or baggie. It looks wonderful!
  • Now that I have a tin of this fine snuff in front of me, all I can say is that its wonderful. I won't attempt to describe it, since anything I can say won't do it justice. Suffice to say that this is a league of its own. There is nothing out there in snuffland remotely like it. Kudos to Chef Daniel and his masterful approach to hand crafted snuff!
  • I also bought this wonderful snuff, (my first) along with two other Old Mill snuffs. This was the one I had to try first after smelling all three. I'm hooked. I also can't do it justice with a description. I live in a humid climate for what that's worth. When I smell it I get a rich, earthy, complex, deep, thick, strong yet smooth scent. You know how some scents are wonderful but the flavor doesn't equal the scent or isn't the same? Well, this one is equally superb in the nose as it is in the tin with just the right amount of full bodied flavor
    I'm a fan of Butternut Toast. I know I'm now spoiled by Old Mill. The 3 Old Mill snuffs and the one free sample I have are all so different and yet equally excellent.
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