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Ari D. Norman

I bought one of his silver snuff boxes a couple years ago of off the website of one of the snuff stores in the UK. I can't recall which one it was. I can't seem to find my silver snuff box and so I was going to order another one. However, when I went to Ari D. Norman's site the same box is now about 300 dollars. I don't think I paid that much the last time. If I recall I got it for about 100 pounds.

Anyone know another source for these boxes, or similar, modern, sterling silver snuff boxes? 300 dollars is a little steep, but if I have no alternative I will reluctantly have to take the plunge. The craftsmanship is exquisite!


  • I don't know why but the price of new silver snuff boxes has skyrocketed. I bought a Regnas silver snuffbox a couple of years ago directly from Regnas for $160, now all their snuffboxes are over $500. INSANE! 8-}
  • IvanIvan Member
    A couple of years ago the US dollar to Pound rate of exchange might have been 3:1.
  • JustinJustin Moderator
    @StPedro_de_Arbues from what I recall of recent conversations on here, if you want a new silver box then it's really only Ari D Norman still making them. You might be better off with second hand if you are going to spend that sort of money, depending on where you are and what silver dealers are around. It's the price of silver itself that's the problem - it has increased massively ahead of inflation or exchange rate fluctuations, to the extent that the scrap value of (say) a canteen of ordinary 1920s cutlery exceeds the retail value and quite a lot of good quality but unfashionable silverware is being melted down rather than resold.
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  • Thanks all. Justin, looks like I will have to order one from Ari. Thanks for the info.
  • In the last few years silver got much more expensive. The price change dose not surprise me at all. And besides that, the dollar and GBP are very different now. it's like approx $1.70 for 1 pound. Wow.
    Another option is to look on ebay. But only if your sure you know what your looking for.
  • Actually I just did a search for Ari D. Norman on ebay and something came up. might want to see if its worth it for you.
  • Actually, silver has gotten a bit cheaper during the past year, so hard to blame that:

    The same is somewhat true with GBP->USD: If you are in States and order from UK, it is ofc the other way around and yes, you can buy less pounds with a dollar. :)
  • I know but unfortunately many sellers of finished silver products just kept the prices up. That's why if you buy online you might want to look on eBay.
  • There's, maybe $30-$40 worth of sterling in a small snuff box; you are paying mostly for the designing, craftsmanship, labor, and shop overhead, (which together far exceeds the cost of the raw materials), and of course profit for the maker.
  • I know this is an old thread, but rather than start a new thread on Ari D. Norman boxes, I figured what the hell. Anyhow I recently purchased a box directly from Ari's site which was priced at 148
  • Where's the rest of my post?
  • @Cmd5283 - usually a post will truncate if any special characters are used, such as diacritic marks, or any other symbol that is not on a standard American computer keyboard. It's a glitch of the site which has not been resolved. The only bypass is to write the post in "show source" mode and use html codes for those symbols.

  • I like the design but at 1 1/4 wide that is way to small for a snuff box the opening is probably less than one inch. unless of course you have lady fingers. I keep forgetting I have working man hands that can crush walnuts and snap an apple in half. This was my table top F&T HDT  snuff box now retired. It 2X2 and stands 15/16 tall the bottom is 3/4 inch deep Hallmark v in block 1995 leopard head London England AN in a shield Ari D Norman.  $1000  or best offer. 20160812_020424
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  • I have large hands as I a 6 foot 250lbs so believe me the box works fine
  • SHbickelSHbickel Member
    edited August 2016 PM
    I bought a new box from Ari D. Norman. It was (too) spendy after engraving.

    Initially I was not happy with it, but it's now my favorite silver box because of the size/shape.  It feels thin and the inside silver is bubbled up and scored.  Neither complaint affects its function though!  I would upload pics, but I dun' have a camera.  >:D<  (<-shrugging, not hugging.)
  • Three years ago I bought 3 snuff boxes from them a plain smooth one ( My Fave ) One with a scribed pattern and an engine turned one ! The three of them with shipping was $410.00 with shipping I see now there $248.00 per each before shipping ! Although they are to small they look very good in my collection ! During a time when David Anderson and I were going to have some plastic boxes made with plastic that looked like Chrome , Brass , Gold and Copper I wanted to change the size , But because of cost he wanted to use one of the 3 molds that exist from his earlier investments ! All I wanted was one similar to the two larger molds that exist like a Wilsons only 5/8" inch shorter with a flat bottom ! At the time I paid the tuition and material fees for eight Artists to take a class on Silver Art I did receive Three Very nice boxes and four works of Art but not usable ! Anyway during this time I lost my Pilots License and now I am Broke ! So no new Molds were made because David had already spent enough money with very little return !                   A N Y W A Y   the reason I write this is if anyone out there that has some cash there could be more plastic Snuff Boxes !
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