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Help Please! Stop Smoking Cigs To Snuff?

KimKim Member
edited June 2008 in General
I read “Any ex-smokers?” But as I stated in my introduction I’m new and ended up at this forum for a different reason. I know absolutely nothing about snuff. What I did not get from the discussion “Any ex-smokers?” Are you putting a pinch in your mouth or are people stopping by sniffing snuff? Which method of using snuff is preferred and why did you pick the method you use? I’m in the US so I do not know even what brand to try. Being a woman I’m not sure I’d like spitting it out if it’s like chew tobacco. Any advice is welcomed. I’m tired of smoking, can not use the patch, Chantex pill cost to much.


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  • bobbob Member
    Well american snuff can be used either way and seems better in the lip. Apperantly you don't need to spit as much as you would with chew (or chaw as it's called where I live). Nasaly it's apperantly takes some skill to use (never tried it this way). Though online shops will be able to help you find european snuffs which work wonderfully in the nose. I'd recomend that if you try the european ones to pick a variety of styles in scent and styles in grind (typicaly english is finer stronger and dryer harder to use but less clogging, where german or continental is wetter coarser and easier to use though it has a better chance of cloging the nose. So with american snuffs you could use it both ways if you choose nasaly and oraly depending on mood or situation. There is also swedish snus which is a form of chew basicly that doesn't require spitting and is definatly healthier then smoking.
    Best of luck and rember cigerattes aren't tobacco they're coffin nails.
  • Hello Kim, if you need help finding nasal snuff you can check out this list of online shops. A few are in the US but the rest are overseas. There are 2 overseas shops I can highly recommend as they ship immediately and you will have your order within a few days even from the UK. For the US orders I would recommend Snuff Shop or Lil'Brown. Mars is probably the best but they are having credit card issues right now and are only accepting money orders. I live in California and get overseas orders in about 4-7 days. For international orders give Toque Snuff a shot or the Snuff Store. Chances are that you can find a few of the American style dry snuffs like WE Garrett, Tube Rose, Railroad Mills etc. in supermarkets, gas stations, ma & pa stores depending on where you live in the US. These do have a good nicotine content but are harder to use for beginners because they are fine and dry. And like bob mentioned, you can use either nasally or orally. Most of the talk on this forum is for nasal snuff.

    You will have lots of styles and scents to choose so it is best to get a variety until you find something you like. From a plain tobacco to a fruit with menthol. Fine and dry to coarse and moist.

    Online Shops
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  • KimKim Member
    Thanks everyone it was very informative and enjoyed hearing what everyone had to say. It would be nice to know of a snuff that is multi-purpose for sniffing and oral use. Since I’ve been warned to use in moderation. Maybe a pinch here and there. It sound like when out in public if I have a bad craving a sniff could do the job. At home try it orally. Sorry I don’t understand, but what does SP mean? I have a lot to learn.
  • TroutstrokerTroutstroker Member
    edited June 2008 PM
    Any of the American style snuffs can be used in both ways. There are 2 types, a plain scotch snuff & a sweet scotch snuff. Try one like Honey Bee, Tube Rose or Society for a nice sweet tobacco that is pleasing to most beginners. Ones like Rooster, Railroad Mills, Navy Scotch will be more of a pure tobacco with a touch of smokey BBQ scent/taste. Check out the link for an idea of what these look like. Now these will be a little harder for a beginner to use nasally just because they are a fine dry snuff and if not sniffed right, it will hit the back of throat and make you cough.

    You might want to start with something like the Poschl & Ozona brand of snuff because these have a little more moisture and are not so fine. They are easier to start on. But these types are for nasal use only. Even the Toque brands are easy to use like the Toque Chocolate & Toque Espresso.. A few Wilson's brands are easily on the nose starting out like the vanilla, tom buck, royal george. It will take some trying to find a nasal snuff you like best. Don't give up if you don't like the first one because there is a style/grind/scent for everyone. Toque Snuff also sells their snuff in a mini bullet which you can see on that toque link. They are good for snuffing in a hurry. It holds the snuff in a dispenser shaped like a small chapstick tube and the snuff can be sniffed directly from the 'bullet'. Oh and SP is just a type/flavor of snuff.

