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History lesson

LazarusLazarus Member
edited May 2008 in General
I found out from my dad earlier today that the area I live in was home to many snuff mills during the late 19th century.

I live in a place called 'Carshalton' on the outskirts of London and the river Wandle is not too far from my home. Apparently there was something like 70 snuff mills operating at one point on the river banks shipping out tons of snuff every week, he even dug an old book out and showed me some really old black and white photos of the snuff mills...I have been living in this area my whole life and had no idea about this!

I had no idea snuff was so big in this country at one point in history, 5 tons per week seems alot!


  • TroutstrokerTroutstroker Member
    edited May 2008 PM
    There was a time when snuff seemed to rule the world. You should scan some of those B&W photos and post them here?
  • I'm very busy at the moment but I will certainly post the photos up here soon, probably next week.
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