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Review: Bernard Postillion

First of all two things. This is supposed to be an exclusive mix for an online snuff store in Germany. Mr Snuff has it, so outside of Germany it might be possible to sell it in other stores. Who knows. Secondly, this is a Schmalzler. And a very good one.

Bernard's description tells us that it is flavoured with Scotch, so a comparison with Klostermischung seems to be in order (which is flavoured with Rum), but I don't want to do that here. Mainly because I do not see Klostermischung as a Schmalzler but as a Schmalzler-type. The Postillion is one, so we can immediately assume that there was a good fermentation process, that the tobacco is medium fine to coarse, moist and as black as it should be. That's a given, especially because Bernard know what they are doing. The most obvious negative point is the price. Just to put it into perspective, I can pay twice as much money and get ten times as much high quality Schmalzler (Perlesreuter for example or Suedfrucht by Poeschl). The Bernard Schmalzlers are all a bit on the expensive side so we have to accept this.

So is the Postillion worth the high price? I think so. At least occasionally. I said it in my review on Klostermischung, those Bernard flavours seem to have a plastic sort of smell while still in the tap box, but once the tobacco is in the nose, there is no problem anymore. If that sweet flavour is Scotch, then yes, there is a lot of it. I can taste the tobacco base, my guess is that the Fresko was used. Dark Brasil as expected. Now, the point is: this is a very good, sweetly flavoured Schmalzler. It is absolutely worth the purchase.

But (and that's a strong but) I feel that first of all if you have some experience with other Schmalzlers, there is a better chance that you can enjoy it. If this is your first try, you might well discard it as too sweet and far too expensive. For a Schmalzler beginner I would recommend other, cleaner, unflavoured offerings first, such as the doppelt-fermentiert, also by Bernard. That kind of experience will absolutely help with picking up the tobacco better which is the base for the Postillion. Going back to the high purchase price and the comparison I wanted to avoid, Klostermischung will cost only half as much for 10g and my verdict is that if you enjoy one, you will also enjoy the other. The Postillion is not a premium Schmalzler, just a very good Schmalzler and there are other alternatives. This one is a treat but a great one.


  • Hey @Kiwi78 thanks for the review! I just ordered some to try and am excited to experience it!
  • good review!
    its close to klostermischung but more sweet and no (very sublte) hint of smoke like the kloster
    im getting the most chocolate-vanilla like aroma out of this one from all the bernards and i like mixing it with magic moments (strawberry)

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