    American Snuff
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  • Thanks for catching that big typo BrianC, its now edited to the correct word. Yes Poschl in the mouth would be like eating an unripe persimmon. Thats what happens when you type on an empty stomach, all you have on your mind is food!! :~)
  • KimKim Member
    Thanks for the links. I see my Grandmother snuff at one of the sites Mars. I see at this time Mars is not able to process credit card. If I do not find it here in town I will order it from the site. This is a silly question but I’m going to ask anyway. I’ve always been called a One Sip Suzzie. I tried Kahlua 2 years ago hated it. Lately someone introduced me to it once again and I love it. Since members are telling me that snuff comes in flavors. Is there any thing close to the taste of kahlua or even Hazelnut? I like Hazelnut coffee and I love Coffeemate Hazelnut cream. I was looking on the web for different snuff shops and came across this. I found it amusing DENTOBAC CREAMY SNUFF

    Plus this really cute story of another woman remembering her Grandmother using snuff
  • Toque Espresso is coffee flavoured and not harsh on the nose. It is a perfect beginners snuff IMO. I'm enjoying Toque "Mocha" today, (2 parts Toque Espresso 1 part Toque Chocolate) and have to say it is delicious and I can't get enough.

  • Hello Kim,

    perhaps you should try the Gawith Hoggarth Tia Maria.

    Tia Maria is the brand name of an alcoholic drink produced by the industry giant Pernod Ricard through their Malibu-Kahlúa International subsidiary. Tia Maria is a "liqueur spirit" which resembles a coffee 'liqueur such as Kahlúa, which is also produced by Pernod Ricard. Unlike Kahlúa, Tia Maria is made in Jamaica using Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee beans. The main flavor ingredients are coffee beans, cane spirit, vanilla, and sugar (c) Wikipedia: Tia Maria.

    When you like Kahlúa this could be the perfect snuff for you. You can buy it at
  • KimKim Member
    Thanks everyone for your recommendations. I made my first order today. I ordered Tia Maria Snuff Kendal & Gawith Apricot Snuff. I don’t think anyone mentioned the Gawith Apricot Snuff but it sounded so good. Plus members said it may take a few to find the right one for me.
    Has anyone tried the Gawith Apricot Snuff?
    When Mars card feature is back online I will try the Honey Bee if I can’t find it locally.

    One more question can I set my preference for the forum somewhere that it tells me if there is a response (or new post ) to a thread I'm Participating in? It would be nice to get an email.
  • Gawith Apricot is a very good beginner snuff. Probably one of the most popular snuffs that people start out on. Now so you know, both of the snuffs you ordered are intended for nasal use.
  • bobbob Member
    the gaiwith apricot is a very refreshing easy to use snuff and smells nice too.
  • KimKim Member
    Troutstroke & Bob Good to hear from the two of you that the Apricot was a good pick.
    I can’t wait for them to arrive and try the Tia Maria Snuff Kendal. I see that some spoon users enjoy using spoons so they can measure correctly. So I need to look at some spoons as well. Do snuffers really call them spoons or is there another official name.
  • KimKim Member
    Pick these up tonight it was hard to walk out that store and not by cigs. To tell you the truth I was Scared. The Honey Bee for Me And The Sweet Dental for the Table. I Cracked it open. From the smell before I sniffed it. I thought I'm not going to like this. But dabbing my finger in it and tasting it, It was sweet. So I took a pinch and took a sniff. A small pinch and a little felt a slight jolt up my head with a mild sting to the nose. One slightly watery eye I was okay. My roommate and me tried it in the mouth as well. I was a little confused. So I put a very tiny pinch in my mouth. Wasn't sure if I'd have to spit. So I'm not sure about that. Do you put it between lip and gum, let it dissolve and as it dissolves spit it out or just swallow???????



  • KimKim Member
    edited June 2008 PM
    The Lenox cup and saucer has water in it for libation. Offering them a nice cool drink. As the water evaporates you just imagine as though they are having a drink of water. The old dream book, my Grandmother (Photo hanging) on my father side loved her dream books with numbers and cooking. So the Aunt Sally Policy player dream book is for her. The Raisins are for my Aunt she always had them in her house and my mother and her loved them. The Roses are for my Grandmother on my mothers side and the snuff is for her as well. She loved growing roses any color as well. When my family brought her home to pass. She kept commenting on all the beautiful flowers in the room. There were no flowers there that we could see. Only she could see them. My Grandfather on my mothers side loved Vernors Ginger Ale so that’s his soda. The Hoyt’s Cologne is for the Grandmothers. I’m sure the Grandmother that was into dream books knew what to do with that. I’m the only one in my family that does the family tree research. So the table I thought about for months and finally got it together.

    Some people have big tables, but I wanted something small. They call them alters. But it depends on your beliefs and religion. The culture you come from and letting family members know they are not forgotten. I look at it no different then when people use to put all there relatives photos on the piano.

    Here's a few different tables or Alters by different People.
  • Well Kim me and you now have something in common. My first taste of nasal snuff was also Honey Bee.

    The best way for me to explain my experience would be to compare it to my first taste of Beer. Not excactly extremely pleasing, but at the same time it just seems to draw you back for another taste.

    One thing I can tell you is that american style snuffs (like honeybee) are very different from english style snuffs. And in my opinion are much harsher and the enjoyment from them is more of an acquired taste that comes with time. I would bet after you try the Gawith Apricot you will love the Apricot and think the Honey Bee is just terrible. But at the same time, if you do decide to stick with nasal snuff down the road I'd bet you will find the honey-bee much more palatable.

    I guess what I am trying to say is don't give up on snuff after having just tried an american style snuff like Honey-Bee. There are so many different flavors and styles to try that if you stick with it you will definately find many that you like. And the ones you may not like at first most likely will become something you do like later on. Much like the khalua experience you shared or the first taste of beer story I talked about (I now love the taste of beer as well as american style snuffs).
  • Ilove the alter Kim. I've got a similar set up. I'm a Buddhist and I have a little fold out shrine, that I got from America, a candle and some incense. I love using it to meditate as it is a really peaceful ,calm place in my bedroom. I never thought of putting snuff on it though lol. I'd post a picture if I knew how.

  • KimKim Member
    Gawith Apricot you will love the Apricot and think the Honey Bee is just terrible
    LOL! I can’t wait to try something from overseas. I do believe from my readings that I will
    Probably put down the Honey Bee immediately and desire the new snuff.
    By the way it’s nice to meet you as well.
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  • KimKim Member
    Thanks Walrus 1985, I'm glad you found the Ancestral Table interesting. I think I need a bigger table, but I had only so much room in my bedroom. I have family that will send me more photos to add to it. I guess they will go on the wall. I’d like to sit them on the table. Walrus the snuff on that table wasn’t for me. It was for my Grandmother that passed many years ago. She loved that brand of snuff. Many of the odd things are things people loved while they were living. I just read Psalms near the table and ask God to convey my love and watch over them.

    I need to learn to meditate, I lack patience to sit still and not move. To silence my mind and clear it. Meditation tapes put me right to sleep.
  • KimKim Member
    Hello Grace it is so nice to meet you. I heard there were other female members and It's a pleasure making contact with you.
    Thanks about the table.
  • bobbob Member
    meditation is like anything else keep it up and it gets easier. Think of it the same way you would lifting weights you're taking a specfic action to train part of your body (your mind) the more you do it the more your body is practiced and trained to do it. Success is also by small incriments (but is imediate as well and constant) you focus for a second and then you become more used to focusing and hence more focused.
    Ancestor worship is a long standing tradion for all people (what do you think saints are about)
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